Celebrity Deaths You’ve Never Heard Of


Just because celebrities are rich and famous, it does not mean that they aren’t human. They are prone to illness just as much as the next person and unfortunately pass away from a handful of both common and uncommon diseases. That being said, some do fall prey to the pitfalls of fame, like alcohol and drugs. They therefore sometimes die before their time due to addiction or complications that arise from taking cocaine and heroin or drinking too much. Click through our slideshow to find out about celebrity deaths that will shock and surprise you.

Michael Jeter – Epileptic Seizure

Michael Jeter was that actor who everyone recognizes the face of but can’t think what film he had been in nor do they know his name. He sadly passed away in his home from an epileptic seizure having been found unresponsive. He was 50 years old and had been diagnosed as HIV positive, though he had been understood to be in great health. Films he appeared in, amongst many many others, were Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Polar Express, The Green Mile and Jurassic Park 3.

J.T. Walsh – Heart Attack

Walsh was often cast as the villain in films, so he was often disliked by audiences, though with the large number of films he was cast in, he was obviously a hardworking actor that was admired and respected by his peers. Jack Nicholson famously dedicated his Oscar to Walsh in his memory when he passed away. The actor sadly had a heart attack in 1998, when he was visiting a hospital. He was 54 years of age. He will be remembered for his parts Good Morning Vietnam and The Negotiator.

Andrew Koenig – Suicide

Koenig originally made a name for himself in Growing Pains as the character Mike Seaver. He went on to move behind the camera to become a well-respected writer and director. He, unfortunately, suffered from clinical depression which led to him taking his own life, much to his friends and family’s dismay. After a period of keeping his loved ones at an arm’s length, he was found in Stanley Park to have hung himself. He was forty one years old. Click next to see another untimely death…

Glenn Quinn – Heroin Overdose

Glenn Quinn was known for his roles on the TV series Roseanne and Angel. At just thirty two, he sadly suffered from a heroin overdose whilst at a friend’s house and died on scene.  No suspicious circumstances were apparent. Quinn had been addicted to both drink and drugs for a while. It is thought that one of the contributing factors to his addiction was when he bought a nightclub for investment purposes which made alcohol and heroin readily available to him.

Trevor Goddard – Drug Overdose

It was his role on Mortal Kombat that made him a household name, but Trevor Goddard was still susceptible to the stresses that a divorce can play on a person. He became addicted to drugs, and so in 2003 was found dead at the age of forty with a strong concoction of prescription drugs in his body, alongside cocaine and heroin. Some thought that he had therefore committed suicide though the official report states that his death was definitely an accident. It was very sad either way.

Justin Pierce – Suicide

Justin Pierce sadly committed suicide at the young age of 25. His untimely death must have been incredibly hard on those around him, especially as he had appeared to be in self-destruct mode in the run up to killing himself in a hotel room. He had become addicted to marijuana and heroin, it is believed, as a way coping with the fame he had attracted having starred in the Kids film. He left two suicide notes – the contents of which have never been publicly divulged.

Harold Ramis – Autoimmune Inflammatory Vasculitis

The unforgettable face of Harold Ramis, or the gentleman who plays Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters, made him a household name once the film had been released. From this film, he moved on to become a successful writer and director, but his health was unfortunately knocked by this rare disease. He was diagnosed in 2001 and passed away just three years later at the age of 69. His death was a bitter blow not only to his family and friends, but also his colleagues who had enjoyed working with him.

Thuy Trang – Car Accident

Thuy Trang played the yellow power ranger in the Power Rangers franchise. She was many people’s favorite. She was incredibly young when she died having been involved in a freak car accident that she was unable to recover from. The incident occurred near the city of San Francisco when the driver of the car she was travelling in lost control. She was both a successful actress and model in her short life. Keep reading to find out about more shocking celebrity deaths.

Earl Hindman – Lung Cancer

The actor whose face we never saw the bottom of, in the hit TV series, Home Improvement, passed away in 2003. He played Wilson opposite Tim Allen as the character that gave the accident prone lead character much needed advice. He had contracted lung cancer, believed to have been aggravated from a smoking habit, and eventually was unable to beat the disease, dying at the age of 61. He had been acting for over 30 years by this stage and was a much loved famous face.

Richard Griffiths – Complications from Heart Surgery

The British actor had several notable parts in his career and was much loved by audiences. Perhaps most famous of all, was his role in the Harry Potter movies where he played Harry’s unkind relative, Uncle Vernon. His trouble with his size was clear for all to see and he was always overweight in his adult life. He passed away at 65 in 2013 having had heart surgery from which he had many serious complications that were too much for his body to take. Read on for more sad stories…

Romi Koch – Unknown

Romi Koch had a promising future, having been cast in the cult hit movie Dead Doll. Sadly, she passed away just a year after it was released in 2004. Horribly for her loved ones, friends and family, the reasons behind her untimely death are completely unknown, leaving them with little information to help them with their grieving process. Even to this day, years later, no details have been come to light to help explain what happened to Koch. Read on to hear more shocking stories.

