All the details about Meghan Markle’s shower for the upcoming Royal

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is about to be a mother in the Spring of 2019. She is not just going to be a mother; she is going to be the mother of a Royal addition. So, there were stories about why having a shower is not something that the royals do. However, Meghan has not exactly been perturbed when it comes to some of the minor royal ‘rules and regulations.’ And in fact, after a lot of talks about it, it was confirmed that she did not break Royal protocol for hosting a shower with her friends. She decided to go stateside and meet some friends to celebrate the impending of the new addition who is speculated to be a girl. She had a party in New York that was meant to celebrate motherhood with friends from her former TV show and other people from Hollywood that she knows. The woman thought to have been the matchmaker for her was also there. Meghan was different from day one because she was already internationally known for her role in Suits and that is the reason why she probably decided to have this party to celebrate with friends. While in New York, she was very…benevolent. She gave to the needy and went to visit a hospital. There was something else about the party that may have hinted the answer to a question that a lot of people have been wondering about.

The Due Date

At the time of writing this, Meghan has been expecting for 7 months and is due to give birth sometime in April or even early May. The shower for the upcoming Royal as it was dubbed by the media, was just really Meghan flying to the ‘Colonies’ to be with friends at a time when she is celebrating some of the best news that anyone can have.

This celebration was not made public because of the fact that the ‘shower’ was not supposed to happen. It breaches protocol. There is no law in the Royal family that says that one shall not have one when someone is about to be a royal mom, but the whole thing is not something they do over there. Even though it was attempted to be a low key event, there were insights about what happened.

Paparazzi Captured It All

They did not get to go inside and see what was happening, but they did a very good job of taking pictures when Meghan got to the States and all the time that she was in a public place. As soon as she got there, they followed her everywhere and caught glimpses of flowers she ordered and places that she visited.

The pictures show heavy security and an entourage that was with her the whole time. She managed to do some shopping, had a cup of tea in the SoHo district and enjoyed some of the cuisines that New York has to offer. The friends who showed up were about 15 or so. There were several gifts and packages taken into the hotel during the time she was there.

A Celebration In The Works

The event was obviously a shower even though there was no official statement saying that it was. It was sold as Meghan getting together with friends before she becomes a mother and her movement around the world becomes restricted. She had been busy traveling around on royal visits to Australia and most recently Morocco.

Harry and Meghan are about to be parents and the party was meant to be a get-together for her and her closest friends to catch up and get to see each other for a while before she goes back to Windsor. She is very close to giving birth as it is just two months away. There was a present that was seen entering the hotel and it was clearly meant for Meghan.

Insider At The party

A lot of people were eager to see what was happening at the party. However, this heavily guarded event meant that the only pictures we would get would have to come from Meghan or her friends or maybe even a rogue security guard. The event must have been great and the fact that no photos surfaced bummed out fans.

Then, a chef from inside the hotel sent out a video showing some of the things at the party. That is when people got a glimpse at the décor. This video showed the theme to be mostly pinkish and girlish. For that reason, the flames of the different talks that she might be having a girl have been fanned. The video shows cakes, flowers and a general decorations theme of the patterns on the food.

A Princess?

Most likely yes. No one knows for sure. The cakes and the flowers could be a way to mislead the public into waiting for a princess, only for a prince to appear. However, it is not likely that Meghan would go to the trouble of pulling out the rug from under her fans. The upcoming member could most likely be a girl according to the décor because of the color.

We associate pink with girls and feminine things. That is the reason why the décor of the party has been said to be hinting at the possibility that she may be having a girl. They have not made a statement on the gender and are most likely waiting until the little one gets here for us commoners to know. However, even we can guess. Pink flowers, pink presents, pink cake…most likely a girl.

Royal Price

The price of spending a night at The Mark is not ‘peasant’ level if you know what that means. It is the most expensive hotel room in the US. Lump all the money you have to pay to be in the Penthouse with gifts, shopping money and have people like Erin Hill play the harp for you and you are looking at a pretty bundle.

