These Notorious Groupies Changed Rock And Roll Forever


Bebe Buell

Let’s be honest, Bebe Buell is one of the biggest names in the world of groupies – and for a good reason. Not only was she linked to some of the biggest names in rock and roll, but she was also a hugely successful singer and model. In fact, she was named Playboy of the Month in November 1974! One of Bebe’s most prestigious rock relationships was with the Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler. Their relationship brought the wonderful Liv Tyler into the world.

Bebe Buell was a Playboy Bunny who was a groupie and lover of Steven Tyler

Annette Walter-Lax

Although Annette Walter-Lax was incredibly close the many of the big rock stars of the time, she was especially close to one in particular – Keith Moon. Like many other groupies, Annette was absolutely smitten with Moon, but they had a turbulent relationship. Annette was one of the only women to stand up to Keith, which she did one evening after he commanded her to make dinner. Just a few hours after she refused his request, Keith was found dead.

Annette Walter-Lax was close to Keith Richards and was with him when he died

Cleo Odzer

Although Cleo Odzer doesn’t look like your usual rock and roll beauty, she was hugely popular during the ‘60s for her hippie style and musical prowess. Initially, Cleo worked as a music journalist and got close to some of the biggest names in music on a purely professional level. But before long, she had crossed the boundaries and had got up close and personal with the likes of Keith Emerson. She later quit her job and traveled the world, before passing away in 2001.

Cleo Odzer worked as a music reporter and got up close and personal with many musicians, including Keith Emerson

Marianne Faithfull

Unlike many of the other groupies on this list, Marianne Faithfull had not dreamed of one-day rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in rock and roll. Instead, she had been brought up in an expensive upper-class society and was destined for great things. So, it can as quite a shock to her family when they discovered she spent most of her time with The Rolling Stones. And not just one of them, either – all of them!

Marianne Faithfull was brought up in an upper-class family, but soon found herself surrounded by the men of The Rolling Stones

Anita Pallenberg

Anita Pallenberg was the kind of groupie we all loved to hate. For starters, she was utterly perfect and beautiful, and we were kinda jealous. As if this wasn’t enough, she was also one of the longest-running groupies in history, which means she had even more time to woo some of the biggest stars of rock and roll. However, it is thought that Anita sparked the tension within The Rolling Stones, as she reportedly had ‘intimate’ relations with both Keith Richards and Brian Jones.

Anita Pallenberg spent over a decade following bands and created tension between members of The Rolling Stones

Erin Everly

Throughout this list, we’ve heard from the likes of Tommy Lee (a lot), The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, but there’s one band that’s been missing – yep, we’re talking about Guns n Roses. Although Axl Rose was one of the biggest names in the world of rock and roll, he wasn’t fussed about bedding a different woman every night. Instead, he just needed his ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ – his wife, Erin Everly. He was absolutely in love.

Erin Everly was married to Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses and inspired the famous song ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

Chris O’Dell

Although she loved her life as a groupie, Chris O’Dell had never intended to have relations with some of the biggest rock stars of the time. Instead, she wanted to make an impact on the world of music (well, you could argue that she did). Initially, she started working as an assistant for a record company, before getting closer to the bands she managed – including The Beatles. In fact, the famous Beatles Song, ‘O’Dell’ was inspired by the assistant.

Chris O’Dell worked as an assistant for a record company before hooking up with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

Cynthia Albritton

There are many groupies on this list who are very similar – but Cynthia Albritton outshines them all, thanks to her unique style and her unusual hobby. Indeed, you might know Cynthia by her nickname, Cynthia Plaster-Caster. The reason why she was called this was pretty straightforward…after her intimate trysts with some of the biggest names in rock and roll, Cynthia would make plaster cast models of their ‘private parts.’ Amazingly, her first model came from Jimi Hendrix.

Cynthia Albritton was known as Cynthia Plaster-Caster as she would make plaster cast models of the rock stars’ private parts

Pamela Des Barres

When she was a young girl, Pamela Des Barres would dance around her bedroom to rock and roll legends such as Mick Jagger, The Beatles, and Elvis and knew she wanted her life to be filled with music. So, she made sure she was in the right place and the right time and was soon moving and grooving with the likes of Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, and Jimmy Page. She was a hugely popular groupie and was the inspiration for The Beatles’ ‘Penny Lane.’

Pamela Des Barres always wanted to get closer to her favorite rock stars and did so soon enough

Connie Hamzy

Connie Hamzy was an incredibly well-known groupie, but you might know her by her popular nickname, ‘Sweet Connie.’ With her innocent face and her ‘good girl’ image, she became a firm favorite in the rocker circle, with many rock stars queuing up to spend a few minutes alone with this brunette beauty. Among the list of her conquests were Keith Moon, Alice Cooper, and John Bonham. She also inspired many of today’s iconic rock songs, including ‘We’re an All American Band.’

