These Celebs Must Have Lost Their Minds To Wear This On The Red Carpet

Joy Villa… Again

Ok, Joy Villa. We get it, you’re loving these crazy red carpet gowns. This one is a cross between the orange netting that keeps people out of construction sites, and the wrapper that my tangerines come from when I pick them up from the supermarket. The matching headpiece is particularly awful, and pulls together the whole ensemble ‘nicely’. If by nice you mean, something you would throw into the garbage without looking at.

joy villa again


We love! Amber Rose and Blac Chyna used the 2015 MTV video music awards to make a real statement about the way we treat women in our society. They called it “pretty much every derogatory word you can call a woman” and we call it, On. Point. Perhaps they could have chosen less glaring colors, but hey, it certainly made sure everyone at the event saw their message, and we can’t argue with that. You go, girls!

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

Double denim

We all remember the iconic incident that happened at the 2001 American Music Awards when the Prince and Princess of Pop (Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears) walked the red carpet in double denim, frosted tips, and denim accessories. 13 years later, Katy Perry and Riff Raff decided to re-enact that historic moment at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and rock the same outfits as JT and Britney. The only difference is that Riff Raff is wearing some kind of chainmail under his jacket…

Katy Perry and Riff Raff attended the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in double denim

Made in Metallics

Cara Delevingne is one of the most extravagant models/actresses/singers (geez, leave some talent for the rest of us) in the world, and she’s no stranger to mixing things up a bit. In 2017, it seems as though Cara wanted to show her love for The Wizard of Oz, and wanted to channel her inner-tinman with her silver shaved head, and her pretty smart pantsuit at the Met Gala. We just can’t take our eyes off that head…

Cara Delevingne attended the 2017 Met Gala with silver paint on her shaved head and a silver pantsuit


At the 2017 Grammy Awards, singer Girl Crush was waiting to see whether she was walking home with an award under her arm while wearing a giant ball pit on her body. Yep, you read that right. On the top, the blonde bombshell was wearing a mermaid-like bandeau, with what looked like a homemade skirt with balls stuck to it. Although this really is something *unique*, she at least carried a matching clutch, so the thought was there.

Girl Crush wore a ball pit dress and clutch to the 2017 Grammy Awards

Taste the rainbow

Don’t get us wrong, we love Skittles as much as the next guy – and the next guy LOVES Skittles. However, we were a little confused when China Chow turned up at the 2012 Newnownext Awards in a giant, fur-covered Skittle. We do have to admit, though, this does look super comfortable to wear, and we will definitely consider this style when we’re next looking for some winter pajamas. At least she kept it classy with the shoes. That’s something.

China Chow turned up to the 2012 Newnownext Awards in a multi-colored fur outfit

Ready for battle

Although we’re not famous, we can imagine that attending all of these high profile events can get pretty darn boring and uncomfortable. After all, you’re normally sitting down for hours on end with very little padding underneath you. Well, the genius that is Noa Kirel decided to say goodbye to a numb derriere by wearing this giant puffer coat that looked ready for battle at the MTV Europe Awards in 2017. We’ll take four for our closet, please.

Noa Kirel wore a giant puffer coat with bulbous sleeves at the MTV Europe Awards in 2017

The Terminator

We all know Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, but it seems Sasha Gradiva could be giving ol’ Arnie a run for his money after her appearance at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in 2012. We’re not too sure why Sasha decided to add a whole load of armor onto her rather beautiful flowing dress, but we’re gonna roll with it because she looks pretty happy about the metal that is hanging off her arm – although we won’t be using it as inspiration for our next outfit.

Sasha Gradiva wore a pink dress with guns attached to her arm at the Grammys

T(hat)’s crazy

Just like Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her incredible sense of style and is considered a fashion icon for those who follow the latest trends. It seems she also shares Carrie’s love for hats (remember her wedding bird/hat/feather in the movie?) as SJP decided to adorn her head in a crazy oriental assortment for the 2015 Met Gala. On a side note, we absolutely LOVE the dress. So chic. So smart. So Carrie.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore an Oriental dress and headdress for the 2015 Met Gala


Every year, the Met Gala celebrates a specific theme, and it’s down to the famous faces and designers to come up with their creations. Last year, the theme centered around avant-garde fashion, and Katy Perry made sure she stuck to the theme to a T – because this really is something. With an epic veil, a unique headdress, a sweeping train and a heck load of material floating about all over the place, we’re really not sure where to look first.

