These Celebs Will Pay Any Amount To Go Under The Knife

For the celebs in Hollywood, there is constant pressure to always look amazing. No one is allowed to “age gracefully” and the pressure to stay looking youthful is always there. Unless they discover the Fountain of Youth anytime soon, these celebs are forced to stay young the not-so-natural way, by going under the knife. That’s right, with cosmetic surgeries. Of course, money is a total non-issue for the rich and famous, so they are usually willing to pay top-dollar to get the newest treatment to keep them young and supple. Plastic surgery isn’t necessarily a bad thing, of course. It has helped so many people with their self esteem, and with medical conditions. But sometimes celebs take these procedures way too far and it does not go unnoticed to their looks and bank account.

Nicole Kidman – $1,400

Nicole Kidman has been pretty open about her Botox injections, telling the world plainly that she didn’t like them, and wouldn’t do them again. Her exact words were “sometimes you have to find out if the grass is greener on the other side for yourself.”  At least she is honest about he she feels about doing this procedure, something people usually try to hide or deny.

nicole kidman

Despite her not even liking this minimal change to her appearance, the world of Hollywood is always awash with gossip, and many people believe she has had more extensive and long-lasting work done, such as a nose job, or facial fillers. Some of her Twitter fans have even said she is “ruining herself!” Fans notice everything and it hard not to see the differences.

Trista Sutter- $10,650

You’ve probably seen Trista Sutter on a whole slew of reality TV shows, from Big Brother and Survivor, to the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. She was never quiet about not liking her God-given looks, and made sure the public knew about her transformation by having it publicized in Life and Style magazine when she went under the knife! Yes she actually got paid to report back to magazines on what she was having done.

trista sutter

Some of her procedures have included an eye lift and reconstruction, and a boob job and it seems like many more to come. Does she like her body now? Luckily, she’s happy with the results, saying that she loves her body now that she’s had the work done. In her case it is worth paying thousands to look flawless.

Tom Jones- $90,000

Those swinging hips might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for women of a certain age, Tom Jones pushes all the right buttons! It’s not all natural good looks though, and Tom has had a whole range of cosmetic surgery to stay looking young while he is now in his seventies. He knows that his looks from back then helped his hits and ticket sales, so why not do something to stay young and fresh.

tom jones

When you see him strutting his stuff on the stage, remember that he has had work done to his eyes, nose and teeth, as well as full face lifts. As he still performs on stage and tours the world, he probably considers it money well spent. It is alot of money what he spent on these procedures! It pays off but his music is still something that people want to hear and you can’t forgot that.

Courtney Love – $9,800

Courtney is known for a bit of experimentation with her look and style, and we’re used to seeing her looking markedly different just because of new hairstyles and clothing choices. True to her rockstar ways and lifestyle. But her cosmetic surgery is somewhat different and definitely more permanent. Noticeable changes have been visible on her through the years and she just doesn’t look the same as she used to once.

courtney love

The wife of the late Nirvana front man Kurt Kobain reportedly has had lip fillers, a boob job, plus a rhinoplasty to improve the shape of her nose. Always seen as a beauty, many say she didn’t need the work done, and has her own signature style. She is recognizable for these looks and people know what to expect when they see her. The knife doesn’t seem to scare her and she embraces her aging ways by fighting it with plastic surgery.

Tara Reid – $9,500

Tara Reid is one of the celebrities who openly admits she made a mistake having plastic surgery. At a young age she underwent a tummy tuck and a boob job, and actually ended up having to have repeat surgery to fix what she had done. The surgery was obviously a success, as she was featured in Playboy in 2009 with her torso showing, and she told the magazine that any problems were no longer an issue. Lucky for her, as some people have scarring which can last a lifetime.

tara reid

Michael Jackson – $1,000,000

When you hear celeb plastic surgery, the first face and name which comes to mind is this one . The king of pop himself Michael Jackson, the one the only! The world is always happy to discuss the surgeries which the late Rock God MJ had done, which included multiple rhinoplasty operations, skin treatments and facial reconstructions. He literally looks like a whole different person from when he first started out.

michael jackson

At one point, he had his whole nose rebuilt, and the move he made by altering his skin color from black to white gave him a lot of trouble in the press, too. This was rumored to be because of a skin condition but it is something people had a really hard time believing. It seemed he just wanted to shy away from everything that gave him fame, especially his roots .

