“Forrest Gump” Secrets That Change Everything


Forrest Gump has become one of the most famous movie classics thanks to the memorable script and brilliant acting from the film’s star, Tom Hanks. Although we have rewatched the movie too many times to count, there are some behind the scenes secrets and accidental bloopers no one noticed until now…

The Secret Behind A Book

Before the hit film made its way to the big screen, did you know it was a hit novel? Yup, the author, Winston Groom, published his story in 1986 – eight years before the blockbuster movie was released. While the writers kept reasonably accurate to the story, they did have to make some alterations. They kept in the main events of the story, but in the book, Forrest Gump had the mouth of the sailor. Needless to say, that changed for Hollywood.

Young Forrest Gump and young Jenny Curran sat in a tree reading a book together

Secret careers

While the movie followed most of the novel’s storylines, there are some differences. In the book, Forrest has more professions than the film. Some of these include becoming a pro wrestler, an astronaut, and a top chess player – wowza. Although the character had some pretty impressive careers, the producers had to cut a lot out to keep the length of the film sensible. Even though we could watch the movie forever, even we think all that may have been a bit long!

Tom Hanks appearing in Apollo 13 wearing a spaceman's suit looking into the camera

Real-life influence

It wasn’t just the book that inspired the film. No, back in 1982 a teenager named Louis Michael Figueroa embarked on his own journey across America. The youngster reported he wanted to raise awareness of the American Cancer Society, so one day decided to leave New Jersey on foot to head to San Francisco. Louis was just 16 years old at the time, but that didn’t stop him from inspiring one of the most legendary films to date.

Forrest Gump wearing red short, a yellow t-shirt, and a red baseball cap running across a bridge with news reporters

Timeline mistake

Running for more than 10 minutes sounds like hard work to us, let alone the three years and two months Forrest was running. Weeeell, that may not be entirely true. Forrest sets off on October 1, 1979, and receives Jenny’s letter when the news breaks of President Reagan’s assassination. Doing the math, that means Forrest was only running for around eighteen months. While that’s still an impressive amount of time to be on your feet, it’s not quite as long as we thought.

Forrest Gump wearing a blue shirt running down a dirt track away from a big car

Run, brother, run

Thankfully for Tom Hanks, he wasn’t on his feet throughout the whole film. Jim Hanks, the actor’s brother, was a keen runner so it seemed obvious to bring in some outside help. Rather than wasting time with a rigorous exercise regime, the producers simply swapped out Tom and Jim whenever they shot scenes of Forrest long-distance running. Very sneaky. As the pair look so similar, we were none the wiser, and we’re sure Tom was happy for the chance to rest.

Forrest Gump with long hair and a beard wearing a baseball hat that says “Bubba Gump” standing in front of a crowd

That famous bench

We have many famous faces in this film, but one that often gets overlooked is actually the star of the show: the bench. There have been many legendary seats over the years, such as the couch from Friends, or those egg chairs in Men In Black. However, the bench from the movie was deemed so iconic, that Savannah officials were worried it might get vandalized. Never fear! The bench has since been moved to the history museum located in the city.

Forrest Gump sat on a bench wearing next to a brown suitcase while a beige suit with muddy trainers

Creating a warzone

While the scenes look realistic, the Vietnam scenes in Forrest Gump weren’t ACTUALLY shot in the country. On the days of shooting, golfers in Fripp Island, South Carolina were in for a shock as the movie took over the golf course. It wasn’t quite trudging through the swamps of a war zone, but the brilliant special effects team added in all the appropriate greenery to create the perfect atmosphere. Even before the days of modern CGI, this film was making incredible headway.

Forrest Gump dressed in his military outfit with a backpack on crawling through the grass on his stomach

Fake house

Even though the house in the film fit in with the scenery perfectly, it wasn’t the old-style building we had been led to believe. No, the property was, in fact, a modern build in the area. However, during construction, the property hadn’t met the modern health and safety standards. The film took over the home to shoot the relevant scenes before it was demolished shortly after filming wrapped up. The house was located in Greenbow, Alabama, but is now long gone.