Katy Perry wore a red avant-garde dress to the 2017 Met Gala

Space woman

If you grew up singing hymns, you might have heard the song, ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands.’ Well, it seems as though Solange has one-upped the big guy, as she has the whole world on her body. Created by Giles, this form-defying dress truly baffles us and stunned her fans when she rocked (or rolled) up the red carpet at the Met Gala in 2015. Nope, we have no idea how this works either. What a (space) woman.

Solange Knowles wore a circular form-defying dress at the Met Gala in 2015

Polly want a cracker?

Is this the most amazing thing ever or is it just a total fail? We actually can’t decide. On one hand, nobody should wear that many sequins on one dress (not even Nicole Kidman). On the other, the detail in those parrots on her shoulders is incredible. Her face looks like she hasn’t quite made up her mind either. We feel like should could have painted her toenails for such a big even though. Just saying.

Nicole Kidman wearing a green sequined dress with parrot heads on the shoulder

Rival Rappers

We’re really not sure how we feel about Miley Cyrus’s choice of dress for this red carpet event. She is wearing a tiny dress with some very high checkered boots. This would all be fine save for the design on her dress. On the left side she has an image of rapper Biggie Smalls and on the right is his known rival, Tupac Shakur. It’s a well-known fact that these two late rappers had a terrible rivalry, which allegedly ended up in one of their deaths.

What the Cat Dragged In

If you only know one Albanian singer, it’s probably Bleona Qereti. But when she showed up to this red carpet event in this dress, we bet everyone who recognized her simply pretended not to! Whether it’s the weird ruffled black train which is meant to be a statement but just looks like she’s dragging in some dead birds, or the metallic half leotard half armor get up that the rest of the ‘outfit’ is, it’s a no from us.

Bleona Qereti

Totally psychedelic

Look, we’ll be honest, there is going to be a lot of Lady Gaga in this article, because she is the PRO of wearing eccentric outfits on the red carpet. This photo was taken in what looks like a hotel lobby, on her way to an event, and it’s easily one of our favorite outfits ever. She looks like she has just time traveled from the 1970s in her sparkly platform heels and purple fur coat. How does she always look so cool?

Lady Gaga looks like she has stepped out of the ‘70s in sparkly platforms and a purple fur coat


In recent years, we’ve heard all about hairography, and the important role you hair plays when wearing certain outfits. It seems as though Z LaLa took this to a whole new level in 2016 at the American Music Awards when she rocked the red carpet in this Cruella de Vil inspired get up. However, it’s fair to say that the hair just doesn’t take away from THAT latex dress of nightmares. We just have one question: how much hairspray did she use?

Z Lala wore a black latex dress with a wacky hairstyle at the 2016 American Music Awards

The meat dress

Once again, we have another dress that has its own Wikipedia page – which means that yes, a dress really is more successful than you. Known more commonly as ‘The Meat Dress,’ this dress does exactly what it says on the tin, as it is made entirely of raw beef. We can’t imagine what this Franc Fernandez design smelled like at the end of the night, but it’s fair to say that Lady Gaga definitely made an impression at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Lady Gaga attended the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in the controversial meat dress

10 Chainz

We’ve all heard of 2 Chainz, but it seems as though Lori Petty is in the running to become the next 10 Chainz. Sure, we know these toggles aren’t exactly chains, but we’re not sure what to call them considering we left them back in the ‘90s where they belong. Nevertheless, Petty seemed to be pretty happy with herself when she walked the red carpet at the 2016 Annual SAG Awards, so we have to admire her confidence. You go, girl.

Lori Petty is wearing a pink shirt and pants combo with pink straps all over it

Iron Cage

Okay Joy Villa, we see you. This is less a dress as it an external iron ribcage looking contraption. It takes an enormous amount of confidence to wear something like this to a public event, we will give her that. Along with the body cage, Joy also has a trailing black lace cape, a mesh headpiece that looks like a funeral gift, a black twine bracelet that goes halfway up her arm, and, for some reason, a yellow Rubix cube. All this goes nicely with her rainbow braids.

‘90s madness

Let’s be honest; the ‘90s were the best. We worried less, we cared less, and the fashion was downright epic. Yep, the ‘90s gave us the chance to try out new clothes and styles – but not all at the same time. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee didn’t quite get the message that they didn’t need to wear every single piece of ‘90s clothing in one big mishmash at the 1999 MTV Music Video Awards, but at least they seem happy. Awww.

