The Effect The Vietnam War Had on Hollywood


Wars have always had the right kind of influence on the culture of American artists including, filmmakers, painters and so on. It has been proven that wars have the ability to draw the people of the US together. This was evident in the world wars and another few wars that America fought. This was not the case with the war they fought in Vietnam. The Vietnam war almost tore the country to shreds. The truth is that many American believe that the Vietnam war should not have happened and it made the country seem like the bully many believe America to be.

Inspiration from the war
Filmmakers in Hollywood, as usual, took inspiration from the war and wanted to make movies about the happenings. There have been several Hollywood movies about the war but many of the movies were never received very well and those that were, they didn’t seem to be very patriotic. There is not a lot of difference in war stories. They are always almost the same. A story told from the eyes of a soldier.

The problems faced when telling the story
The problem with the Vietnam story is that unless it was told by a Vietnam soldier the facts would be shaky and many Americans will not want to hear a story that they already believe is a lie. That war was a low point in America’s history. Their soldiers were responsible for doing some inhumane things to the people of Vietnam and to say they won that war would be pushing the envelope.

The impact the war had on cinema
The impact that this war had on the cinema has been more complexed than any other wars. This war has impacted every aspect of American art form. The first to deal with the situation created by the war was television. Hollywood never made a movie about this war while the war was going on. The war was very controversial and not all Americans supported what their soldiers were doing. There were horrendous reports about the activities of some of the soldiers in the war. It is fact that even some of the American soldiers that were fighting could not believe some of the things their fellow soldiers were doing and contemplating to do to innocent Vietnamese people.

How Hollywood really felt about the war
Hollywood was unsure about the story they should tell about the war. The American army had no heroes to make a story about. Most of America believe their army was in the wrong and regardless of what they went through most are looked upon as monsters for what took place in the Vietnam war. Although Hollywood never made a movie about the war while the war was ongoing, they were sure to make reference to the war in many of the projects they did in that era and time period. Since then Hollywood have somehow changed people’s perception of the Vietnam war and the vets that fought in the war from one end of the spectrum to the other. This is just another example of how Americans are able to deal with a time of traumatic events and experiences.