Nicole Dehuff – Pneumonia

Sometimes, even in this day and age, doctors find it difficult to diagnose someone with an illness so that they can go on to have the correct treatment. Unfortunately for Nicole Dehuff, this is what happened to her. It is believed that her medical teamed missed the fact that she had bronchitis which then went on to become pneumonia. She had been one of the stars of the Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro film ‘Meet The Parents’. Her health sadly deteriorated quickly, and she passed away in February 2005.

Jonathan Brands – Suicide

Brands started acting incredibly young. He was cast in commercials at the tender age of four, with him landing his first acting credit at just six years of age. It is thought that the pressures of starting a career so young exacerbated his depression which spiraled out of control with the result that he sadly took his own life at just 27. He had been a promising actor so his death coming about from his deteriorating mental health was sad to see for all around him.

Lisa Robin Kelly – Multiple Drug Intoxication

Rising to quick fame with the much loved That 70s Show, was perhaps the start of Lisa Robin Kelly’s downfall. The lifestyle to which she was quickly exposed allowed her to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Whilst she sought help for her addictions, she died whilst asleep during a stint at the Pax Rehab Center. She had been fired from the show that made her famous as well as suffering from a failed pregnancy as a result of her substance abuse. Read on to hear more surprising stories.

Andy Whitfield – Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

This handsome actor had an incredibly bright future ahead of him in Hollywood and the film industry. Having appeared in the film Spartacus: Blood and Sand, amongst others, he was on the road to true stardom. However, he died in 2011 following a short battle with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He had been diagnosed with the disease just 18 months before his death. Whilst he attempted to fight it with several forms of treatment, he passed away at the age of 39.

Wendie Jo Sperber – Breast Cancer

Having starred in all of the Back To The Future movies, Wendie Jo Sperber was a face that
everyone recognized. She had a long battle with breast cancer, having been diagnosed with the disease in 1997. She had periods where the cancer was thought to have been in remission due to her having many different types of treatment and even undergoing experimental brain radiation therapy. Unfortunately, in 2005 the cancer came back, and she passed away at forty seven. Click next to hear another sad Hollywood death.

Anton Yelchin – Traumatic Asphyxia

All deaths are sad, but when they are sudden and the result of a freak accident, they can be incredibly shocking. Unfortunately, this was the case for Anton Yelchin, the actor known for his part of Pavel Chekov in the recent Star Trek movies. He was involved in a horrific car accident that meant that he was almost crushed to death and so suffered from asphyxia. His death came just before the release of the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond. A true reminder that life is short.

Ashleigh Aston Moore – Pneumonia

The talented young actress died at just 26 having suffered from a bout of Pneumonia from which she never recovered. Having been cast alongside Christina Ricci and Gaby Hoffman in the film Now and Then, she was on course to become a true Hollywood star. However, this was never to be as she contracted bronchitis which developed into the life affecting pneumonia. She sadly passed away in 2007. Keep clicking to see yet more stories of untimely deaths in Hollywood.

Richard Attenborough – Heart Disease

Richard Attenborough’s fame preceded him for good reason. He was an excellent and well loved actor whose films were watched and enjoyed by many. More recently, he had success with Jurassic Park and Miracle on 34th Street. In 2014, however, he sadly died from heart disease. He had managed to survive a stroke two years before this. The last few years of Attenborough’s life were dogged in tragedy when he lost his daughter and granddaughter in the tsunami that affected so many.

Sunny Johnson – Brain Burst Blood Vessel

She became well known to many with her part in the cult movie Flashdance as Jeanie Szabo, a figure skater. She died just one year after the famous film was released. Her death was sudden as a blood vessel burst in her brain causing her fatality. She was rushed to hospital by her family members but was sadly pronounced clinically dead upon arrival. She was put on life support from which she was eventually taken off after two days as she would never be able to recover mentally.

James Avery – Complications From Open Heart Surgery

Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a much loved character, but James Avery also had leading roles in films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dancing in September and Iron Man. He suffered from coronary heart disease for which he underwent surgery. It was a risky operation and sadly he suffered from complications from the procedure. He died shortly afterwards in hospital. He was 68 years old. Read on to hear more sad stories about how Hollywood greats passed away…

Alice Playten – Heart Failure / Pancreatic Cancer / Diabetes

The death of funny lady Alice Playten was hard for many to hear. She was able to make so many people laugh and was therefore a much loved person and a well respected actress in her own right. She passed away at home in New York in 2011. She was 63. Her health had deteriorated due to contracting chronic diabetes which caused her to have pancreatic cancer. This had a huge impact on her body and so she suffered from heart failure. She is a much missed Hollywood star.