Pamela Anderson is wearing sparkly pants, a corset and a fluffy hat at the 1999 MTV Music Video Awards


Valentines anybody? Just take Rihanna to be your valentine’s bouquet and you’re all set, because that is what she looks like in this dress. Riri likes to think outside the box when it comes to fashion  and this dress is just another great example of that. If she likes it she wears it and she’s not afraid of what people will think, simple isn’t her way. Her makeup is also set to match perfectly to the pink tones of the dress.

Andra Day

Grammy nominated singer Andra Day wanted everyone to look at her at the 90’th annual Academy Awards in this vintage inspired outfit. Not only was her look dramatic but she caused a bit of drama when she layed down on the actual carpet. People were confused but she still looks beautiful. Her hair is styled in a really creative way with pink flowers that accent the dress perfectly. The two layered diamond necklaces she’s wearing are breathtaking too.

Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno took us back in time to 1962 in this gorgeous black and gold outfit. This isn’t vintage inspired it’s actually vintage! Yes this exact dress and gloves are what Rita wore in 1962 when she received her best supporting actress Oscar for West Side Story. She proves that she’s still looking great that she can wear this dress once more even at the age of 86 years old. Why not wear such a beautiful dress like this once again?


Will.I.Am is all kinds of cool – and he often says he’s a bit like another being from outer space (we totally get that). So, of course, he isn’t going to turn up to the Met Gala in 2016 just wearing any old suit. Nope! He’s got an embroidered suit with diamond tie and a hat. Oh yeah, and some kind of visor. Because what Met Gala outfit would be complete without a visor? Only Will.I.Am could pull this look off.

Will.I.Am is pictured wearing a suit, hat and a blacked out visor at the Met Gala in 2016

Puffy Princess

Rihanna definitely doesn’t need any sort of permission to wear whatever the heck she likes to a red carpet event, so she went all out with this one. She basically stuffed herself into an enormous pink puffy hand duster and made it look glamorous. It must be very difficult for her to move around, wearing all of this fluff, not to mention just carrying the sheer weight of it all. And yet, Rihanna, as always, looks amazing.

Dark Witch

Oh Madonna, you never fail to disappoint with your outrageous outfits. Madonna decided to go with her inner dark fairy to this red carpet event, and she actually killed it. Complete with spiderweb rings, a long silver chain necklace, and a crown with a drooping pendant, Madonna pulls off the full sorcerous look without flaws. As good as Madonna looks in this getup, we definitely don’t recommend wearing this out to your own fancy occasion.

Spider Woman

Either this dress has been sitting in an attic for the last one hundred years collecting cobwebs, or Samantha Mumba just really has a thing for spider culture. And of course, no spidery outfit is complete without an enormous silver spider hand cover. All in all, this dress (if it can even be referred to as an actual dress) is one of the weirder ones we’ve seen a celebrity wear on the red carpet, but she actually does somehow pull it off rather well.


Only Queen Bey would be able to pull off wearing something like this and still look flawless. Bey decided to go for a bedazzled look for her evening attire. So she had the important parts covered up with jewels and gems, and then basically left the rest for all to see. Her high ponytail and gemmed up look is kind of reminiscent of a middle schooler in the 90s, but Beyonce pulls off the look with the style and grace that only she can.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger was most likely going for the I Dream Of Genie look with this Arabian style red carpet outfit. This is definitely one of the weirder outfits we’ve seen a celeb wear to an event. Also, this kind of looks like she might have bought it at a Party City store during Halloween. The material itself doesn’t look very fancy or all that comfortable, it sort of mimics that of a 1970s window shade. Of course, someone as famous as Diane Kruger can pretty much wear whatever she wants.

Kim Kardashian

Okay Kim, we’re pretty sure you are missing something in your outfit. A shirt, possible? We know that celebs like to go all out with their Red Carpet attire, but we think Kim might have taken it way too far with this one. She has a pretty high waisted frilly black skirt, with a black blazer to match. The only problem is, she decided to forgo putting on a shirt underneath that blazer, and it is only too noticeable.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry isn’t new to the idea of dressing strangely to be noticed. And she obviously feels good about continuing this trend on the red carpet. She’s decided to go for a bedazzled look with a completely sheer, nude colored dress, with silver gems covering up only the important parts. A pop of bright yellow on her nails and something even bigger than a pop of neon blue hair really make this look stand out. It honestly looks pretty good.