Kourtney Kardashian – $25,000

The whole Kardashian clan like their cosmetic surgery, and Kourtney got started pretty young. Her breast augmentation surgery was done while she was still in school. She had the opportunity and money to do it back then and didn’t realize what those choices would do to her in the future. She often talks about how she might get the operation redone at some point to look more natural.

kourtney kardashian

Unlike her siblings and other members of the family, she thinks that surgery is actually a bit drastic, and she prefers the idea of less invasive procedures such as laser surgery to get the results you’re looking for. It seems as she grew up she learned more about who she was and her personal views on the topic of surgeries and procedures.

Suzanne Somers – $9,000

Suzanne Somers is pretty unrecognizable from what she used to look like. Many people believe that she had all of the cosmetic surgery she did in order to look younger, and perhaps get some more work in the celebrity world. As she was once very very famous and over the years she didn’t keep up her young and fresh look. Time has it’s toll there is not that much you can actually do.

Suzanne Somers

It certainly must be hard to be someone who was considered a pin-up once upon a time, and is now being ignored for younger women. Suzanne had surgeries which include a boob job, and work done on her jaw and her lips. She has also had a surgery done to make her neck look younger.

Clay Aiken – $11,000

Clay Aiken was for many people the real winner of American Idol, despite him not making that top spot in the final. Unlike many other celebs, his plastic surgery was for medical purposes, related to his TMJ. The surgery consisted of a whole jaw reconstruction, so he decided to take advantage of going under the knife to have something done to make him feel more confident.

clay aiken

He asked the surgeon to remove some fat from his chin as well as his neck. Why not? Clay looks older and different but it seems he has reached his goal of what he wanted from the surgery.

Nadya Suleman – $12,180

Remember the Octomom? That’s right, Nadia Suleman is best known for having eight babies at one time, and they all were born healthy! An incredible achievement, and certainly a reason to get some surgery to get your body back in shape and feel a bit more like yourself. Nadia also has had lip injections and more than one rhinoplasty, as she is now in the spotlight with her Octuplets. octomom plastic surgery

Many people say that she is trying to look like another Hollywood celebrity, none other than Angelina Jolie herself. We don’t think there is much there when it comes to Angie but it seems she will keep trying to perfect her look and get more and more time in the spotlight.

Clare Danes

The thing about Clare Danes is that she always said that she would be happy to try plastic surgery if the time came where she wanted it. This is a more sensible approach than swearing you would never do it and then lying!

clare danes

So far, Clare has had an eye lift, lip fillers and some implants, but as one of the biggest names on TV with her starring role in hit show Homeland, we wouldn’t be surprised if she went under the knife in the future to keep herself looking young.

Victoria Beckham – $12,956

David Beckham’s other half is one of the most beautiful women in the celebrity stratosphere, and she is also an advocate for being happy with what you’ve got, rather than making any extreme changes. She did once have a boob job, but she now admits that this came from a place of insecurity, rather than her actually wanting to have the work done.

Victoria Beckham

While there are rumors circulating about her having other surgeries such as a nose job, the lady herself has never confirmed that this is true in any way.

Ashlee Simpson – $13,000

Fans of Jessica Simpson’s baby sister Ashlee will remember her popular MTV show, as well as her hit albums and catchy tunes. She is also known for her insecurity, perhaps feeling she couldn’t live up to her gorgeous older sister, and would always be (as her famous song states) in the shadows.

ashlee simpson

She had her nose changed, as well as some work to her face and chin. She says she spent a long time deciding before she did it, and she couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tori Spelling – $13,000

The Beverley Hills star moved over to the silver screen with roles in massive blockbuster hits such as Scary Movie. She is another actress who goes back and forth about her feelings on her plastic surgeries.