Michael Clarke Duncan – Heart Attack

Michael Clarke Duncan passed away from a sudden heart attack in 2012 at 54 years of age. His acting career was truly successful with a plethora of critically acclaimed films under his belt as well as a handful of nominations for awards including an Oscar. He played parts in films like The Green Mile, The Whole Nine Yards and The Scorpion King. The huge physicality he brought to roles was second to none and he was much loved by audiences and studio executives alike.

Laura Branigan – Ventricular Brain Aneurysm

No movie is complete without a musical score, with songs and tunes often enhancing the feeling of a film without audiences realizing. Laura Branigan was the mastermind behind many a famous film’s musical score. For instance, Ghostbusters and Flashdance – both of which would be very different films without her musical input. She died in 2004 when she suffered from an aneurysm on her brain. Thankfully, her family and friends were surrounding her at the time. To read more, click next to hear more sad Hollywood deaths.

Brad Renfro – Drug Overdose

Brad Renfro had big things waiting for him when he was cast in The Client, a big blockbuster version of the John Grisham novel. He was only 11 years old when he landed the role. As is too often the case, Renfro’s early fame brought him money, in a trust fund or otherwise, which paved the way for him into a drug and alcohol addiction. The addiction led to his death when he was found in 2008 dead in his apartment in Los Angeles. He had had a drug overdose.

Bill Bixby – Cancer

Bill Bixby had a very varied career which saw him act, produce, direct or sometimes appear on game shows as a panelist. He fitted all this in within thirty years of working in the entertainment industry. He appeared in TV shows and movies like Medical Center, The Incredible Hulk Returns, Against All Odds and Big Fish, Little Fish. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and, in 1993 instead of seeking medical treatment, took the decision to commit suicide. He was 59 years of age at the time.

Bob Peck – Cancer

The British actor, Bob Peck, was a talented guy who liked to appear both in film and on stage in the theatre. He was famously cast as Robert Muldoon in the big summer blockbuster of that year, Jurassic Park. However, he was also in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles as well as Royal Flash and Lord of the Flies. He died at 53 having been diagnosed with a form of cancer that was unknown at the time. He had several types of treatment for it, sadly to no avail.

George Gaynes – Natural Causes

George Gaynes had an interesting trip to Hollywood before he starred in the Police Academy franchise as the hilarious Commandant Eric Lassard. He originally hails from the Netherlands and served in the country’s Royal Navy, before moving to the States to start acting on Broadway. He also famously acted in the series, Punky Brewster. He died in 2016 having lived to 98 years old. It was simply old age that caused him to pass away leaving his lawyers to sort his will and testament. Keep reading to hear more.

Skye McCole Bartusiak – Accidental Drug Overdose

The sweet little blue eyed, blonde haired girl was cast in movies from a young age. She acted in films such as The Patriot, Kill Your Darlings, The Bogeyman and Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder. She died from an overdose of prescription drugs – a substance that her mother denied her daughter needed medical treatment for. Again, it is too common to see child actors the subject of the pitfalls of fame that comes too early on in life.  Keep reading for other heartbreaking stories.

Christopher Pettiet – Drug Overdose

Pettiet is yet another child actor that had huge stardom, fame and success coming to him, only to be lured into a life dogged with drug and alcohol addiction. Pettiet was known for his appearance in The Young Riders where he was cast as Jesse James. In April 2000, his now long time drug abuse problem meant that he accidentally overdosed and died at the young age of 24. He had tried to stop using for many years through various types of treatment, never to be successful.

Suzanne Crough – Cardiomyopathy

Suzanne Crough passed away at home in Las Vegas from a suspected heart problem. It was sudden, but the police did not deem it as one that needed further investigation nor did various types of lawyers. She was fifty two at the time. She had acted in several well loved TV shows. She was, perhaps, most famous, for her appearance as little Tracy Partridge in The Partridge Family. She was also in the show The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. Read on to hear even more sad stories like this.

Kenneth Baker – Chronic Lung Condition

While his face may not be recognisable, Kenneth Baker was actually part of the most successful films of all time, given that he was the man inside R2D2 for the Star Wars films. He kept his public profile low. He died back in the summer of 2016 due to suffering from a chronic lung condition. After his death, it transpired that he had a son, whom he kept secret even from his family. It is unclear whether he left the son a trust fund in his will and testament.

Marcia Wallace – Breast Cancer/Pneumonia/Sepsis

Marcia Wallace was well known in the 70s for her part in The Bob Newhart Show. However, she also had a regular part in one of the biggest shows on TV – The Simpsons. She is the voice of the teacher, Mrs. Krabappel. Her work on the satiric comedy show actually won her an Emmy at one point. She passed away after developing several types of diseases. She had contracted pneumonia and sepsis as well as suffering from breast cancer at the same time. Shocking hey? Click next for more.