Romeo, oh Romeo

Let’s be honest, we’ve all watched Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and been totally jealous of Juliet’s angel costume – and it seems that the writer and businesswoman, Lena Lenina was also pretty envious. This may be why she turned up at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 with a floor-length white gown made entirely of lace and pearls, wings that seemed to grow larger as the night went on, and a hairdo that resembles an ice cream. We’re not sure Romeo would be too impressed.

Lena Lenina attended the 2015 Cannes Film Festival with an ice-cream-like hairdo

Alicia Keys

No matter what she decides to put on for any event, Alicia Keys always shows up looking absolutely stunning. Recently, she’d been going with the all natural, no makeup look, and it’s been working wonders for her. To this event, she decided to come in all blue, makeup included. From her face to her dress to her shoes to her accessories, Alicia definitely knows what color she looks good in.

The Queen Bey

If you cast your mind back to the early ‘00s, you might remember a time where Beyonce was not quite the Queen Bey she is today. Sure, she was pretty much ruling the Beyhive, but she also had Kelly and Michelle to contend with. Although we all know that Beyonce was the honey holding them together (ouch, harsh but true) Destiny’s Child tried to keep it equal at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. We’re not sure what’s worse; the color or the fringing.

Destiny’s Child wore matching orange fringed dresses at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards

Going Gaga

Okay, we couldn’t write an article about outrageous red carpet outfits and not include Lady Gaga at least twice. After all, she is the queen of the avant-garde. During the 2009 Brit Awards, Gaga walked the red carpet in this white and ruffled ensemble, complete with a giant blonde wig, and a lacy eye mask. We can’t tell if this looks super comfortable or really uncomfortable, but she’s definitely giving us a Bride of Frankenstein vibe that we actually kind of love. Kinda.

Lady Gaga attended the 2009 Brit Awards in a huge ruffled white dress

Kawaii power

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you will probably have seen the art of Kawaii – which basically involves an overload of cuteness, complete with cuddly toys, bright colors, and a mish-mash of textures and shapes (yuh-huh, it’s pretty unique). In 2011, Nicki Minaj decided to embody THE WHOLE of Kawaii culture into her red carpet outfit during the 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards in 2011, and we’re really not sure where to start. Well, just see for yourself.

Nicki Minaj is wearing cuddly toys, a face mask, and cutesy items that resemble Kawaii culture

Gary, the frog

Although many people try to get themselves on the ‘Best Dressed’ lists, it seems some people just want to make a statement and make a name for themselves in weird and wonderful outfits – just like Imogen Heap. In 2007, the British singer attended the Grammy Awards in a Pond-inspired dress that came complete with lily pads, a toilet chain, a parasol, and a toy frog she named Gary. As if that wasn’t enough, she also filled her hair with plant life. Right’o.

Imogen Heap attended the 2007 Grammy Awards in a dress that was inspired by a pond

Octopus, Octopi

Z Lala has already been featured in our list, and the truth is, like her rhyming comparison, Lady gaga, she loves to see how she can push the fashion boundaries, and really show off the ‘show business’ of the industry with the outfits she chooses for the red carpet. Here she is wearing a literal octopus as her dress, for the 2015 AMA’s, electric blue tentacles wrapped around her and all.


Hop along there

For us average joes, breaking a leg or injuring ourselves is something we can wallow over for a while, and keep ourselves indoors until it all blows over. Yet, for the famous faces of this world, it’s not so easy. In 2011, Jessie J turned up to the MTV Video Music Awards in this injury-efficient outfit. Despite her inability to walk without crutches, she was still ready to party, y’all – although she may have hopped, rather than walked, the red carpet.

Jessie J turned up at the MTV Awards with sparkly crutches and a black corset dress

Belle of the ball

It’s really no surprise that Rihanna is pretty darn extra. Yep, she can’t even walk to the store without creating a new fashion trend or making ANOTHER man fall in love with her – but she truly stole the show when she turned up as the Belle of the ball for the 2015 Met Gala. Like a giant blanket, this dress genuinely looks ridiculously comfy and warm. We just wish she would have asked us to borrow it before she took it from our closet…

Rihanna wore a giant yellow blanket-like dress for the 2015 Met Gala

Little Red Riding Hood

Yep, it’s Nicki Minaj again. Known for her bold and downright bizarre fashion sense, this red carpet Versace gown definitely borders on the realm of weird and (slightly) wonderful. While attending the 2012 Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj stunned the paparazzi when she turned up in a red hooded dress that featured an embroidered face on the front. As if that wasn’t enough, she also had a Pope look-alike on her arm. You do you, Nicki. You do you.

