These Celebs Had Some Crazy Jobs Before They Were Famous

Good With His Hands

Not only can Harrison Ford fly the Millennium Falcon as Han Solo in Star Wars and pilot a helicopter in real life, but he’s also pretty handy if you need some DIY doing. No wonder Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart snapped him up. Ford got his big break when George Lucas cast him as a galactic smuggler in the Star Wars franchise while he was still working full-time as a carpenter.

Hot Stuff

Wow, no wonder he was cast as the spy who loves us, James Bond. If he can eat fire, then he can definitely fight the bad guys, save the world and drink martini (just as long as he doesn’t set it alight!). Brosnan was a professional fire-eater with the circus for three years in his teens.  While Brosnan may have been eating fire, keep reading to see which celebrity was fighting it.

Ghostly Goings On

They say beauty is pain. But, in the case of Whoopi Goldberg, beauty was death. The Ghost actress used to work as a beautician in a morgue, prettifying the dead before burial. On her first day at work, her boss played a trick on her and opened one of the drawers, only for the occupant to sit up! She’s not the only one who worked in the morgue though.

Funny And Fit!

Well, we definitely would not have asked our mom to write those notes excusing us from PE if Hugh Jackman was our teacher! The Wolverine and X-Men tough man used to teach kids in gym class at the £12,000-a-term Uppington British boarding school. Hopefully, he didn’t tear them to shreds if they couldn’t climb the ropes! Not only that, but he worked an extra job as a party clown, charging $50 per session.

From Caretaking To Comedy

He’s now the man of a million faces; one of the most successful comedic actors in Hollywood. But, A-lister Jim Carrey once had to work a night job to support his family while he tried to make it big. After dropping out of school at 16, he worked eight-hour shifts cleaning a warehouse in Ontario. Oh, well, it was worth it, he’s now cleaning up in Hollywood where he commands around $20million a movie.

Depp Of A Salesman

We’re not sure why he was unsuccessful in his sales job. We’d buy whatever Johnny Depp was selling. Before he was Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean or The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Depp’s day job was a telemarketer. But, he hated it so much that he only ever made one sale, and even then, he managed to talk his potential customer out of completing their purchase.

Supersonic Sperm!

She was a fifth of one of the biggest girl bands of all time, and is now dressing Hollywood A-listers as a bona fide fashion designer. But Victoria Beckham, who is one of the most stylish women around, probably wants to forget what she wore for this particular gig! The songstress-turned-seamstress played a sperm on roller skates in her pre Spice Girl days for a sex education show called Body Matters. Keep reading to see what a Hollywood A-lister dressed up as.

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

No wonder he was so good at it in Magic Mike! Channing Tatum actually was a stripper in real life at the age of 19. Tatum, or Chan Crawford as he was known on stage, used to work at the Male Encounter strip club where he was pretty popular with the audience! He went on to play, well, himself, in the Steven Soderbergh-directed movie based loosely around Tatum’s own experiences in the stripping industry.

Service With A Smile?

He now has his own fashion label, Yeezy, which is often showcased by his wife Kim Kardashian. But, once upon a time, Kanye West was a lowly sales assistant working for high street chain Gap. He raps about the job on his track Spaceship where he talks about his check not being up to “scratch,” adding that if he stole, it wasn’t his fault. Sounds like he wasn’t exactly a model employee! But he’s not the only celeb who wasn’t very good at his job…

Dream Job?

Jennifer Hudson was a bit of a late starter when it comes to the fame game. She became a household name at the age of 36 when she was a contestant on American Idol, and went on to win an Oscar for playing Effie White in Dreamgirls. But, before that, she was flipping burgers at Burger King. Despite that, she says she has loved all of her jobs. Keep reading to see who worked at a rival fast food joint!

Deck The Halls

We can’t quite imagine Jon Bon Jovi as a kind of Christmas elf. But, before he was a rock legend, he made Christmas decorations, probably spending his earnings on guitars and hairspray. Oh, well, if he ever finds himself short of a bauble or two for his own Christmas tree, he can always make some out of his old stage costumes. He’s worn enough glitter and sequins during his career to fill the branches of a street full of Christmas trees.

In Her Debt

In Indecent Proposal, she played a woman so desperate for money that she agreed to sleep with Robert Redford for $1million (most people would have done that for free!). But, while struggling to make ends meet in real life, Demi Moore ended up trying to take money from other people while working as a debt collector as well as modeling. She probably didn’t have too many problems persuading them to hand over their cash!

