Bride finds unfaithful texts before the wedding, reads them to guests as her vows


Love is a beautiful thing. Many people desire to be in long-term relationships, which eventually lead to marriage. The joy that comes with the knowledge that you have found a person whom you would like to spend the rest of your life with is often unmatched, and there is great satisfaction in knowing that you made the right choice. Sometimes, things do not work out as they should. For a young couple, Susan and Alex, secrets and deceit ruined their chance of a happy ever after. The two had been together for over six years before they got engaged. Just like any other couple that has lasted that long, they had faced a myriad of issues in their relationship, all of which they had overcome together. Susan considered the relationship strong and was certain that their bond was made of trust and commitment. Receiving an anonymous message purporting of Alex’s unfaithfulness came out of the blue to her, just a day before their wedding. In as much as it is common for people to stray even when they are in a serious relationship, the realization by the spouse is always devastating. Upon reading the texts and finding out that her soon-to-be-husband had been betraying her, Susan was devastated. Yet, she decided not to let the deceit bring her down and devised a plan to get her revenge.

The Wedding Day

Susan and Alex had been dating for over six years, and it was no surprise when they finally decided to get engaged. The engagement took place successfully and they started preparing for their wedding. The two were in agreement that they would have a traditionally themed wedding, which would be attended by tons of friends and relatives.

It was a big day for them and they wanted all their friends to witness their union. All the arrangements were duly made and as the wedding day edged, they had no idea that events would take a different turn. A wedding day is supposed to be a joyous occasion, which cements a relationship between two people in love. For Susan and Alex, it was not to be.

The Happy Couple

Susan and Alex were the perfect definition of a power couple. The fact that they had been together for such a long time was an advantage as they felt as if they knew each other completely. In the course of their relationship, their love had grown and it was evident that they were at a point where they felt as though they could totally trust each other.

The two shared their most intimate feelings and the love was as real as it could get. So close was the couple that they parents eventually got to know each other and even became close friends. With the coming together of the two families as one, the couple was made for one another.

Taking the Relationship Further

As the friendship and relationship between the two couples grew, it was finally time to take things one step further. The two already knew that they were destined for each other, and the decision to get married was no surprise. Their families were so close that it was apparent that they did not see any other way.

Actually, the two had talked about the idea of marriage multiple times, and there was no looking back when they started the preparations. Now, just days to the wedding, the reality began to dawn on them that indeed they would soon be united forever. As fate would have it, it was way further from reality.

Letting Go One Final Time

Preparing for a wedding is never easy. The time and resources needed are usually immense, and the finalization of the events is usually a major relief to couples. Susan and Alex managed to finish all the preparations on time, and within their budget. All that remained was the wedding, which they all looked forward to.

As is the norm, the groom and the bride are supposed to spend the pre-wedding day apart. The tradition is meant to give the couple freedom for one last day before taking their vows. The bridesmaids normally host a bachelorette party for the bridesmaid, and in Susan’s case, it was no different. They went to a party and she let herself go for the final time.

Last Hours Unmarried

The evening carried on as planned, with Susan and her friends drinking and enjoying themselves to the maximum. Time flew, and before they knew it they were singing well into the morning hours. The night had been full of laughs, and it was undoubtedly a happy time for everyone.

On the way back to the hotel room, most of the bridesmaids had either passed out on the available beds or were talking to each other. The bachelorette party had been such a success.

A Message Changes Everything

The ladies were talking, showering and getting ready to go to bed. Susan was talking to a friend when a beep from her phone distracted her. It was a message, from a mysterious private number. Susan opened the message, only to be met with lewd pictures of her to-be husband with another woman.

The sender had also sent screenshots of messages between Alex and the woman. Susan could not believe what was happening. It was the last thing she had expected.

Discovery of Lies

When Susan read the messages, she was damaged. It took a long time to get to terms with what was happening. The last message read “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?’. Susan kept scrolling at the pictures, to make sure that indeed what she had seen was true. At first, she thought that it could be some kind of a sick joke.

Looking at the pictures again, she knew that it was real. From the messages, she knew that the relationship had gone on for a while.

Damage and a Broken Heart

Susan still sat on her bed, crying silently in shock. Her friends came to her, trying to comfort her. It was a very emotional moment, and Susan was unable to control herself. It was only a day to her big day, and the sad realization that her fiancée had been unfaithful to her damaged and broken heart.

The bridesmaids were also in shock. They could not believe that Alex could hurt Susan like that, and they even contemplated hurting him.

Total loss

Susan still lay on her bed, unable to put words into her thoughts. Her bridesmaids were totally worked up at that point and were planning on how they would get revenge on Alex. After a while, Susan calmed down and wiped all the tears from her eyes.

Her mind was still clogged with a myriad of thoughts, and she was totally lost. Her whole world felt as if it had crashed down in front of her, and she was totally numb within her.