The estimated cost for this whole event is somewhere in the vicinity of over $500,000. It was surely not cheap, but Meghan made sure to share with people in need after the event ended.

Roses To All

The event had flowers. Meghan is known as a philanthropist who likes connecting with people. The flowers were preserved and she used them on her visits to sick children in the hospitals that she visited. In cooperation with Repeat Roses, she donated them to charity. Pretty cool, right?

They figured out that flowers make people happy and in most cases, they get thrown out after a party when they are still fresh. So, they use them to make as many people as they can happy.

Meghan’s Request

It is important to note that it was Meghan who requested for this to be done. She does have a soft spot for children and people in need. We have seen her visit some of the less affluent neighborhoods of the world to connect with people.

She did the same thing this time when she was in New York for children with cancer. It was a touching moment inspired by the fact that she is about to become a mother.

Celebrity Connections

You should have seen the guest list for the party. It was as star-studded as it gets. Prominent people like Amal Clooney, Misha Nonoo, Janina Gavankar, Serena Williams, Markus Anderson, and other celebs were there to celebrate with their friend.

It was truly a quality chance to have face-time for Meghan and friends after a long time for catching up. There were stories told about celebrities who didn’t show like Priyanka, but that is just gossip.

Castle In The Sky

The event was at the rooftop of The Mark hotel and it was as good as events get. From what anyone can see on the first impression, they paid a pretty cool buck to be up there. The scenery is amazing and the fresh air at the top of the building is a great ambiance for Meghan to have a party.

The rooftop is above a 10,000 square feet suite and a 2500 square feet terrace that looks out into Central Park.

Gayle King Came

The arrival of prominent guests was a moment that all paparazzi were there to capture. Gayle came to the party wearing a pink dress. It was the bright kind of pink with pastel colored heels. She was also carrying a gift bag that we can only guess what was inside.

The bag itself had fuchsia stripes and polka dots. The color pink seemed to be replete throughout the party and Gayle was not the only one wearing it.

Jessica Mulroney

In case you do not know her, she is a Canadian stylist who has done wonderful work in fashion. She was wearing a dark salmon turtleneck with heels that matched it. She arrived at the same time as another guest who was carrying a white box that was tied with a pink ribbon.

The guest was wearing a pale pleated skirt. Again with the pink. If these are not hints, we don’t know what is.

Amal Clooney

You can tell from the last name that she is Hollywood ‘Royalty’. The Lebanese lawyer and wife of George Clooney decided to stand out in a red jumpsuit with golden heels.

The color may not have been the pink that was heavy in the party but it is not a far leap from that to pink. You can see why it is easy to assume that she is going to have a girl.

Misha Nonoo

This is the woman who has been credited as the one that introduced the Prince and his Duchess. Of course, she was going to be here. She was just recently engaged herself. When she got to The Mark, she was carrying a huge white bag from the posh interiors company Rani Arabella.

She made her way into the building just before Taryn Toomey, fitness instructor to the stars and creator of workouts went in herself.

Spring In The Air

During the event, a lot of things were seen being carted into the hotel. First, there was a man who seen carrying a bouquet of mostly orange and pink flowers into the hotel.

A lot of people saw the Spring season symbolism in them and others thought they are just flowers and that it was not that big a deal. That is until more pink stuff started streaming into the party.

Cotton Candy Machine

Soon after the flowers, a cotton candy machine from the manufacturer carnival King was also carted into the hotel. This was earlier even before the shower or the event with her friends began.

Cotton candy can be any color but it is mostly pink. Even with this machine, the flurry of pink was not even close to being obvious. There was more to come as the hours crept by and people waited.

Gift Bags

While it is possible that she may be having a girl, the Royals are probably waiting until the day the new addition gets here to find out just like the rest of us, what the gender is.