Connie Hamzy was known as ‘Sweet Connie’ because of her ‘good girl’ image

Tawny Kitaen

Like many other women in the ‘80s, Julie Kitaen wanted to be the next big actress in the world of Hollywood. So, she adopted the stage name of Tawny Kitaen and embarked on her mission to reach the top. On her way, she found herself tangled up in the epic rock and roll scene and schmoozed with some of the biggest names in the business. Although she didn’t get her big movie break, she was the star of many Whitesnake music videos.

Tawny Kitaen wanted to be the next big Hollywood actress, but soon became a groupie for Whitesnake

Sable Starr

It’s fair to say that Sable Starr was extremely popular among some of the biggest rock gods – and nobody could resist those blonde curls. Over the course of her groupie lifestyle, Starr was nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Groupies’ because she had started from such a young age, she was known as the groupie expert. Amazingly, Sable had started canoodling with rock stars when she was just 14-years-old and added the likes of Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, and Alice Cooper onto her list.

Sable Starr was called the ‘Queen of the Groupies’ and started hanging out with rock stars when she was just 14-years-old

Lori Maddox

We’ve already heard about the ‘baby-groupies, ’ and Lori Maddox was the ultimate member of that community. It’s widely reported that Lori was canoodling and rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in rock and roll when she was just 13-years-old and that she did the deed for the first time with the legend that was David Bowie. After numerous trysts with the Starman and other rockers, Lori settled down with Jimmy Page, before moving on to Mick Jagger.

Lori Maddox hung out with rock stars when she was just 13-years-old

Tura Satana

When talking about groupies, it’s interesting to note where the term came from, and who hailed the movement. Well, sources suggest that Tura Satana was one of the first ever groupies in the rock and roll scene. This Japanese wonder had moved to America to pursue a professional career as an actress, dancer and martial arts master (so cool) when she caught the eyes of The King himself, Elvis Presley. It’s thought they would often canoodle in his dressing room before live performances.

Tura Satana traveled from Japan to the United States to embark on an acting career and found herself founding the groupie scene

Audrey Hamilton

Audrey Hamilton was the ultimate groupie cover girl. This brunette beauty would not go a single day without hanging off the arm of a guitarist or stepping onto a tour bus. After a few years of making the rounds, Audrey decided to stick to just one man. The man in question was Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. The pair were the ultimate rock star power couple, but they broke up in 1977. She later found solace in Kiss’s Ace Frehley.

Audrey Hamilton was dating Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant for a few years before she moved on to Ace Frehley

Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith is still one of the most celebrated groupies of all time – because her legacy will forever be in the songbooks. Yep, everyone who met Cathy had an increasing urge to write about her in a song (well, there’s worse things to happen). Thanks to her many trysts with famous rock stars, bands and musicians such as Gordon Lightfoot and The Band wrote numerous songs inspired by the brunette beauty. In fact, one of her most notable relationships was with Gordon.

Cathy Smith made her rounds in the world of rock and roll and had numerous songs written about or for her


Nancy Spungen

Unfortunately, Nancy Spungen’s story is a sad one. This American beauty struggled from an early age with her mental health and left home at just 15-years-old to start a new life in England. Nancy was trying to make a living as a call girl before she managed to get herself established in the world of groupies. She later had relations with the likes of The Ramones, Aerosmith, and The New York Dolls before she was sadly murdered at just 20-years-old.

Nancy Spungen moved to London when she was just 15-years-old, where she hung out with major rock ‘n’ roll bands

Kathleen Dorritie

You might be wondering who the heck Kathleen Dorritie is because her real name is not well known. However, you’ll probably recognize her nickname – Cherry Vanilla. Kathleen first started off her groupie career when she landed herself a job as David Bowie’s publicist (AKA best job ever). With this musical ‘in,’ Kathleen was able to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in music, and she took full advantage of that. She then had numerous trysts with major musicians, such as John Lennon.

Kathleen Dorritie was known as Cherry Vanilla and found her way into the groupie world as David Bowie’s publicist

Pattie Boyd

Before she became a groupie, Pattie Boyd had already built herself up a huge fan following as a model. In fact, she had been a hugely successful cover girl for Vogue and had been able to travel across the world for her job. Her good looks soon attracted some of the biggest names in rock and roll, and she ditched her high-profile photographers for long-haired band members such as George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Recently, she has married a property developer.