The white house from Forrest Gump with large porches, and two women walking over the front lawn towards the front door


Raking in the cash… almost

On paper, it looked as though the film was set to rake in big bucks. With a $55 million budget, the movie earned more than $677 million! Sadly, the joy didn’t last. Promoting and advertising cost Paramount Pictures so much they ended up having to fork out $62 million extra to cover the costs. Ouch. Thankfully, the movie went down as an instant classic, so at least there is some consolation. Although, we’re not sure Paramount saw it that way.

Forrest Gump sat in a blue shirt reading a yellow book to a child wearing a blue shirt and red baseball cap

Nearly canceled

Before promoting the film was even an issue, the movie was close to being canceled. While they were still shooting the scenes, the studios were about two days from calling the whole project off. Thankfully, Tom Hanks and the movie’s director, Robert Zemeckis, had such faith in the film they forked over the extra cash needed to finish the job. Even though the film was a successful failure, Forrest Gump is the director’s highest earning film of his career.

Tom Hanks pointing his fingers towards the audience while he is wearing a black suit with matching bow tie

No pay for Tom

After all the commotion with payment, Tom Hanks wasn’t in for an immediate paycheck. In fact, the actor took a massive gamble by accepting percentage points. Thankfully the risk paid off as he walked away $40 million richer. Sadly, for the author of the novel, Winston Groom, he was paid a measly $350,000. He had agreed to 3% of the film’s net profit, but as the movie never made any, the author was left high and dry.

Tom Hanks playing Forrest Gump with short hair while he is frowning off into the distance

Feeling sick

Sometimes a sick day in bed to recover is just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, Tom Hanks didn’t have that option. When filming the movie, the actor came down with a severe case of flu. The day of the famous football running scene came around, and Tom was feeling pretty rough. However, like the true natural he is, the actor battled onwards to create one of the most memorable scenes from the movie. We take our hat off to you, Tom!

Forrest Gump running through a football field while wearing beige trousers and a blue checkered shirt

Famous children

In one of the sadder scenes of the film, we see Forrest Gump denied a seat on the bus by two of his classmates. Although the kids treat him meanly, the actors playing them had connections in high places. The movie’s director, Robert Zemeckis, enlisted his son to play one of the roles. Tom Hanks got to choose another of the children and knew just the person for the part: Elizabeth Hanks, his very own daughter! Both children pulled off their roles perfectly.

Emily Hanks on the school bus in Forrest Gump wearing a red checkered dress with a braid in her hair

Another star

It wasn’t just the children on the bus that appeared in the film; Haley Joel Osment landed the role of Forrest Gump Jr. in one of his first ever acting roles at just four years old. In recent years, Haley finally came clean about the part. As the movie was titled Forrest Gump, the same name as his character, he believed that he was, in fact, the star of the movie. It wasn’t until he grew up that he understood the movie!

Haley Joel Osment playing Forrest Gump Jr. wearing a red and blue striped long sleeve top

Getting the right voice

In the movie Forrest Gump has a strong southern accent, but as the actor is from California, how did he perfect the accent? Well, Tom didn’t have to look far for inspiration. The actor who played Young Forrest, Michael Conner Humphreys, was born and raised in Mississippi. Tom approached the young actor to help voice coach in him in the ways of the south. All the coaching sessions saw Tom Hanks perfect the role, as well as earning Michael critical acclaim.

Tom Hanks playing Forrest Gump wearing a beige suit and blue shirt while looking into the distance

Phony ping-pong ball

One of the many memorable moments from the film is the incredible ping-pong tournament. With the ball flying back and forward at lightning speeds, it can be hard to keep your eye on all the action. This is precisely what happened to the actors. As the pair didn’t know how to play ping-pong very well, they were just filmed waving their paddles around like madmen, and editors got to work with CGI to edit in the ball.