Abigail Spencer’s gift bag led people to believe that it may be a boy. The gift bags were varied but the whole party was heavy with the pinkness and maybe Meghan is playing Punk’d with all of us.

The Ultimate Pink

The guests might have been confusing but the inside of the party was not. From a leaked video to some of the pictures of the cakes and the decorations, the hints on Pink and Princess are heavy.

The cake was two-tier with a cut out of paper featuring Harry and Meghan standing next to a pram. Almost everything else in the room was pink too. Seems all bets are on a girl.

Not So Traditional

The thing about Royal events, especially one of this scale is that they do not happen. However, Meghan has done some things that the royals do not do and get away with them. She wasn’t about to let the issue of tradition stop her from meeting her friends and announcing the pregnancy in style.

The whole affair had been predicted months in advance and people had talked about why it was not allowed, and she did it anyway.

Out of Pocket

One of the reasons why events like this one are not allowed freely in the Royal Family is the cost of having one. The money that was spent by Meghan was north of half a million dollars.

That is not something that taxpayers would be willing to tolerate. She was able to have this party because she can pay for it. She is wealthy and so is Harry. Otherwise, it would have been impossible.

Catching Up

Even after the people had speculated that Meghan would not have a shower for her little one, she went on to have it. As some sources said, she was going to honor the American tradition of having a gathering to celebrate a new addition and also use the time to catch up with friends.

Because of the criticism that she received, the decision to make it as private as she could was justified. None of us had a good look at what was inside.

What could go wrong

Kate Middleton posed for photos just hours after birth and looked flawless. Meghan will most likely not be doing this. This makes her stressed. Meghan is aware of the risks in her birth being she is a bit older and she has told her surroundings that she is a bit nervous of things that could go wrong with her birth.

She is feeling lucky and that’s why she went out to celebrate but she wants to be real about things that could happen. She wants everything to be natural and quiet.

Brotherly advice

It seems that the brothers are always trying to show each other up even though they are very close. Meghan seems to be doing whatever she wants with her Royal life. She wants to have a shower in New York so she did. William is known to be a little tense around his brother’s relationship.

Of course, Harry and his wife are important to him but he has cast his doubts to Harry at the beginning when he told him to slow things down with Meghan.

Hollywood fashion

After seeing all the Hollywood glamour that surrounds Meghan in the states with her famous group of gals it is said that Kate Middleton is stepping up her fashion game with the help of a stylist. The two Meghan and Kate are always competitive but it seems like fashion wars are safer for them to take part in.

After 3 kids Kate has done the pregnancy fashion route a few times but now she wants to step up her game even more.

Meet your uncle

After the horrific events in New Zealand this past month it is said that Prince William may miss the birth of the new royal baby because he has to go to New Zealand on behalf of the queen.

Meghan and Harry want to do their own thing but we are sure it is important for them to have their family there with them and William possibly missing the birth could be upsetting to them.

A bit over the top

The baby shower was a little out of the ordinary for the royal family but overall they really couldn’t do so much about it. She wanted to do it so she did. Palace insiders have commented on the whole event saying it may have been a little over the top also in terms of expenses.

The royal prefer things to be small and humble and this just went a little of the path.

Not like Kate

Meghan doesn’t want to copy Kate and her and Harry’s child will not be born in the Lindo wing where almost all Royals have been born in recent years.

Diana gave birth there and so did Kate Middleton. Just like the shower, it seems that Meghan is shying away and doing her own thing but it is said that this is because of privacy that Meghan wants, she will do it closer to home.

Not a Breach of Protocol

There is no law that is against having friends and family come together to celebrate. Meghan did not break any royal protocol as many would have you believe. Even Kate had one that was very private you never heard about it.

Meghan is an icon in fashion now and there was bound to be the kind of publicity she got. We are all waiting to see what happens, and are very happy for the Dutchess and Prince Harry. It is going to be a good year.