Nicki Minaj attended the 2012 Grammy Awards wearing a red hooded Versace gown

Make America Great Again

Joy Villa may be a singer and songwriter, but she is definitely more renowned for the dresses she wears to the Grammys than her musical work (sorry, Joy). In 2017, she caused some serious drama when she turned up wearing a patriotic dress with Trump’s name on it, along with his slogan of “Make America Great Again.” Just one look at her outfit choices (including for the 2018 Grammy Awards) says all you need to know we think!

Joy Villa shocked a lot of people when she wore her pro-Trump dress to the 2017 Grammy Awards

Mellow yellow

When your sister is Beyonce, you seriously have to up your game in basically every department to get noticed. So do as Solange does and wear the wackiest outfits you can find, to every single event. This yellow number was worn to the Met Gala back in 2016 and it certainly makes a statement. It reminds us a little bit of crepe paper, like you used to make projects with back at school. You know exactly what we mean though, right?!

Solange Knowles wore an interesting yellow number to the Met Gala in 2016

CDs are so 2001

Jacqueline Van Bierk may not be massive in the music industry yet, but she is certainly going to get noticed if she wears things like this! While CDs may be on the way out, thanks to digital downloads, this singer and songwriter is finding a good use for them – wearing them! We’d hate to look at this dress in the sunlight, as we feel like there’s a good chance it would turn you totally blind. Still, we dig the theme.

Jacqueline Van Bierk wore a dress that was made using old CDs to an event

Golden Girl

Rose McGowan turned up to the Grammy Awards in 2017 with a head that looked like it had been dipped into a pot of gold. Maybe she was showing off how much money she has? Oh, silly me, forgot to wash all of the GOLD out of my hair. Or perhaps she was hoping someone might mistake her for a trophy and take her home to put on their shelf? Either way, it’s a crazy red carpet look that’s for sure!

Rose McGowan had gold leaf all over her shaved head at the Grammy Awards in 2017

Just out the bath

While Carlon Thompson-Clinton shows us all how to look elegant and demure at the 2017 Grammy Awards, the same can’t be said for her husband, unfortunately. George Clinton looks like he has just got out of the bath and into his robe, before making his way down the red carpet. He’s topped the whole look off with some kind of silver, spiked hat that looks pretty dangerous if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

George Clinton wore what looks like a bathrobe and a silver, spiked hat to the 2017 Grammy Awards

Tassel cray

We dug the whole tassel thing when it came back around as a trend, but we have always been told that less is more – particularly when it comes to fashion. Unfortunately, Elle King wasn’t given the same advice when she stepped out at the CMA Awards in 2016 wearing this number. The tassel corset would have been fine, were it not for the totally over the top tassel pants. We hope she burned them after (because we would).

Elle King was pictured at the CMA Awards in 2016 wearing pants made out of red and yellow tassels

Hat or hair?

You can kind of tell by the look on Elena Lenina’s face that she is instantly regretting this entire outfit decision when she turned up to the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. If that’s not a grimace, we don’t know what is! The long sleeved pink dress with matching shoes is one thing, but the hair is something else entirely. Is it a hat or her actual hair? We hope that she looked back on these pictures and sacked her stylist immediately.

Elena Lenina is pictured at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 wearing a pink dress and with heart-shaped hair

Grandma’s rug

Lady Gaga is the kind of person who could wear a black sack and look good if she wanted to… So when she asked to borrow her Grandma’s rug for The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards in 2016, even her Grandma knew she would be able to pull it off. While most of us would throw up in our mouths if we saw this dress on the hanger, somehow Lady Gaga makes it look awesome. Not jealous… Much.

Lady Gaga is wearing what looks like a shiny rug at The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards in 2016

Queen of Tartan

Sarah Jessica Parker is certainly no stranger to making a statement on the red carpet, even if it’s not always a positive one. While we love the dress, we just can’t quite get over the massive crown-like thing she has on her head (she likes headpieces it seems). Not only that, but the tartan boots just kill the whole look. Why would you do that to such a beautiful dress?! We just don’t get it at all.

Sarah Jessica Parker is pictured wearing a beautiful dress, a crown-like headpiece and Tartan boots


Contrary to popular belief, being a famous face doesn’t always guarantee success. You may have written and produced a dope album, but if nobody buys it, it amounts to nothing. So, you’ve sometimes got to do a little bit of your own self-promotion – which is exactly what Macy Gray did at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. Although we have to admire the audacity of the concept, we can’t help but think the writing should be a *little* bit smaller.