A table tennis ball flying towards Forrest Gump while he is competing in a ping-pong tournament

Lying lips

It wasn’t only the ping-pong ball that was fake. Some of the actors also helped aid their lies – how could they?! Mykelti Williamson was the person cast to play the incredible role of Bubba. However, remember his famous lip? Yup, it’s fake! The prosthetic had to be meticulously fitted to the actor’s real lips to create the perfect illusion. When Mykelti appeared on the red carpet after the film, many fans were amazed to discover he didn’t really bear the pout.

Bubba is clutching onto Forrest Gump’s neck while they are both in Vietnam fighting the war

Re-writing the script

When Tom Hanks uttered the line “My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump.” people may have believed this was a genius comedy trick by the writers. In fact, the actor improvised the famous words to create one of the most memorable phrases from the movie. Tom approached the director of the film to hear his thoughts, and thankfully Robert Zemeckis was on board with the script change. Where would we be today without that iconic line?

Forrest Gump wearing a beige suit and blue shirt while looking off into the distance

Microphone Issues

Throughout the entire movie, there are plenty of moments that stand out. From one-liners to significant events in the film, it is non-stop entertainment from start to finish. So when Forrest Gump was making his famous Washington speech, he was left somewhat disappointed. Before he was able to finish delivering his prepared words, the microphone on the stand cut out entirely. Even though the character was able to read an excellent speech, there was still plenty more to come.

Forrest Gump wearing his military uniform, standing in front of many microphones and war veterans giving a speech

Almost another face

After all those memorable scenes it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else playing the role of Forrest Gump. However, that was almost reality when the producers were searching for their leading man. At the time the actors John Travolta, Bill Murray, and Chevy Chase were all offered the chance to play Forrest, but all of them declined. It is reported that John Travolta still regrets his decision to opt out of the movie all these years later.

John Travolta’s face on Forrest Gump’s body while wearing a green shirt and red baseball cap

Another Bubba

It wasn’t just Forrest that nearly had a different face. When looking for the role of Bubba, there were a number of other actors lined up for the part. Some of these include David Chappelle, David Alan Grier, and Ice Cube. Thankfully, they all turned down the opportunity meaning we got to enjoy Mykelti Williamson bring the part to life. David Chappelle admitted he didn’t want to get involved as he thought the movie would be a total flop – oh, was he wrong!

Bubba is clutching onto Forrest Gump’s neck while they are both in Vietnam fighting the war

Bubba’s legacy

Devastatingly, Bubba never got to return home and fulfill his dream of ruling the shrimp business after the war in Vietnam. Thankfully, his legacy has lived on in the real world. All across America, there are now Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurants to give the character the recognition he deserved. It isn’t just America that has commemorated Bubba either, as the restaurants have also appeared in Malaysia, Japan, China, and Mexico. Bubba will forever live on in our hearts!

One of the many real-life Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. with blue and red parasols on the front of the building

End of a career

While Bubba’s character was a huge success, the role had disastrous effects on the actor’s career. Mykelti Williamson was the face of Bubba, but somehow he managed to play the role too perfectly. Fans of the movie thought that Mykelti looked like Bubba in real life, which led casting directors to believe the same. After the film premiered, Mykelti struggled to land any work. Thankfully he appeared on The Late Show where he put all the rumors to rest.

Mykelti Williamson wearing a black shirt while flexing his arm muscles on the red carpet

Real-life clips

When Forrest Gump receives his Medal of Honor from President Lyndon B. Johnson, it may be unbelievable to hear that the footage is all entirely real! Well, almost. The clip was from 1968 when Sammy L. Davis was collecting his medal from the president after serving in Vietnam. The smart cookies working on the film managed to edit Forrest Gump’s face onto Sammy’s body to give the illusion it was, in fact, the character at the ceremony. Very sneaky.