Hot Diggity Dog

We’re sure the hot dog stand at Glendale Galleria must have been particularly busy when Eva Mendes took a summer job there. The Ghost Rider actress used to work at the imaginatively titled Hot Dog on a Stick, where she was earning the minimum wage of $4.25 an hour. But, according to People magazine, she is now the highest earning actress in the world. So, she can definitely tell her bosses at the hot dog stand to stick it!

(Slaughter) House Music

Have you ever noticed the scar on Ozzy Osbourne’s thumb? The Black Sabbath lead singer chopped the tip off the digit while working as a plumber’s assistant. But, that’s not the only pre-fame gig the Prince of Darkness held. He worked for two years in a British slaughterhouse killing cows. Maybe his song Let Me Hear You Scream was about these poor cattle. No wonder he’s now a vegetarian! Keep reading to see who also likes the macabre.

In Therapy

Awww! Nicole Kidman is clearly the kind of daughter every mother would like to have. When she was just 17, she worked to support her mom, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Now that she’s a superstar, Kidman made sure to thank her mom Janelle in her Golden Globes speech when she picked up a gong for her part in Pretty Little Liars.

Climb Every Mountain

She’s America’s sweetheart; the girl-next-door that every movie director wants to cast when they’re looking for the lead for their rom-com. But, even though she could probably sell snow to the Eskimos, Jennifer Aniston only lasted two weeks in her telemarketing job. The Friends star got a job telemarketing next door to a Taco Bell when she left New York for LA, but she only managed a fortnight selling Pocono mountains timeshares.

Big McAdams

We all have to start somewhere! And, Rachel McAdams worked at McDonald’s for three years. The Notebook and Southpaw actress has since said she wasn’t very good at her job, as she broke the orange juice machine. If the acting career didn’t work out, she said she wouldn’t mind running her own restaurant. She’s not the only one to have worked in the fast food industry, keep reading to see who else did. Now, would you like fries with that?

I Spy With My Little Eye

The great, late Christopher Lee may be best known for playing Dracula, but the cinematic icon was also a member of the SAS during the Second World War. He never did reveal exactly what he did, saying he was forbidden to discuss specifics. It’s understood he tracked down suspected Nazi war criminals. “Let’s just say I was in the Special Forces and leave it at that,” he said. Yes, Sir. We don’t think we’d dare disagree!

Hospital Hellraiser

Suddenly the songs 19th Nervous Breakdown or Crazy Mama make total sense. Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger spent time working as a porter in a mental institution before becoming one of rock’s most instantly recognized faces. He had a job at Bexley Mental Hospital in London, where patients were encouraged to be self-sufficient by helping to feed the on-site farm animals. While he was helping to keep patients well, keep reading to see who was working with those who had passed on.

Shoes, Smokes And Sales

Silver fox George Clooney was fired from a series of low-paid jobs before finally getting his breakthrough role as Dr Doug Ross in the long-running drama ER when he was in his 30s. Before that, he worked cutting tobacco, selling insurance door-to-door and even in a ladies shoe shop. We wouldn’t mind having a bit of a Cinderella moment with Mr Clooney! Actually, too late! He’s now happily married to human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

In A Class Of Her Own!

Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow sang backing vocals for the likes of Rod Stewart, Prince, Joe Cocker and George Harrison before she was a superstar in her own right. She was even part of Michael Jackson’s Bad tour in 1988. But, well before all of that, she was a primary school teacher in Missouri; teaching kids music by day and gigging at the weekend. We might have listened more in music class if we had Sheryl teaching us!

Ready For Take Off?

Somewhat ironically for someone who became a household name playing the survivor of a plane crash in Lost, Evangeline Lilly used to work as a flight attendant. But, clearly, Lilly wasn’t cut out for life in the skies. She said it was the worst job she’s ever had, revealing she became so irate with a passenger that she deliberately farted in his face as she walked past. Maybe it’s just as well the airline she worked for is now defunct.

A Model Employee

We’re quite partial to a bag of British fish and chips, so long as they come drenched in salt and vinegar with a side order of mushy peas. And, we’d be even more partial to them if they were served up by Agyness Deyn. She became one of the highest paid models in the world, earning £10 million a year. But, she used to serve up fish, chips and saveloys at the Village Chippy in the little village of Stubbins in Lancashire.