John Spencer – Heart Attack

The actor, well known for his part as the chief of staff in The West Wing, passed away just before his 59th birthday. He had battled drug and alcohol addiction for most of his life. He had managed to keep it under control in his later years – much of which he accredits to his love of gardening. He once won an Emmy for his work on the famous political drama and he was much missed when he passed away. Sad story isn’t it? Keep on clicking to read more.

Fred “Rerun” Berry – Stroke

Fred Rerun Berry became a household name in the 70s for his part on the TV show What’s Happening. He was both an actor and a talented street dancer. His success on the show meant that he became a millionaire by the time he was just 29 years of age. His newfound wealth led him to develop a drug and alcohol addiction which triggered depression that he sadly never really came out of despite trying various types of treatment. He had a stroke at 52 from which he passed away.

Leonard Nimoy – Smoking Related Disease

Perhaps up there with one of the most recognizable characters of all time, Leonard Nimoy played Spock in Star Trek, from which he made millions. He went on to show other talents he had in writing poetry, singing and directing. Unfortunately, his smoking habit would be his demise and it caused him to suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He fell into a coma from it in 2015. He later died at his own home in the affluent real estate area of Bel Air. He was 83 years old.

Anita Mui – Cervical Cancer

Anita Mui was a singer who hailed from Hong Kong originally. She was known for her ever changing sense of style – for which she was often compared to Madonna. She was famous, as well, for her wacky performances in concert. She passed away at 40 having suffered from cervical cancer. She is fondly remembered by her fans today. Her success was so great that she was able to give her favorite fashion designer a couple of houses to add to their real estate portfolio! Read on for more sad stories.

Lynne Thigpen – Cerebral Hemorrhage

Lynne Thigpen is a drama regular. Her acting can be seen in shows like Thirtysomething, Carmen Sandiego, Law and Order and The Insider. Her work won her a Tony Award in the late 90s for her role in the movie, An American Daughter. She was widely thought to have been in great shape when she suddenly passed away. After investigation was carried out into her death, it was found that she had actually suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage. She had been seeking medical treatment for bad headaches before she died.

James Rebhorn – Melanoma

James Rebhorn has over 100 acting credits to his name – and those are just for the films he starred in. He appeared in blockbuster after blockbuster and earned a reputation for being a very hardworking actor. He, perhaps, was most famous for his role in Independence Day. Unfortunately, in 1992, he found out that he was suffering from skin cancer that did not respond to various types of treatment. After battling the disease for 12 years, he passed away. Shocked? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Keep clicking for more.

Gina Mastrogiacomo – Myocarditis

Gina Mastrogiacomo passed away at just 39 from Myocarditis, one of those rare types of diseases. She had appeared in two huge films, The Color of Money and Goodfellas. She acted opposite none other than Tom Cruise in the first film, and as a mistress to Ray Liotta in the latter. She had been originally ‘discovered’ by the great director, Martin Scorsese. She had a very bright future, helped by her absolutely stunning looks from her Italian heritage. She had once actually worked as a model before moving into acting.

Teena Marie – Unknown

Teena Marie had a successful career that spanned over three decades. She was a fabulous singer with vocals that touched so many. It is widely thought that her drug addiction to prescription drugs was triggered when her close friend and confidant, Rick James passed away. She was 54 when she herself died. It was declared that the causes surrounding her death were natural, but intrigue was caused when it was claimed that she also had suffered from a tonic colonic seizure just a few weeks before her death.

David Graf – Heart Attack

The circumstances surrounding David Graf’s death are particularly shocking. The actor, known for his famous turn as Sergeant Eugene Tackleberry in the Police Academy franchise, sadly had a heart attack at a relative’s wedding from which he never recovered. His family had a history of suffering from types of disease that affect the heart. He died before he turned 51. Rather cruelly, this was the age that both his grandfather and father also reached before their own untimely deaths. Sad news hey? Keep reading to hear more.

John Cazale – Lung Cancer

Whilst John Cazale is not only instantly recognizable for his part in The Godfather, he also earned himself quite the reputation in the acting world. He managed to be nominated for many awards for each and every of the five films he ever starred in. He could also count Meryl Streep as an ex-girlfriend as well as being good mates with his fellow co-stars, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. He passed away at 42 years old. He contracted lung cancer that did not respond to medical treatment.

Holly Lewis – Unknown

Holly Lewis’s path to acting was not as traditional as some. She moved to Los Angeles from Arizona where she had been at university, studying for a degree in the Arts. She graduated with flying colours, but turned to acting to follow a life long dream. She managed to win parts in a dozen or so films, like Train 48 or the film These Girls which also starred David Boreanaz. She died of unknown causes in 2012, having moved back to her home in Nebraska. She was just 47 when her will and testament were read.