Forrest Gump receiving his Medal of Honor from Lyndon B. Johnson

Crowd numbers

Even though the movie was a fan of using CGI, they still needed some help. When shooting the Lincoln memorial scene, the producers managed to rally together 1,500 people to form the crowd. It may be hard to spot yourself out of the group though as the editors multiplied the crowd over and over again to make it look as though there were thousands of people. Still, with 1,500 people, hopefully, they weren’t all trying to get to the front…

Crowd of people listening to Forrest Gump’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial

Closed eyes

It may appear as though Tom Hanks was looking to get some shut-eye when taking photos for the movie, but this was a deliberate gem written in by the producers of the film. If you look back at every single picture of Forrest Gump in the movie, then you will notice a lack of open eyes. The writers wanted the character to seem more relatable to the audience, hence his inability to take a winning snap. Same, Forrest, same.

Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan on a ship with a Bubba Gump pot on the cover of Fortune magazine

Age gap

In the movie, we get to see Sally Field play the role of Forrest’s mom, Mrs. Gump. Although it may not look as though it’s the case, Sally is only ten years older than her on-screen son. Did Hollywood age the star before her time? No. Thankfully the talented makeup department was able to get to work to help Sally look the part. Even though there isn’t much of an age gap, Sally and Tom pulled off their roles perfectly.

Sally Field playing Mrs. Gump standing next to Tom Hanks playing Forrest Gump in his military uniform

Rebirth of the King

Elvis rolled into the family bed and breakfast where he quickly spotted young Forrest’s unique moves and claimed them as his own. As the movie hit screens in 1994, there was no way Elvis could have made a reappearance – unless you believe the conspiracy theories that are out there. Therefore Kurt Russell had to step up to the role. The actor voiced the lines in the movie in addition to playing Presley in the self-titled hit movie in 1979.

Young Forrest Gump looking off from the camera with Elvis Presley playing the guitar in the background

Helpful hints

Have you noticed how many times Forrest Gump is wearing a blue check shirt throughout the movie? Although, a lifetime running doesn’t leave much time for clothes shopping. This wasn’t a bargain job lot of shirts the wardrobe department managed to find, but rather a deliberate clue to the audience. The producers had the character wear one of these shirts in the first scene of every age change. A handy hint to keep up with Forrest’s age in the film!

Young Forrest Gump wearing a check blue polo shirt, and old Forrest Gump wearing a blue check shirt and suit jacket

Quick thinking

A random stranger in Washington DC was in for a shock when he stumbled across the movie set. The man was on vacation from Georgia when the director of the film thrust a script in his hand. The stranger was tasked with becoming a news anchor for the day. In a sporadic moment of madness, the man went off to learn his lines and returned to appear in his new role. What an acting legend! Perhaps we should start hanging around Hollywood?

Tom Hanks playing Forrest Gump sat with the director of the film, Robert Zemeckis

Clever CGI

CGI can do some incredible things. From becoming a two-headed alien to walking on the moon when you’re really in a Hollywood movie studio, the wonders of computer-generated imagery can make anything seem possible. Although it looks entirely realistic, the actor Gary Sinise didn’t have to chop off his legs to play the part of Lieutenant Dan for the film. In fact, he was given blue socks to wear so his legs could, later on, be edited out of the movie.

Lieutenant Dan in a wheelchair looking over the sea, and Gary Sinise in blue socks playing Lieutenant Dan


Singing sensation

Tom Hanks wasn’t the only one feeling sick while filming the movie. Robin Wright, who plays Jenny in the film, came down with a severe cold when she was shooting her famous singing scene. As well as being nearly completely nude, Robin also sang her song with all her heart. As if that wasn’t enough, this scene reportedly took 24 hours of straight filming to get right. If that isn’t dedication to your job, we’re not sure what is anymore.

Robin Wright with long blonde hair playing Jenny Curran in Forrest Gump

Novel flop

After the success of the movie, author of the initial book, Winston Groom, set about writing a sequel to the story. Forrest takes his adventures to the next level as he accidentally tears down the Berlin Wall among other things – wowza, that’s one way to step it up a notch! However, when writing the dedications for his book, Winston had some words of advice for his readers. The author wrote you should never let anyone make a movie out of your story. Ouch.