Difficult Decision

The major decision that needed to be handled at the point was whether Susan would push through with the wedding or not. All the costs had already been paid for, and it was undoubtedly the worst time to find out about her fiancé’s betrayals.

Some of her friends were of the opinion that she was better suited to cancel the wedding, rather than committing to an infidel. Susan was in a state of shock, and she was at a loss at what was the best thing to do.

Facts about being unfaithful

Being unfaithful is common in current relationship settings. While it always hurts the innocent victims, there are a few reasons which drive committed persons to be unfaithful. In some cases, the people who are unfaithful at some point of their lives stray when they find a problem in the existing relationship, or when they no longer share the same romantic feelings for the person they are in a relationship with.

That notwithstanding, it is still deceitful and Susan did not want any excuses at the time

Worst Night Ever

That night, Susan was not at peace. She kept scrolling over her messages, trying her best to process what was happening. The messages were so explicit and detailed, a factor which broke Susan more. It was a fully developed affair. Susan was hurt as that night turned to be her worst ever.

As she lay there alone, all she could do was try to work out what would be the next best move. With great feelings of sadness, humiliation, and shock, she was unsure there was a proper way out.

Confusion in the Morning

The morning approached fast, revealing the day of the wedding. Susan had been unable to sleep that night, and she had just sat on her bed, trying to figure out what to do. Cancelling the wedding may have seemed to be the best option, but Susan did not have the strength to do it.

The bridesmaids started waking up one after the other, and it was a very confusing time as they did not know how to proceed.

Decision at Last

As rays of the sun shone through the windows of the hotel room, Susan finally had an idea. The bridesmaids were still waiting for the next course of action and stood outside the door nervously. Susan began to lay out her dress, jewelry, and accessories without saying a word to anyone.

She had already made up her mind, and she knew exactly what she would do and how she would do it. Alex was going to get what he deserved.

Preparation for the Wedding

As the morning rays shone, Susan prepared and slowly started dressing with the help of her friends. She had not let anyone in on the plan, and she reassured them that she would go on with the wedding as planned. The bridesmaids all got dressed up and started to prepare for the big day.

Susan was still in pain, and she knew that she had to do something about it as opposed to pretending that it didn’t happen.

Wedding Day

The sun rose and revealed a very beautiful day. It was the perfect day to have a wedding, and Susan couldn’t believe that she felt that bad on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Her friends were also in anger and couldn’t hide their sadness, following the betrayal of their friend.

Susan asked them to go on with the day as if nothing had happened. Everyone was still oblivious of her plans, and she wanted to make sure that her plan worked perfectly.

Wedding Arena

As the wedding began, Susan couldn’t help but feel nervous. Each minute felt like an hour, and she struggled to keep her face straight. Friends and family were mingling happily, all excited to witness a happy union. Susan watched them happily interacting and sadness overcame her.

Things were just about to take a drastic turn for the worst, and nobody was prepared for it. The events flew, and after a short while, Alex and his men arrived.

Susan Walks down the Isle

Susan got ready to walk own the aisle with her father while trying her best to hide her true feelings. The guests all sat down in preparation for the walk, and her father took his place beside her. At this point, she could not hold it and started crying.

Everyone thought that it was tears of joy, and the flurry of emotions continued. Slowly, her father led her to the front of the altar, and she got ready to say her vows.


As Susan got near the altar, she felt as if she was in a dream. In addition to having the worst night of her life, the happiest day of her life was ruined. She felt as if she could not be able to wake up from the bad dream and it was the worst feeling of her life.

Alex was waiting at the stage, with a huge smile. Susan wiped the tears from her eyes and faked a laugh. Alex began reading his vows.

Moment of Truth

As Alex was reading his vows, Susan was crying. She could not believe that he could read the vows, while he was betraying her. Her emotions were full of anger, and she could not believe what had happened.

When her time came, Susan froze. Momentarily, she didn’t know what to do. She had to stick to the plan. With sadness in her eyes, she cleared her throat and stood to address the visitors directly.

There will not be a Wedding

Emotionally, Susan started addressing the crowd, holding her phone. Suddenly, she announced that there would not be a wedding. “There will be no wedding today”. There were gasps from everyone, confused as she began reading all the messages that had been sent.

Everyone was quiet, and Susan explained that she could not proceed with the wedding due to Alex’s infidelity. As she read through the messages, Alex was completely embarrassed and he ducked out of the ceremony.

Celebrating Honesty

Despite the fact that the wedding had been ruined, Susan told the guests that the celebration would continue, in honor of honesty and finding the right person to love and spend life with. Undoubtedly, she got her perfect revenge.

And she also thought all of use the real meaning of getting back to someone is, inspiring us to be stronger every day. We hope that her ex-fiance has learned his lesson, and will refrain from being unfaithful in the future.