Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe was one of the most powerful stars Hollywood has seen. She had a brief stint in Hollywood lasting 29 movies across 16 years. She made her mark in this short period and not only emerged as a successful actor but a global superstar and icon. She became the personification of the glamour during Hollywood’s golden age. She died at an early age of only 36. Her death was linked to many conspiracy theories, but later on, it was clear that it was a case of suicide-a self-inflicted and rather unfortunate death- which left a permanent vacuum in Hollywood.

Early Life of Monroe
Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles. She spent most of her childhood in foster homes and an orphanage. Her childhood was turbulent and troublesome which contributed to her emotional problems later in life. She married Jim Dougherty in 1941 when she was aged 16 years. She turned to modelling and received instant fame. She got her first Hollywood offer in 1946. She kept modeling when her contract in Hollywood was not renewed. She got another contract with Columbia Pictures and appeared in minor roles. Her career took off when she entered into a seven-year contract with 20th Century Fox in 1950. By the year 1953, she had reached the peak of her career and aged 27, she was the most famous actress in Hollywood at that time.

Monroe apart from being beautiful and glamorous was also a strong woman and a feminist. She did not let others dictate which roles she could do and which ones were beyond her. When the major studios tried to pigeonhole her into doing dumb blond roles, she did not only refuse them but she moved to New York and started her own production company. She was only one of the two women to do so. She was firm in her beliefs and she fought and won the right to read the script, co-star, and directorial approvals. These were the things unheard of those times. She ensured that other actors get these rights.

Marilyn Monroe started a new approach and perspective for casting women in different roles. Till then women had been cast in minor and insignificant roles and were there merely for the glamor quotient in the movies. Monroe changed this norm and provided new insight into casting women based on their talent and skills instead of looks. She was the pioneer in trying roles which the producers and audience will not expect her to play due to her platinum blonde looks. She was one of the first women in Hollywood to play sweet, naïve, and innocent characters and glamorous roles at the same time. She also had a major impact on fashion during her time. She was considered the biggest glamor girl and fashion icon of her time and she still continues to be regarded the same.

Marilyn Monroe changed the way women were cast in Hollywood. She was an epitome of American glamor and glitz. She contributed significantly to the American culture and mindsets. It was a pity that she died in 1962, aged only 36 and the world could not get more of this Hollywood legend.