Antoine Ashley – Heart Failure

Antoine Ashley’s alter ego was the drag queen, Sahara Davenport. He started making a name for himself by performing in gay night clubs as well as making it on to the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. He suffered from heart failure at the tender age of 27, from which he did not recover. Some wondered whether a drug and alcohol addiction was the cause, but it is claimed that his death was natural. Keep reading for more celebrity deaths you probably had no idea about.

Zoe Tamerlis – Cocaine Induced Heart Failure

Tamerlis’s resume is extraordinarily long. She is known not only for her looks that made her a model and actress, she also made time in her short life to become a producer, screenwriter and author. In her spare time, she liked to make music as well as be a high profile activist for many causes for which she was extremely passionate. However, she became addicted to both heroin and cocaine. It was cocaine that caused her heart to fail despite many stays at drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers.

Len Lesser – Cancer Related Pneumonia

Len Lesser will be known to so many people for so many different roles he played over his long life. He passed away at 88, at home. He had been suffering from cancer, but it was when he contracted pneumonia that medical treatment stopped working and he lost his battle. He had starred in shows like Seinfield, Everybody Loves Raymond and Boy Meets World. Before becoming an actor, he gained a degree in economics. In addition to this, he also served as a member of the army for four years.

Barney Martin – Lung Cancer

Barney Martin starred in Seinfeld. He took the unusual route to acting having been a writer for a number of years. He found that he far more enjoyed being on the other side of the camera so remained acting. Even before being a writer, he also had had a couple of prior careers – that of being a detective having been promoted from a policeman. He was diagnosed with cancer that did not respond to various types of treatments and passed away in 2005. Keep reading to hear other sad stories.

Paul Gleason – Lung Cancer/Pleural Mesothelioma

When he landed the role of the cantankerous assistant principal in the hit, The Breakfast Club, alongside other huge Hollywood names, Gleason hit the big time, having made the difficult move to films from being a soap actor. He had two types of diseases that caused his death. He had contracted lung cancer, a condition he is thought to have developed through a long stint working in asbestos affected worksites when he was a youngster. Pleural Mesothelioma was meant to be the short-term trigger of his sad death.

Les Lye – Diabetes

Les Lye was a Canadian actor as well as a comedian and writer. He was exceptionally popular with all those that worked with him and by all those that watched him. His portfolio of work included You Can’t Do That On Television. Sadly, in the year 2002 he had a heart attack which he recovered from after receiving medical treatment. However, he went on to develop one of those types of diseases that you cannot recover from – Diabetes. He died at the age of 84.

Nathaniel Marston – Traffic Collision

Nathaniel Marston had an impressive CV including starring opposite the actress Angelina Jolie. He also appeared in much loved TV series like One Life To Live and Dr Michael McBain. He was thought to have suffered from alcohol and drug addiction for which he was widely believed to have received several types of treatment for. Sadly, he died in a car crash at just 40 years old. Shocking story isn’t it? Keep reading to see other actors whose lives were prematurely cut short.

Ben Woolf – Stroke

Ben Woolf had a glittering future before him with his real estate on the rise, having given a critically acclaimed appearance for not one, but two roles in American Horror Story. He was also well respected for his abilities as a movie producer. Sadly, at 34 years of age, he suffered from a stroke – one of the types of disease that are usually associated with someone much much older. The cause was supposedly down to hits to the head he received when in an earlier car accident.

Kimbo Slice – Congestive Heart Failure

Kevin Ferguson was better known as the great Kimbo Slice, one of the world’s most successful street fighters. He went on to use his skills to become both an actor as well as a mixed martial arts fighter. Sadly, he passed away suddenly in 2016. He had suffered from heart disease shortly after he sought medical treatment for a huge growth on his liver. He had six children and a long-term girlfriend who were all thought to be included in his will and testament. Read on for more.

Steve James – Pancreatic Cancer

Another great actor known for his skill in the martial arts, passed away at just 41 in 1993. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer that he had been receiving ongoing medical treatment for. His wife questioned whether he had also been suffering from other types of diseases, though she never took the matter further. He will be forever remembered in the films The Delta Force and American Ninjas as well as a handful of other movies from the 1970s and 80s.

Heather O’Rourke – Cardiac Arrest

Heather O’Rourke was famously discovered by the great film director, Steven Spielberg who then went on to cast her in the horror film, The Poltergeist. Her promising future made her untimely death even more horrific. She passed away at just 12 years old after she suffered complications from medical treatment that her family had sought due to her ill health. Unfortunately, the drugs she was given triggered a cardiac arrest in the young actress. Read on to be even more shocked by other stories.

Amanda Peterson – Accidental Drug Overdose

Amanda Peterson suffered from a death owing to her drug and alcohol addiction. She is yet one more youngster with a bright future that succumbed to the pitfalls of fame. She famously starred in the film Can’t Buy Me Love. However, her drug addiction got the better of her and though she managed to avoid being imprisoned several times through the use of several types of lawyer, she finally passed away in 2015 from a drugs overdose. Click next to read on for more shocking stories.