tori spelling

She had a breast augmentation, but later on went on the record to say that people should be aware that work to your breasts can interfere with breastfeeding at a later date. Perhaps this made her regret the surgeries, which is a real shame for her and her kids

Nicole Richie – $13,000

Nicole is quoted as saying “Why grow old gracefully when you have the technology to prevent it?” From this we can assume that Nicole Richie is a fan of cosmetic surgery! She is one of a handful of celebrities who has decided to have what is known as the mini boob job.

nicole richie

It’s a natural look which many might not even notice, as opposed to the larger breasts which have been popular with celebrities in the past. Nicole has also had a nose job, and we think she looks fab.

Diana Agron – $15,000

You probably know her as Quinn from Glee, but Diana Agron takes her position as a role model for many teenage girls very seriously. She went on the record about her rhinoplasty, which was done after she broke her nose while out dancing with friends.

Diana Agron

The bump she was left with clearly bothered her enough to get it fixed, but she was not advocating making changes to your face in a light way, or without due reason. We think she is beautiful, and were delighted to see her speak out on this topic.

Ellen Pompeo

When you have millions of fans who have been following you weekly for 15 years, you can be forgiven for wanting to grow old gently. Ellen Pompeo is known as Meredith Grey in the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, and she has been playing the role since the first episode, 14 seasons ago.

ellen pompeo

While she has never come out and said it, it looks like she’s had some work done to her face and neck to keep the lines at bay. She looks incredible for her age, and we hope she stays in the role for many years to come!

Heather Locklear – $18,500

Both an actress and a model, Heather Locklear has made some natural looking changes to her face over the years. These include cheek implants, botox injections, and a subtle face lift. She has also had a nose job, which gave her more confidence.

heather locklear

She is known for her famous relationships as much as for her own celebrity status, having had relationships with many huge stars, from Tommy Lee Jones, to Richie Samborra.

David Gest – $20,000

Known for being a great friend of the late Michael Jackson, as well as the ex husband of superstar Liza Minelli, David Gest could have created a club for survivors of extreme plastic surgery. The media reported that Gest was actually suffering from an addiction to plastic surgery at one point in time, with multiple face lifts, Botox, and an eyebrow lift too.

David Gest

He had an operation on his chin so that he could strengthen his jaw, and he says that he ended up spending far more than he should have done.

NeNe Leakes – $20,500

If you enjoyed the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you won’t need this lady introduced to you. This is where she made a name for herself, before moving in to be a judge on the hit show Fashion Police, and even starring on Glee!

nene leakes

She loves plastic surgery, and has chosen her procedures well, from a breast reduction to put her body more in proportion, and a nose job and liposuction. She looks gorgeous, and has buckets of confidence.

La Toya Jackson – $21,500

When you imagine the Jackson family and cosmetic surgery, you probably immediately think of Michael. But La Toya Jackson and the other Jackson siblings have their fair share of surgeries under their belts too. La Toya herself has had a nose job, an eyebrow lift, and a boob job too.

la toya jackson

If she did all of this to get a better shot at fame, she was probably disappointed, as she is mostly known for being the less popular sister of two famous music legends, Michael and Janet.

Nikki Cox

You can’t hide the amount of work that Nikki has done on her mouth, as she has clearly had a lip augmentation procedure with fillers to plump up the size. This is done with needles and chemicals, which sound really uncomfortable! Nikki Cox has also had breast implants put in, and has experimented with Botox, too.

Nikki Cox

All of this work has actually made her less in demand as a celebrity, but like many celebs, she refuses to admit she has had any work done in the first place.

Vivica Fox – $26,085

Vivica Fox used to date rapper 50 cent, but she is also known for the hit TV show, Days of Our Lives. Like many other celebrities, Vivica started out with small procedures such as Botox injections and lip fillers.

vivica fox

After some time, she got more serious about the changes to her face and body, indulging in a boob job, jaw implants, and even a full face lift. Perhaps that’s the pressure for women in Hollywood nowadays. She’s spent over $25,000 on the work she has had done.

