A Brief History of Hollywood and Anticommunism


Hollywood has always been an influence on the general public but what many aren’t aware of is that society also influences Hollywood. Communists were afraid of the impact Hollywood would have on society and it was manifested in the behavior of the FBI. The FBI and groups like the HUAC invested a lot into demonizing Hollywood but their actions were misleading. The truth is that Hollywood has been influenced by cultural events more than anything else.

The great depression
Capitalism failed during the great depression and as a result communistic ideology was the only form accepted. It was around this time Europe was in a war against Nazism. The sign of the Nazi-Soviet pact marked the point when people realize that Stalin and communism were not what they really needed or wanted. This affected the US significantly and as the tension between them and the USSR intensified so did the atmosphere at home in the US.
Communism was viewed as a demonic influence on society due to the its views on the principles of atheism. The FBI did almost all that they could possible do to negatively influence the way society views Hollywood. They even went as far as to infiltrate the media so they could spread propaganda in bad reviews. This was not the only reason they infiltrated the media, this was a chance for them to gather info on the communist party.

Supporters of the communist party
There were many major players in Hollywood who were supporters of the communist party and would avoid any quest the refer to this relationship. In doing so the further isolated their fellow communist and weaken the party. The one that admitted to their relationship fed the hysteria and subsequently destroyed their careers. This was the first step in trying to rid Hollywood of the communist community.
During that time the actor that were identified as being supporters of the communist party were outcast. There were reports of movie theaters being vandalized because they were showing movie starring these actors. In other reports the showing of these movies were completely boycotted. There were even cases where countries boycotted movies that wee produced by studios that were affiliated. It was after this that the black list was created. There were over three hundred individuals were named. attempts were made to save the individuals but not many were able to get help and their careers were destroyed.

Hollywood now
Communism is no longer a major part of Hollywood but no one can say for sure that there is no trace of its influence still present. Hollywood had a major roll to play in the rise and fall of communism within the American society. Hollywood influences many citizens but if close attention is paid to some of its actions you could come to the conclusion that what they perpetrate in a time of unrest only impacted their history negatively. Hollywood is still a place that influences society in a major way but now there is little to no corruption. Hollywood will always have an impact on society but it is up to the people of society to choose the things they believe.