Sawyer Sweeten – Suicide

The Everybody Loves Raymond actor was a twin – both of whom acted on the show with one of the main actors being their father. In 2015, Sawyer very sadly committed suicide however when he was 19 years old. It was later revealed he had been receiving medical treatment for depression, a condition that he had been apparently suffering from for a long while. He was a popular actor on the show and was well respected amongst his peers. He was greatly missed by all.

Judith Eva Barsi – Murdered

One of the most shocking stories on this slideshow is that of Judith Eva Barsi who was brutally murdered by her own father. He had been suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction for which he had been in and out of drug and alcohol rehab centers for much of his life. He also killed his wife. Judith was only 10 years of age and had a promising career ahead of her. She had appeared in innumerable advertisements and on a handful of TV shows.

Rob Knox – Murdered

Yet another shocking story on this slideshow is how the young actor Rob Knox, who had starred in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, passed away. He had already been cast in the sequel to the film when he became embroiled in a fight in a bar on a night in London one evening. Reports state that he had been trying to protect his younger brother when one of the others in the group pulled a knife and Knox was stabbed in the process.

Gregory Hines – Liver Cancer

Gregory Hines was known for many different appearances in several types of show and film. He was cast in productions such as Renaissance Man, Running Scared, Bojangles and Will & Grace. However, what many may not know was that he was also an incredible singer and dancer. His work won him both a Tony and Emmy award. He was receiving medical treatment for liver cancer from which he unfortunately did not recover. Click next to read more sad stories about how celebrities passed away.

Abe Vigoda – Natural Causes

Abe Vigoda starred in the Godfather movies as well as the series Barney Miller – two much loved and popular productions. Hilariously, he was often caught in the middle of false death reports in the media causing him to employ many types of lawyers over the years to clear up misunderstandings. Whilst the reports claimed he passed away from many types of diseases, he actually went on to live to 94 years of age and passed away from natural causes in 2016.

Redd Foxx – Heart Attack

Redd Foxx was a popular stand-up comedian and singer whose main claim to fame was his appearance in the show Sanford and Son, which aired on TVs in the 70s. His real estate was truly on the rise when he sadly suffered from a very sudden heart attack during rehearsals for the show. Though he was quickly taken into hospital to receive medical treatment, he unfortunately suffered from complications that meant he died on site and passed away at 68 years of age.

Windell Middlebrooks – Pulmonary Embolism

A much-loved actor, Windell Middlebrooks appeared in so many shows it is impossible to list them all. He became well known for parts in Scrubs, Miller High Life commercials and The Suite Life on Deck. However, the actor died suddenly due to suffering from a pulmonary embolism. Whilst he received medical treatment for it, it is one of those types of diseases or illnesses that sometimes does not respond. Middlebrooks underwent various types of treatments but to no avail. He was just 36 when he died

David Strickland – Suicide

David Strickland was an actor on the show Suddenly Susan, which starred Brooke Shields as the lead. It aired in the late 90s. Filming was still continuing when Strickland passed away by committing suicide. He was reported to suffer from a drug and alcohol addiction that he had sought several types of treatment for, but with no success. In 1999, he checked into a hotel room and hung himself, where a desk clerk found him. Shocked? Keep clicking for more life stories of your favorite celebrities.

Jean Stapleton – Natural Causes

A prolific actress, Jean Stapleton’s back catalogue includes over 60 productions that include her name, but she is perhaps most famous for her portrayal of Edith Bunker in the TV series All In The Family. She was 90 when she died of natural causes. She was at her family home, on some notoriously expensive New York real estate. Passing away peacefully meant there was no need for any types of lawyers to silence any gossip in the media of drug use that is so often the case with celebrities.

Dana Hill – Diabetes

Dana Hill’s voice is as famous as her face, given that she did the voice for Jerry the Mouse, in everyone’s favorite film adaptation, Tom and Jerry: The Movie. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, one of those types of diseases that is difficult to live with. Whilst she sought medical treatment for the disease, she sadly passed away from one of the complications that can occur from it. She was just 32 years of age. Shocked? Read on to see more on our list which might shock you.

Andy Hallett – Congestive Heart Failure

Andy Hallett was known for his appearance on TV shows like Angel and Chance. His death sounds like something that you wouldn’t believe could happen in the Western world. He suffered from a dental infection that meant that he was admitted to hospital where he needed intensive medical treatment. Sadly, his condition worsened and caused a cardiomyopathy. He suffered from congestive heart failure and a heart attack in 2009 from which he then died as he did not respond to any types of treatments.