Kathy Griffin – $30,000

Kathy Griffin is known as an actress and a comedian, and has done a really brilliant job of keeping herself looking young without overdoing it and ruining her looks with cosmetic surgery. The work she has had over the years includes boob jobs, nose and eye work, and brow lifts.

kathy griffin

She also is known for enjoying Botox and chemical peels to keep her face looking fresh. No laughter lines or wrinkles to be found here!

Holly Madison – $32,000

While some people say that Hugh Hefner gave women a reason to be confident and have autonomy over their bodies, in actuality many of the Playmates were actually filled with insecurities from living in the house. Holly Madison is one of these women, and it actually led to her getting cosmetic surgery to sort out some of these bad feelings.

holly madison

She said that it was almost a must-have in her industry. “You have to look a certain way at the mansion. Plastic surgery made it easier for me to get things I wanted in my career. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Barbie Girl

The real life barbie girl might be one of the most extreme versions of changing yourself we’ve ever seen, and yet Valeria Lukyanova claims she only had a breast augmentation! We find that hard to believe, as her facial features, waist size and eyes do not look natural at all.

barbie girl

She claims that she wants to spread the idea that there is always room for perfection, but we don’t feel particularly inspired looking at her transformation. For many, this is just plain weird.

Tom Cruise

Did Tom Cruise have work done to his face before the 2016 Bafta awards? We might never know the truth, but the Twitter world exploded with rumors and guesswork, with one follower exclaiming, “Looks like Tom Cruise has just been on a Mission Impossible type mission to steal all the world’s Botox supply for his face.” Funny, but a bit harsh!

tom cruise

He’s gone back to normal now, so whatever it was, it doesn’t seem to have been long lasting.

Mickey Rourke – $36,000

Would you believe that Mickey Rourke has had six face lifts in his life? That’s the rumor in Hollywood, as well as his nose alternation surgery. Right from his heyday as a boxing hero, he has been the pinup for hundreds and thousands of women, so for many, the surgeries have kept him looking young and like he was in their minds.

mickey rourke

For others, he has taken cosmetic surgery too far, and should have given it up to grow old gracefully years ago. What do you think?

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas comes from one of Hollywood’s most famous families, and before Michael marries his superstar bride Catherine Zeta Jones, he had a face lift. This was around the year 2000, and then three years later he had a facial augmentation surgery, around the same time that their baby was born.

michael douglas

The whole family are picture perfect, whether that’s down to God-given good looks, or a little help from the worlds finest plastic surgeons!

Anna Faris

Anna Faris has never actually come out and said that she’s had plastic surgery, so we can’t say for sure whether she belongs on this list or not, but the experts have had fun guessing what treatments and surgeries she might have had over the years.

Anna Faris

Top of the list are an eye lift, facial fillers, and plumping treatments like collagen injections. In recent years, rumors have circulated that she has had a nose job, too.

Pete Burns – $38,000

Before Pete Burns died, he was known for his androgynous appearance, in a public brawl with none other than Boy George for supposedly copying his unique style! Some of his looks came from his many surgeries, which included lip fillers, nose jobs and even cheek implants.pete burns

All of his work supposedly cost him about $38,000, but unfortunately, he died too young to enjoy old age with his transformed face.


Roseanne Barr – $45,000

Roseanne is best known for the comedy sitcom where she played the title role, but she is also well known in the industry as both a writer and a producer. Some say that Hollywood and the TV industry are not kind to larger ladies, so that might be why she decided to stay behind the scenes mostly once the show ended. =

roseanne barr

She also chose to buy herself some weight loss surgeries, including gastric band surgery, and a tummy tuck to keep herself feeling slimmer.

Barry Manilow – $70,000

Barry Manilow had a serious accident in 2003, he walked into a wall and damaged his face so badly that he needed some dental surgeries done, as well as facial reconfiguration. His whole upper and lower face needed to be lifted to help mitigate the damage which the accident caused.

barry manilow

Some plastic surgeons suspect that while he was having the work done he also had a rhinoplasty surgery and some Botox injections.