Death Becomes Her

She’s always had a fascination with the macabre. She exchanged blood with her then husband Billy Bob Thornton so they could wear each other’s plasma around their necks. She also scrawled her first husband Johnny Lee Miller’s name in blood on a t-shirt when she married him. So, it’s not surprising that Angelina Jolie once applied to become a funeral director. The Mr & Mrs Smith actress decided to go into the profession if she hadn’t made it as an actress.

Player Or Priest?

He certainly hasn’t taken any vows of celibacy, having been married to or dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood over the years. Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Sofia Vergara, Penelope Cruz, Cher, Rebecca de Mornay and Heather Locklear are all among his conquests. But Tom Cruise once toyed with the idea of becoming a priest. Nowadays, of course, the Top Gun star is one of Scientology’s most high-profile supporters.

Orange Was The Old Red

Before she was a multi-award winning actress, Amy Adams was showing off golden globes of an entirely different sort. The Big Eyes star revealed she used to work at Hooters to pay the bills before she hit the Hollywood big time. She also trained as a ballerina and worked in musical theatre. Nowadays, the A-list star has swapped the iconic tight orange Hooters shorts and vest tops for glamorous gowns on the red carpet.

She’s In The Army, Now

She’s one of pop’s most powerful women. But Barbadian songbird Rihanna wasn’t always the one calling the shots. The Umbrella songstress was an army cadet in sub-military school in Barbados. Fellow Barbadian singer Shontelle was her drill sergeant and used to boss Rihanna around. But, while Rihanna’s star has soared, Shontelle seems to have left the spotlight in recent years. Maybe the experience helped Rihanna prepare for her role as a weapons expert in the Navy flick Battleship.

Legal Eagle

He says he’s “not the most academic of guys,” but Gerard Butler is clearly hiding his light under a bushel. He was near the top of his class at high school and got a law degree from Glasgow University. Thinking there was only room for Sean Connery when it came to Scottish actors in Hollywood, he took a job with a legal firm in Edinburgh. But, his lack of enthusiasm soon showed and he was fired a week before finishing his traineeship.

All Work…

No wonder Lucy Liu kicked butt alongside Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels. She used to be an aerobics instructor in life BA (before acting). She worked seven days a week because she knew she needed to save as much as possible if she was going to try to make it as an actor. So, on weekdays she was a secretary, at weekends she was an aerobics instructor and in the evening she worked as a hostess in SoHo.

From Firefighting To Fargo

Long before he was Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs, Carl Showalter in Fargo or Tony Blundetto in The Sopranos, Steve Buscemi was a firefighter. He took the Fire Department New York civil test when he was just 18 and worked as a Manhattan fireman during the 80s. He even went back into service after the devastating 9/11 terror attack, working 12-hour shifts alongside other emergency service personnel to sift through rubble in a bid to find survivors. A true hero!

What’s In A Name?

She probably has a team of hairdressers on standby now that she’s a world famous warbler. But songstress Mariah Carey once worked sweeping up hair in a salon. What makes it even more bizarre is that her boss wanted to give the girls working there cutesy names like Stormy or Foxy. When he told Carey he was calling her Echo, she said she was going to make a phone call and never returned!

(Hair) Raising The Dead

Well before he starred with Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, or with Arnie in Twins, Danny Devito was a hairdresser – for the dead! The Be Cool actor styled women’s hair in a morgue after training at his older sister’s beauty parlor, where he used to do shampoo and sets. He went on to play a creepy morgue employee called Grover Cleaver in the screwball kidnap comedy Screwed.

King Of The Jungle

It’s extremely appropriate that Christopher Walken gave a speech about the king of the jungle in the cult flick Poolhall Junkies. In it he says: “They’re barking at him, laughing at him, but every once in a while, the lion has to show the jackals who he is!” Walken once worked in the circus as a lion tamer back in the 60s, performing with a lioness called Sheba who he says was just like a house cat!

It’s All Greek To Her

Lady Gaga once worked in a Greek restaurant, revealing that she used to make really good tips as she would ensure to keep things romantic for those on a dinner date. Ironically, she was rumored recently to have found love herself with a Greek restaurant owner in Crete. But the Bad Romance star is since said to have moved on and is said to be engaged to talent agent Christian Carino.

Lay A Little Egg

He’s now one of the biggest heartthrobs on the planet. But, it wasn’t always the case. Brad Pitt used to hide his good looks under a chicken costume. Yup, you heard us right. This Hollywood hunk once dressed up as a chicken, complete with yellow tights and fluffy feathers, for an El Pollo Loco restaurant in Hollywood. Well, if we knew who was hiding under there, we’d have gone for chicken tostada more often!