Alan Thicke – Heart Attack

Alan Thicke was famous and popular for his part Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, a much-watched TV series. However, he was also a successful singer and songwriter in his time, as well as holding his own against talk show hosts. He passed away under very sad circumstances. He was playing hockey with his son when he suffered from a heart attack that did not respond to any medical treatment. He was just 69 when his will and testament were read.

Michu Meszaros – Complications from Stroke and Pneumonia

The pint-sized actor, known for his appearances on many a TV commercial like the famous Pepsi ad that Michael Jackson starred in, eventually landed a role as Alf. He was under three feet tall – in fact he measured just 2 ft 9 inches high. He died at 76 when he had a stroke which left him susceptible to other types of diseases and illnesses. He eventually contracted pneumonia which proved unresponsive to medical treatment. He passed away in 2016. Surprised? Keep clicking to read more.

George Kennedy – Heart Disease

George Kennedy was a prolific actor, but it was his turn as the prisoner Dragline in Cool Hand Luke which made him into a household name. He won an Oscar for this role in 1967. He had been nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category. Unfortunately, he was plagued with types of diseases that troubled his heart throughout his life. He had survived a heart attack as well as heart disease before finally passing away from complications at the ripe old age of 91.

Natasha Richardson – Traumatic Brain Injury

The beautiful actress left behind a family and her husband, Liam Neeson, a fellow actor, all of whom she named in her will and testament. Her death was sudden and incredibly sad. She suffered a horrific brain injury following a serious skiing accident. She unfortunately did not respond to any types of treatment. She had had a successful career, which included an award-winning stint on Broadway in the musical Cabaret. She won a Tony for this role. She also appeared in popular kids’ film The Parent Trap as well as Nell.

Leonard Cohen – Fell

Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah has been copied by other musicians more than any other song ever written. His will and testament were sadly read far before they should have been when he fell at his home in Los Angeles. He was also thought to be receiving medical treatment for Leukemia at the time – one of those types of diseases that usually affects children and young people. He died in 2016 and many stars joined together to remember his legacy, like Sting and Lana Del Rey.

Pete Burns – Cardiac Arrest

Pete Burns was a founding member of the punk band Dead or Alive. They sang the dance floor filler You Spin Me Round. He was a talented Brit who was a singer and songwriter who also went on to become a TV personality owing to his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, season 4. His obvious cosmetic surgeries were the subject of many tabloid gossip pages. He is thought to have passed away from a cardiac arrest, unrelated to the types of treatments he was receiving for his looks.

Kellie Shanygne Williams – Subject of False Rumour

Family Matters was a huge TV show and Kellie Shanygne Williams was one of its bright stars. She played Lauren Lee Winslow. It was rumored a handful of years ago that Kellie had passed away. The rumor persisted so that several types of lawyers had to be brought in to dispel any miscommunications and untruths. In fact, a Michelle Thomas from the show was the one to have sadly passed away. Williams’s acting real estate is now set to be on the up.

Susan Boyle’s Sister Bridie – Cancer

The Britain’s Got Talent singer came to the forefront after her stunning voice shocked fans across the world. When the suddenly famous, Susan Boyle, disappeared from the public domain without a trace, it was thought that she had passed away. In fact, it was her sister who had lost her battle with cancer. The pair were extremely close, and it was tough for Susan to see her sister go through painful types of treatment that did little to knock as is so common with these types of diseases.

Bill Nunn – Leukemia

Bill Nunn appeared in several films over his life – all of which were fantastic and hugely successful productions. He starred in the Spiderman Trilogy, Runaway Jury, Sirens and The Hungry Bachelors Club – to name but a few. He unfortunately contracted a form of leukemia that did not respond to medical treatment and he lost his fight with the disease in 2016. He was just 62 when he passed away. Sad story isn’t it? Keep reading to see how more celebrities also died.

Johnny Lewis – Accident

The handsome actor had parts in big production TV shows like The OC and Sons of Anarchy. He had a bright future ahead of him given his looks and evident acting prowess. However, he was involved in an accident when riding his motorcycle which left him scarred psychologically. His unstable mental state meant that he formed a drug and alcohol addiction which no stint at a drug and alcohol rehab center could solve. He fell to his death in 2012 whilst believed to be under the influence of drugs.

Bill Paxton – Stroke

Bill Paxton was one of those actors that seemed to be in everything. With over 100 films and TV shows to his name, it was easy to see why. He appeared in Twister, Predator 2, Edge of Tomorrow, Apollo 13 and Mighty Joe Young. He was undergoing some extensive heart surgery from which he suffered complications. This meant that he needed to receive medical treatment after experiencing a stroke. He passed away and his will and testament were therefore read when he was only 61.

Zsa Zsa Gabor – Heart Attack

Zsa Zsa Gabor needed several types of lawyers over her long life owing to issues concerning money and bankruptcy, despite being known for her glamorous appearance and lifestyle. She died at 99 following a heart attack. She had been receiving life support medical treatment for almost five years when the cardiac arrest took place, causing her death. Shocked? Keep reading for yet more celebrity life stories and their untimely deaths. You just have to click next to be continually surprised.