Christopher Maloney – $92,000

Some of you might remember Christopher Maloney as a contestant on the X Factor in 2012. He had a tough time of it, with viewers making fun of his appearance both in person and online. Social media can be harsh, and simply for looking different from the usual handsome stereotype, Christopher even received death threats.

chris maloney

Chris decided to make some changes, and bought himself an eye lift, teeth veneers, hair transplants, and not just one, but two nose jobs. He looks fantastic, but it’s a shame that people made him feel it was necessary.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt might not be a celebrity you know had plastic surgery, and certainly he never had anything extensive done. Brad was insecure and conscious of his ears, which he felt were sticking out too much. While other celebrities have made this their signature style, think Will Smith, Brad wanted to make a change to his appearance.

Brad Pitt

He had his ears pinned back, and since then has stayed away from surgery. He is not even dyeing his hair, allowing himself to grow old with all the imperfections that brings. Good for him!

Rumer Willis – $100,000

Just looking at Rumer Willis, you can see immediately that she is the child of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, she looks similar to both of the gorgeous celebrity idols. Even though she is so young, she has already spent over $100,000 on cosmetic surgeries, from jawline reconstruction to a nose job.

rumer willis

As her mother enjoys plastic surgery too, we suppose she felt hypocritical not being supportive of her daughters changes, but we think she looked beautiful beforehand, too.

Demi Moore – $500,000

Just like her daughter, Demi Moore has spent a small fortune on cosmetic surgery, this time half a million dollars! She has had a rhinoplasty, as well as liposuction, face lifts and a boob job too. She is now in her fifties, but many say she still looks like a woman in her thirties, and is not being replaced by younger actresses for the top Hollywood roles.

demi moore

In that way, Demi is probably delighted that her cosmetic surgeries have worked so well for her so far in life.

Ryan Gosling

It’s less common for men to have plastic surgery to correct what they see as facial imperfections, but it certainly happens in Hollywood! Ryan Gosling is one of those men, and he had a rhinoplasty before anyone even knew who he was!

ryan gosling

He believes it helped him with his confidence and carving a space for himself in LA, marking his territory as one of the sexiest actors in the world, and acting in movies like La La Land and The Notebook.

Cher – $750,000

It’s not surprising that Cher is a Botox injection fan, enjoying any chance to keep her face looking smooth. She has been famous almost her whole life, a teenager when she began to hit the top of the charts. One of her most famous tunes is I Got You Babe, sung with her late husband Sonny.

cher plastic surgery

As well as the Botox, Cher has had eyelid alterations, multiple rhinoplasties, as well as breast augmentation surgeries. The price tag on her cosmetic work is pretty steep, as much as three quarters of a million dollars.

Heidi Montag – $1,000,000

Heidi Montag hit the headlines for her dramatic plastic surgeries, as she once had ten parts of her changed in one day! Her and her husband Spencer Pratt are known for doing crazy things to keep themselves in the public spotlight, and Heidi’s insecurities, and her surgery addiction were well documented on reality TV show, The Hills.

heidi montag

Heidi and Spencer might have had over a million dollars to spend on plastic surgery, but that money is long gone, and they are now struggling to keep their heads above water.

Kenny Rogers

Country music star Kenny Rogers is one of the less lucky celebrities on our list. He went under the knife for eyelid surgery, but unfortunately, the procedure was botched, and he came out with more problems than he had started with.

kenny rogers

He is vocal about his regret, and wishes he had never done the surgery, the results of which “drive him crazy!” You can see the difference between the two photos, and many would agree he did not change for the better.

Renee Zellweger

What’s interesting about Renee Zellweger is the way that she denies having any work done at all. She even blames the shocking transformation she had in 2014 on being a bit preoccupied that day. That doesn’t usually make our faces look totally different Renee!

renee zellweger

She firmly denies having any surgery, saying that she thinks a woman only gets more interesting as she gets older, so why would she try to avoid that? Only her (and possibly her surgeon) know the truth!