Title cover and blurb of the novel Gump & Co, written by Winston Groom released in 1995

No props needed

No one could forget Lieutenant Dan – especially his new legs. In the movie, the character explains he is wearing a necklace that everyone in his family had worn to war. This wasn’t too far from the truth. In fact, Gary Sinise who plays Dan in the movies was wearing a necklace that belonged to his brother-in-law. The necklace had been worn while he was fighting in the Vietnam war meaning it was far more than just a movie prop!

Lieutenant Dan in a wheelchair shaking hands with Forrest Gump wearing a white tank top

Not The Only Blockbuster

It is hard to believe, but Forrest Gump was not the only smash hit film that was made in the year 1994. In fact, three other cult classics came out that went on to be just as iconic. Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park and The Shawshank Redemption were all huge seat fillers in cineplexes across the globe. All of them are regular features on people’s most favorite films – all for good reason. Forrest Gump was the big critical hit though, with it scooping no less than 13 Academy Award nominations.


Author Similarities

Whilst the relationship between the filmmakers and the author has publicly soured, the relationship between the main character and the author is strong. There are huge similarities between the fictional character’s history and Winston Groom’s. Groom once attended the University of Alabama like Gump did as well as serving in the US Army for four years in the 60s. Groom even did a tour of Vietnam as Gump so famously did too. Fascinated to hear more? Keep clicking to read facts that will blow your mind…

The Accent Almost Didn’t Happen

The famous southern drawl that Hanks took so long to perfect, was actually something the actor never wanted in the movie. He thought it was unnecessary and wanted the accent to be softened. It’s hard to think of the film without it given that it is an accent that everyone tries to impersonate when the movie is mentioned. It was the director, Robert Zemeckis, who stood up to Hanks and reasoned with him that it had to stay as it is written in the original novel.

Apollo 13

Whilst the long movie doesn’t manage to capture all the jobs that Gump has in the film, like an astronaut, the two lead male actors, Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise, do actually end up playing astronauts in the film Apollo 13. The historical movie was released just a year after Forrest Gump. Love hearing all these facts about one of your all-time favorite characters and movie? Keep clicking to hear even more intriguing titbits from the making of the film.

After The Cameras Stopped

The young actor, that Hanks based his accent on, Michael Conner Humphreys, could have had a twinkling career in acting ahead of him, after the cult hit movie was released. However, he decided to take a very different route in his career and signed up to the military. He went on to serve in the US army and even did a tour of Iraq where he served for 18 months. He gained the nickname Gump. He also went to university like his namesake, but after he had completed his service.

US National Film Registry

Forrest Gump holds such a place in people’s hearts that it actually is named in the US National Film Registry. It earned its spot on the register in 2011 and stands side by side with 24 other great movies like The Silence of the Lambs, Bambi and War Of The Worlds. The powers that be nominated the film owing to how it is viewed in American culture and the fact that it is historically accurate as well as aesthetically significant.

Bubba’s legacy

It isn’t just his shrimp business that has kept Bubba’s name alive. If fans head to Downtown Disney in Orlando, they may be in for a surprise. Down by the moat lives the original shrimp boat that first appeared in Forrest Gump all those years ago. While Jenny – as she’s named – never heads onto the water, she is there for everyone to cast their eyes on. If that wasn’t enough then in the restaurant are the signed ping-pong paddles from the movie, too!

Jenny the shrimp fishing boat from Forrest Gump moored in a moat in Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida

Jenny’s Illness

The love story between Jenny and Forrest is one of the key drivers of the films, which is why when she passes away, the audience is so shocked and upset by it. It is never stipulated in the movie what it is she dies from. Instead, she simply mentions that she is sick with a virus that the doctors cannot cure. The movie’s timeline leads us to believe that she died of AIDS, but in the sequel to the book, its author reveals that in fact, Jenny passes away from Hepatitis C – a disease she caught through taking drugs