John Hurt – Pancreatic Cancer

John Hurt was a classically trained actor with a great deal of skill in front of the camera and on stage. He was loved by both his fans and co-stars. He appeared in huge blockbuster films like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Break and More than Money. In 2015, he announced that he was receiving ongoing medical treatment for pancreatic cancer. In 2017, he unfortunately lost his battle and passed away. However, his last project, Damascus Cover was released in 2018.

Guillaume Depardieu – Pneumonia

Guillaume Depardieu came from French acting royalty, with Gerard Depardieu being his father. The pair were often seen performing opposite each other in various productions. He sadly passed away after he developed pneumonia for which he was given medical treatment but to no positive outcome. He was only 37 years old when his will and testament were read to his shocked family in 2008. Horrific stuff hey? Keep on clicking to find out more truly surprising ways other celebrities have passed away

Ron Glass – Respiratory Failure

Ron Glass had a broad range of past acting jobs, including the traditional TV and film, but he also could count voiceover work for computer games amongst his repertoire. He worked on games such as Fable II and Ancient Space. That being said, he was most famous for his part as Detective Ron Harris in Barney Miller. He died in 2016 having suffered from respiratory complications at 71 years of age. He had been given extensive medical treatment, which was sadly not successful.

Brittany Murphy – Anemia and Pneumonia

Brittany Murphy slowly worked her way up the acting ladder from TV to some big films. She starred in Clueless alongside Alicia Silverstone and 8 Mile opposite Eminem. Her death was something that some seedy types of lawyers dream of. She passed away from anemia and pneumonia, which became a true cause for concern when her partner also died of the same thing just a few months later. It turns out that despite her property being on expensive real estate land, there was toxic mould growing there.

Alexis Arquette – Cardiac Arrest

A name extremely famous within the LGBT world, Alexis Arquette was a popular drag queen. He unfortunately passed away after suffering from a cardiac arrest. When he died, the rumor mill went into overdrive given his HIV positive status – stories that several types of lawyers he had used over the years tried to desist. He left a huge hole in the LGBT world that no one has been able to fill since. Keep clicking to find out about more sad celebrity deaths.

John Ritter – Aortic Dissection

John Ritter’s death was a shock to the showbiz world. He had been enjoying success in the show 8 Simple Rules where he played a character with three teenage kids – a boy and two girls, all of whom were still in high school. He was only fifty-four at the time and he actually passed away on set. Sadly, he had suffered from one of those types of diseases that needs medical treatment quickly before a person’s condition worsens beyond help.

Michelle Thomas – Rare Form of Cancer

Michelle Thomas appeared in several much-loved TV shows. She was only 29 when she passed away suffering from one of those rare types of diseases that is beyond medical treatment. She had an intra-abdominal desmoplastic small-round-cell tumor which is an exceedingly uncommon type of cancer. The young actress had appeared in The Cosby Show, Family Matters and Young and the Restless. It is sad that her will and testament was read so early on in her life given that the career before her seemed glittering.

Tony Burton – Complications From Pneumonia

The great Tony Burton was a successful football player and boxer before he turned his hand to acting. He was famous for his parts as Tony “Duke” Evers in the Rocky films. This role could have been written for him given that he was awarded the State Golden Gloves Light Heavyweight Championship, in 1957. Even someone as fit as he was though, was not immune to all types of diseases and so he suffered from bouts of pneumonia throughout his life. He passed away from it at 78 years old.

David Margulies – Cancer

When David Margulies passed away, he left behind him a massive acting legacy. His career spanned decades. One of his most famous roles was that of the mayor in the Ghostbuster films but he was also known more recently as the lawyer in cult series The Sopranos. He passed away after a battle with cancer for which he had been receiving ongoing medical treatment. He was incredibly well loved within the showbiz world. Finally, click next to read how one of the most popular actors from the Brady Bunch died.

Florence Henderson – Heart Failure

The gorgeous Florence Henderson played Carol from the Brady Bunch to both audience and critics approval. She used the show as a springboard for what would become her very successful acting career. She passed away suddenly, having suffered from heart failure that was not responsive to any types of treatment. She had been thought to have been in great shape at 82 years old. She was known to be an exceedingly generous actress, helping to raise millions of dollars for charities she believed in.

Chris Penn – Heart Disease

The details of Chris Penn’s death were not divulged to the media when he passed away in 2006. It is believed to have been caused by the heart condition that he had previously suffered from which he referred to as a nonspecific cardiomyopathy. He was the brother of the actor Sean Penn and was known for parts in Reservoir Dogs and Pale Rider. With these films under his belt, he was about to step out from his brother’s shadow before his untimely death precluded him from doing so.