Sharon Osbourne – $200,000

It cost $200,000 to give Sharon Osbourne the looks she currently has, and she isn’t shy about admitting it. “There’s not much I haven’t had tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether” she has told the media.

sharon osbourne

However, while some celebrities don’t see an end in sight to having cosmetic enhancements, Sharon says she is now done with that world, and is happy to grow old gracefully. She’s one of the coolest women around, and as stylish as they come.

Robert Pattinson

It takes a lot of hard work, and some sacrifices to make it to the big time, and Robert Pattinson knows that more than most. Reportedly, he couldn’t break into the modelling world as a teenager because of his nose, so he had a rhinoplasty before he managed to strike it big.

robert pattinson

Some say he also had cheek implants which helped him become one of Hollywood’s biggest heart throbs. It’s good to see that looks matter just as much for the men as the women to break into the movies.

Iggy Azalea – $20,000

When you think of Iggy Azalea, you probably think about her relationship with her more famous rival, Nicki Minaj. Her surgery experience is mainly her breast augmentation, and she is known for speaking out on the Ellen Show, and saying that she didn’t do it because there was anything wrong with her.

iggy azalea

I think it’s a personal choice and anybody, man or woman, they should be able to make an informed decision, and if you want to change something, then that’s up to you.”

Amanda Bynes – $18,000

Some child stars end up with serious problems, and addictions, and we have to say that Amanda Bynes does not seem to be heading in a healthy direction. She has said on her social media that she loves plastic surgery, sharing photos and stories of her nose jobs and other procedures, which are supposedly to ‘fix’ the problems she has with her face.

amanda bynes

She has also had a breast augmentation, and told her Twitter fans, “I plan on having surgery on my whole face, straight up.”

Pamela Anderson – $10,500

When you start your acting career with a role like Baywatch, immediately becoming a woman that every man wants to know, and every woman wants to emulate, it can be hard to keep yourself in that desirable role. That might be why she chose to enhance certain features, buying herself breast implants and some work on her face to keep everything looking tight.

pamela anderson

Her boob jobs are actually something people know more about than the roles she has played!

Joan Rivers – $99,000

Joan Rivers has a posthumous reputation as one of the world’s funniest comedians, setting the stage for the female comedians of today, and giving them an incomparable role model who carved a space for herself during a real ‘man’s world’ of comedy.

Joan Rivers

She was known for her cosmetic surgeries, racking up as many as 739 procedures, probably something of a record!

Dolly Parton – $23,000

Dolly Parton’s name goes hand in hand with country music, and she has been famous for a career that spans more than half a century. She has had a lot of work done, including a nose job, facial work, a lip lift, neck lift, eyebrow lift and even an eye lid lift. But as she’s now in her seventies and still managing a career in the public spotlight, we have to say well done to her!

dolly parton

A true role model for women, we think she’s looking great for her age.

Britney Spears – $2,000

Britney seems to get away without many whispers about plastic surgery. Maybe this is because she’s always been quite vocal about not wanting to have any surgery done to stay young, and people believe her! She has been honest about having what she calls “fun stuff” done to her, which are temporary measures like lip fillers, or even laser facials done to stay looking smooth and confident.

britney spears

Some celebrities overdo lip fillers, but Brit looks like she’s taken it pretty easy with any work she has had done.

Kim Kardashian – $16,500

Kim Kardashian is probably the most famous of the Kardashian family, not least because of her marriage to Kanye West, and their two children. She hasn’t spent anywhere near as much as other members of her family making changes to her body and face, opting for a nose job, boob and butt implants, and some kardashian

It all cost about $16,500 and could well have contributed to her star studded life in the spotlight.

Kris Jenner – $71,000

Kris Jenner got herself a present for her daughter Kim’s wedding day. But while some of us might do the same thing, indulging in a new outfit, a haircut, or even some jewellery, Kris went a bit further. She bought herself $70,000 worth of plastic surgery, which included two nose jobs, a breast augmentation, laser surgery and facial fillers.

kris jenner

Well, we suppose it was being aired on television on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Kylie Jenner – $2,000,000

Some people believe that Kylie Jenner would like to look more like Kim, and all of her surgeries have been to try to achieve that goal. She herself denies any surgeries, saying she only had lip fillers, but it’s pretty clear that she’s had breast implants, and some Botox work on her face.

kylie jenner

Ok Magazine have reported that the surgeries she has under her belt have cost as much as 2 million dollars, so those would be some pretty pricey lip fillers!