Macy Gray wore a dress that promotes her new album to the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards


Back in 2011, Anna Dello Russo had the EGGcellent idea of wearing this headpiece to the 2011 Met Gala. Some might say that she’s EGGcentric or that she must have been YOLKING around, but she looks EGGstremely serious wearing this whole outfit. We’re totally out of egg puns now, so we’re just going to say this is one CRACKING military-inspired outfit (other than the egg on her head), so we can’t see why she had to ruin it. Each to their own!

Anna Dello Russo is pictured wearing a military-inspired outfit with an egg in a nest on her head

Going wild

Oh look, it’s Nicki Minaj (again). There’s no denying that when this hip hop star steps on the red carpet, she wants to make sure that all eyes are on her. Seems as though Minaj wanted to channel her inner big cat at the 2011 Grammy Awards, wearing this leopard print ensemble. She didn’t just stop at leopard print dress – oh no! Nicki Minaj wanted to go the whole hog (or the whole leopard in this case). Even down to the hair.

Nicki Minaj wearing a leopard print dress, leggings and shoes at the 2011 Grammy Awards


We have a feeling that Lil Kim’s outfits have been a source of inspiration for many of the people on this list (Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, we’re looking at you). This one is an oldie but a goodie, as it was taken all the way back at the 1998 Lady of Soul Awards. That’s 20 years ago now, guys and girls. Don’t you feel old? We have no idea why Lil Kim wanted to wear a cage on her head, but at least it was bejeweled.

Lil Kim at the 1998 Lady of Soul Awards wearing a bejeweled cage on her head

Baby bump

We don’t know whether we really dig this look or whether it’s just totally terrible. Singer and songwriter, M.I.A., decided she wanted to show off her baby bump at the 2009 Grammy Awards with an outfit that drew attention to her midsection. However, the dress looks a little bit like it has been made from the quilt in the spare bedroom at our grandmother’s house, with a sleeping bag for lining. The trainers and makeup are totally rad though.

M.I.A. showing off her baby bump at the 2009 Grammy Awards

Covering up

We really love Amy Poehler, her comedy, and (most of the time) her fashion sense. However, when she wore this to the 2016 Emmy Awards we couldn’t help but facepalm. Why is she dressing like someone’s grandma? Why is she covering everything up? What color is that supposed to be? Why isn’t she smiling properly? We can answer the last one… She isn’t smiling properly because she’s wearing this gross dress. Even if it is by Pamella Roland.

Amy Poehler wearing a moss green dress to the 2016 Emmy Awards

A royal red carpet

Most of us would like to think that we’re a Princess or a Queen – because after all, who wouldn’t want to wear beautiful gowns all day every day, and hang out with Prince Harry and Wills on the regular? Well, it seems Karen Elson took this thought a little too literally for the 2015 Met Gala, as that crown looks pretty darn uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it makes us feel warm inside to know that her dress matches the carpet.

Karen Elson wore a giant Princess gown to the 2015 Met Gala, which included a gold crown

Swan Lake

I mean, you didn’t think we would miss this iconic dress off the list, did you?! The Icelandic musician is known for her eclectic style and tastes, but Bjork truly stunned her fans when she turned up in this swan dress (which has its own Wikipedia page, BTW) at the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony in 2001. With a full-body stocking, a heck load of fur and a swan neck halter-top, our eyes still haven’t quite adjusted to this work of… art?

Bjork wore a dress that resembles a swan around her deck at the 73rd Academy Awards

Forget you

Anyone remember the hit Cee Lo Green song, ‘Forget You’? Well, we’d really like to forget this outrageous outfit choice. Yuh-huh, that really is the singer underneath all of that gold. Although many people believed he looked like a candy bar or something out of Star Wars, Cee Lo has since concluded that the man we saw in the mask at the 2017 Grammy Awards was actually his alter-ego, Gnarly Davidson. Alrighty then. Whatever you say, Cee Lo.

Cee Lo Green wore a pure gold suit and mask at the 2017 Grammy Awards

Glitter Glue

You’re looking at Ariana Grande’s big brother Frankie, who is also a reality TV star in his own right. He showed up to the MTV video music awards in this crazy get up, being totally covered in gold glitter! I would have stayed as far away from his as humanly possible, so as not to get even a speck of glitter on my own outfit, but hey, if he wants to be a leper for the night, why not? It’s certainly a fashion statement!

Frankie Grande