Changes in Hollywood Over The Span of 75 Years

Hollywood has been around for many years and like everything else it has seen its share of changes. Over the years the way movies are made in Hollywood has changed. Some of these changes are minor but there have been some even bigger changes. There have been four major changes found in the way Hollywood makes movies. The four changes include shot lengths, more movements in contemporary films, shot lengths in contemporary films and films are now darker.

1. Shot lengths have gotten shorter over the years. This is a result of the change in human attention span. Human attention fluctuates over time and this has resulted in filmmakers adapting to by shortening the shot lengths of the films. This is the main reason the shot times of newer movies are significantly different from those of movies made years ago. When they started making movies, they did not think to mesh it with the human cognitive systems. This process has evolved over the years and this made the change in shot lengths of movies.

2. Contemporary films have more movements. As the technology in filmmaking changes, filmmakers have taken advantages of all tech. when you compare recent movies to those made years ago the difference is imaginable. Technology gives filmmakers the ability to make movies with more depth. The improvements in audio quality have made a big impact on movies on a whole. The same can be said about the incorporation of CGI. If you were able to strip all the tech from a movie you would be surprised to see what the core looks like.

3. Shorter shots in contemporary films. When movies were first made, the shot length was about twelve seconds. Since then the length as decreased by about ten seconds to 2.5 seconds in today’s industry. Studies have shown that many movies from the past have a lower number of shots in comparison to movies made more recently. This is most obvious when you compare the first KING KONG movie to the latest remake.

4. The Fourth change is how dark movies have gotten. Most of the changes in movies are as a result of growing tech. This is the case with the lighting in movies. More recent movies are darker then movies of previous years. Experts argue that it is not the case of the lights in movies getting dimmer but more than the darks are getting darker. With the introduction of digital tech, filmmakers have more control over the way their movies look. Filmmakers can use the lighting to emphasize certain parts of a movie.
The way Hollywood makes movies have changed over the years and it was all for the better. The way movies look now in comparison to the way they look years ago is significantly different. Movies these days look more dynamic and colorful when compared to movies made years ago by the same movie companies. If a filmmaker makes the darks even darker it is less likely that the audience will focus on the dark areas.