Caitlyn Jenner – $60,000

Another member of the Kardashian family, perhaps the former Bruce Jenner should have a different category for her type of plastic surgery. The full sex change included a facial feminization surgery, which helped him lose his manly looks in preparation for becoming Caitlyn.

caitlyn jenner

It will have changed his hard jaw, and made his features softer and more feminine. Caitlyn certainly seems confident with her new face and body.

Meg Ryan – $11,750

Meg Ryan shocked her fans when she stepped out after having her own brand of cosmetic surgery. While this was mainly reversible treatments such as Botox and lip fillers, many made fun of her looks, saying she looked like a clown, and had majorly overdone the work.

meg ryan plastic surgery

Meg also had neck lifts and facial fillers to keep herself looking young, but she may have ended up with more of a plastic shine than she was hoping for.

Denise Richards – $13,000

Do you remember Denise Richards from Saved by the Bell? She is the wife of Charlie Sheen, and at one point, she even had her own reality TV show! You probably have never really noticed the size of her chest, but it took her three surgeries to be happy with it herself! denise richards

The first time, she was just 19 years old, and was given breasts that she felt were too large. Two more times under the knife, and now she’s happy with how she looks.

Lara Flynn Boyle – $28,000

Lara Flynn Boyle is mostly well known for her role on the show Twin Peaks. Unfortunately she is one of the least successful cosmetic surgery stories out there. She was worried about keeping up with younger Hollywood actresses, so had facial fillers, an eyebrow list, lip augmentation and even a nose job.

lara flynn boyle

Unfortunately, her career took a nosedive as the surgeries came out making her look far worse than beforehand.

Janice Dickinson – $20,000

Did you know that reports have claimed that Nathan Dickinson has begged his mother Janice not to have any more plastic surgery, as she has gone too far? The photos speak for themselves, and she was even a star on TV show Botched, a program about nightmare plastic surgery results.

janice dickinson

The fact that she had to spend $20,000 to get it to badly wrong must be adding insult to injury. She has reportedly said that she wont be having any more surgery, and we think that’s smart.


Adele is one of those celebrities who just oozes confidence, and that’s nothing to do with what she looks like. Perhaps she knows her powerhouse voice is second to none, and that she can’t be beat in the music charts, and that keeps her head held high.


Rumors about liposuction have never been confirmed, and neither have the whispers that she had some changes made to her nose. We think she is gorgeous, and we wouldn’t change a thing!

Blake Lively – $7,300

Have you ever heard Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds talk about one another? The husband and wife team are adorable, and clearly very much in love. Blake became famous from her role in TV show Gossip Girl, but apparently before this she wanted to make some changes to her appearance.

blake lively

She got her eyelids touched up, and had a nose job surgery, as well as some lightening of her natural freckles.

Donatella Versace – $25,000

Donatella Versace claims she is not a fan of the natural look. Well, we don’t need an interview with the famous designer to know that, you simply have to look at a photo or two!

donatella versace

She has had a lot of work done, and her face is now pretty frozen, as well as being quite frightening! Supposedly she has only spent around $25,000 on the work she has had done, but it’s had extensive results.

Kelly Rowland – $22,000

Thinking about a decision like cosmetic surgery is really important, as many of these surgeries have effects which last forever, even if you try to reverse them. Kelly Rowland knows this well, and when she was 18 and wanted to get a breast augmentation, she listened to her older and wiser friends and family who told her to give it some time.

kelly rowland

She waited until she was 28 to go under the knife, and she was far happier that she had taken the time before jumping in.

Kim Novak – $9,200

Kim Novak is best known as the star of movies such as The Man with the Golden Arm and Vertigo. She disappeared from the public eye after these 50’s and 60’s movies, and even officially retired in the early 90’s.

kim novak

In 2014, she arrived at the 2014 Oscars, but many media outlets said she was totally unrecognisable, as she had had so much work done to her face. The rumors included her having Botox injections, cheek implants, and an eyebrow lift. She is often used as an example of cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

John Travolta

John Travolta has been famous for many decades, making a name for himself in iconic films such as Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever. More recently he starred in The People VS OJ Simpson. But Hollywood can be cruel, and he has reportedly had some work done to keep himself looking young.

john travolta

While he maintains this is just Botox and Hair transplants, the rumors say that he has also had an entire facelift. His fans have said he has gone too far with the Botox, calling him out on his “frozen face.”

Angelina Jolie

There is hardly a Hollywood actress out there who the rumor mill doesn’t circulate gossip about cosmetic surgery over. But despite whispers of a nose job and a face lift, the only surgery which we know that Angelina has had is a double mastectomy and reconstruction after her breast cancer. aj


She is one of the strongest and kindest women in the movie business, adopting many of her beautiful children and giving them a better life in the States.

Jennifer Aniston – $30,500

Jennifer Aniston likes to dabble in lots of procedures and treatments which keep her looking young, but as far as we know she has never admitted to having anything permanent done through surgery. She is a huge fan of no scalpel facials, having them as often as once a month, completed by ultrasound and lasers. jennifer aniston

She is not worried about dropping serious cash on her looks, spending as much as $900 per year just on her eyebrows!

Lindsay Lohan

We’ve never actually heard anything confirmed about Lindsay Lohan and plastic surgery, but they do say that there is no smoke without fire. The word on social media and in Hollywood is that Lindsay has definitely been under the knife, but whether it’s facial fillers, implants, a boob job… that changes from week to week.

lindsay lohan

We do know she likes to experiment with treatments which are meant to keep you looking young, as she told her fans on Instagram, she had tried out the electrical current treatment, Caci.

Nicki Minaj – $11,500

Nicki Minaj has made a lot of changes to her appearance since she decided she was going to be a star. These photos are actually pretty shocking when you think about the transformation she has made! She has had the controversial skin bleaching that some black stars have, including Michael Jackson and more recently, Lil Kim. Nicki Minaj

She has also had buttock implants and a nose job. She has an iconic style, and is instantly recognisable.

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox looks younger than ever, despite her being 53 years old. In the hit show, Cougar Town, she played an older woman who looks gorgeous for her age, and we bet she didn’t have to act too hard, or spend too long in make up each day!courtney cox

The only procedures she has spoken about are facial fillers and Botox injections, which she hated, and wouldn’t repeat. She says she feels better, as she looks like herself.

Jocelyn Wildenstein – $6.500,000

Jocelyn Wildenstein now has the nickname, The Bride of Wildenstein. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about her nightmare plastic surgery, just take a quick look at the photos below! She has some weird motivations for her surgeries, supposedly trying to make herself look more like a cat, because her late husband liked felines!

jocelyn wildenstein

She said that she has no intention of stopping, and would keep going under the knife into her nineties if she fancies.

Megan Fox – $8,000

Megan Fox has more rumors about plastic surgery than most other Hollywood actresses, but we wonder how much of that is jealousy, at how widespread the opinion is that she is the hottest woman in Hollywood? Supposedly, Megan has had lip fillers and cheek implants, Botox, two nose jobs, and a boob job too.

Megan fox plastic surgery

Where would she find the time? The Transformers star is well known to be one of the most coveted actresses in the movie world, and lovely to work with too.

Lil’ Kim – $19,625

Despite the price tag not being near the top of our list in money terms, Lil Kim might be the most dramatic transformation we’ve seen. She disappeared from the public eye for a few years, and when she came back, she had done some huge changes to her face and body.

Lil kim

Perhaps the most shocking was how she bleached her skin to a few shades lighter than it was before, but she also had liposuction, a breast augmentation, lip implants and a nose job. Unfortunately, her fans have given her a hard time over the changes.