Pattie Boyd was a beautiful model who caught the attention of some of the biggest names in rock

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is one of the biggest names in the world of female rock stars – and we absolutely love her. The New Zealand native moved from her home country to England when she was a teenager, to embark on an epic music career. Before too long, she found herself in America and became a member of bands such as Faith No More and Babes in Toyland. In fact, Courtney had her own band of followers and groupies before she left it for Kurt Cobain.

Courtney Love moved from New Zealand to England, to the States before meeting Kurt

Brandi Brandt

Donna D’Errico wasn’t the only one who got to experience life with Nikki Sixx. A few years earlier, Nikki had been getting it on with the one and only Brandi Brandt. In fact, they were married for seven years. However, Brandi wasn’t your average groupie, because she was also a rock star herself! As the drummer for the popular band, American Girls, she was also a Playboy Bunny, model, and had even tried her hand at acting.

Brandi Brandt was Nikki Sixx’s first wife, who was a drummer, actress, model and Playboy Bunny

Kendra Jade

When she moved to California in her 20s, Kendra Jade had absolutely no intention of being a groupie. Instead, she was there to pursue her passion and make it big as a burlesque dancer. However, before too long she was rolling with some of the biggest rockers and hanging out with fellow groupies backstage. After a few months of fun, Kendra soon found one rock star she wanted to settle down with and has been married to Lukas Rossi ever since. Awww.

Kendra Jade moved to California in her early 20s to make it big as a burlesque dancer, and soon married Lukas Rossi

Bebe Buell and Todd Rundgren

However, like most of the relationships in the rock and roll-sphere, Steven and Bebe’s encounters weren’t entirely simple. In fact, it was a little bit *rocky*! Bebe and Steven actually hooked up while she was still with fellow musician, Todd Rundgren, and Todd wasn’t too happy about it. But despite her infidelities and her subsequent child, Todd decided to take Bebe back, and they continued their relationship for a few more years. She is now married to Jim Wallerstein.

Bebe Buell cheated on Todd Rundgren with Steven Tyler, but he took her back

Donna D’Errico

Let’s be honest; Donna D’Errico had it all. She was beautiful, she had been on Baywatch (rockers love Baywatch), and she was a Playboy Bunny. Because of this, she wasn’t short of attention. However, Donna was the kind of groupie who liked to stick to one man, rather than chop and change between rock stars – and that man was Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx. The couple seemed perfect for each other and enjoyed nine years together before they sadly divorced.

Donna D’Errico was a Baywatch babe and a Playboy Bunny and married Nikki Sixx from the Motley Crue

Bianca Jagger

However, the end of their marriage did not signal the end of Bianca Jagger. Instead, she rose from the ashes and became a leading figure in the Studio 54 scene and also became a well sought-after actress. More recently, she has left her acting days behind her and is now set on changing the world. She is currently working as a goodwill ambassador for the Council of Europe and is unmarried, while Mick Jagger embarks on a relationship with a professional ballet dancer.

Bianca Jagger is now famous in her own right, after her marriage to Mick Jagger

Pamela Anderson

It’s fair to say that Pamela Anderson has made her mark in the world, that’s fo’ sure. While most of us fondly remember her blonde locks running along the beach in a red swimsuit, it’s also a little-known fact that Pamela Anderson is the ultimate groupie. Yep, this Playmate has had her fair share of rockstars in her past. In the past, she tied the knot to Motley Crue alum, Tommy Lee (along with many other women on this list).

Pamela Anderson is known for her role in Baywatch but has also been married to some of the most prolific rock ‘n’ roll musicians

Pamela Anderson

In recent years, the Baywatch babe has moved on from her favorite ‘90s rockers has settled down with the likes of Kid Rock and Rick Salomon – but she still can’t leave one piece of her past behind her. In fact, Pam Anderson is constantly reminded of her acting days…but not the kind of acting you’d want to watch on a lazy Sunday. Instead, she is remembered for her rather explicit ‘home movies’ with some of her former boyfriends. Awkward.

Pamela Anderson is still known for her intimate home videos

Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards

In fact, one of Anita Pallenberg most iconic rock and roll relationships was with Keith Richards. The couple were together from 1967 until 1979 and seemed to have a perfect life. Unfortunately, their relationship wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. With a hectic schedule, Keith was often absent and left Anita with their three children. However, after the death of their daughter, Keith took it upon himself to get clean and help out his family – but Anita continued to struggle with her addictions.

Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards had a turbulent relationship

Marianne Faithfull

It’s fair to say that Marianne’s friends and family were a little overwhelmed to discover that their beautiful daughter had turned to the dark side and become a groupie – but those who knew her family history realize that it wasn’t so ridiculous. In fact, it seemed like a family trait as Leopold von Sacher was one of her relatives. As the author of Venus in Furs, Leopold was known for his wily ways and his saucy stories, just like Marianne.

Marianne Faithfull was related to Leopold von Sacher, who wrote Venus in Furs

Sable Starr

As one of the youngest groupies of all time, Sable Starr was often linked to the ‘baby-groupies’ during the 1970s. This name was given to a large group of underage girls who were linked to some of the biggest names in rock. They would often hang around the popular rock clubs in Los Angeles and try their luck to get into the club. If not, the rock stars were nice enough to pick them up in their limos afterward…

Sable Starr was one of the main members of the ‘baby-groupies’

Carmen Electra

The one thing we’ve learned about rock stars is that they luuuuurve Baywatch babes – because, alongside Pamela Anderson, they also couldn’t get enough of Carmen Electra. At the start of her career, Carmen was married to a basketball star, but after their marriage went down the drain, she decided to try out the male rock star variety. She soon found herself canoodling with the likes of Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro and was often spotted behind the scenes at rock gigs.

Carmen Electra was married to a basketball player before finding love with some of the most influential rock stars

Carmen Electra

Nowadays, Carmen Electra is still a major name in the world of Hollywood, and even for her (very short) career as a singer. In 2004, she managed to mix her love for rock stars and acting in one epic fame sandwich when she was asked to take part in the MTV reality show, ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave.’ This show followed the planning of her wedding to Dave Navarro – which turned into a divorce just a few months later.

Carmen Electra appeared on the MTV show ‘Til Death Do Us Part’

Chris O’Dell

After a professional AND personal relationship with The Beatles, Chris O’Dell moved onto another band by the name of The Rolling Stones (perhaps you’ve heard of them?) Chris was in charge of organizing their tour, dealing with their public relations, and their personal appearances. Of course, there was a lot more to it than that – and these little extras soon caused a rift in the band. So, she left The Rolling Stones and moved onto Bob Dylan. As you do.

Chris O’Dell caused tension between The Rolling Stones

Tura Satana and Elvis Presley

However, it seems there was much more to Tura and Elvis’ relationship than a few tender moment in a dressing room. According to sources close to the couple, Elvis was absolutely besotted with the actress and had even asked her to marry him. Sadly, Tura Satana refused his hand in marriage and wanted to focus on her career rather than her personal endeavors. From then on, she continued to work all across the world and have numerous encounters with high-profile conquests.

It has been reported that Elvis asked Tura Satana to marry him, but she refused

Donna D’Errico

As well as enjoying a typical married life together, Donna and Nikki also welcomed two children into the world. However, in recent years, Donna has revealed what it was really like to raise a family with one of the biggest names in rock and roll. According to the Playmate, she would often witness or hear of her husband’s illicit behavior and be expected to sit quietly while he cheated on her. After a while, it all proved too much.

Donna D’Errico confirmed that she and Nikki Sixx divorced because he was unfaithful

Connie Hamzy and Bill Clinton

Along with her ‘good girl’ reputation, Connie Hamzy also made a name for herself as the groupie governor of Little Rock, Arkansas. Whenever a rocker came into town, she seemed to have sole priority over them – even if there were other groupies around. However, this good girl found herself in the midst of a scandal in 1991, when she alerted the press that former President of the United States and then-governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, had supposedly propositioned her.

Connie Hamzy was caught up in scandal with Bill Clinton

Josie Stevens

Josie Stevens is the name on everyone’s list – for her time as a groupie, but also for her own endeavors. The blonde beauty is a famous Playboy Bunny, makeup artist, model, AND clothing designer (anything else?) However, she also made a name for herself when she started hanging out with long-haired rockers, specifically Steve Stevens, her husband. Alongside her marriage, her modeling jobs, and business ventures, Josie Stevens is also Steve’s manager. Because apparently, you can never be too busy.

Josie Stevens is married to Steve Stevens and is an established businesswoman and model at the same time

Heather Locklear

Let’s be honest, we all know who Heather Locklear is – but we probably don’t know her for being a groupie. Instead, we know her as a prolific Hollywood actor from such TV shows as Melrose Place, Spin City, Two and a Half Men and Dynasty. Alongside her love for acting, Heather has also made it clear that she has a love for all things rock and roll. Heather was the ultimate groupie and follow around the likes of Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora.

Heather Locklear is a successful actress but spent most of her early years following rock bands and hooking up with rockstars

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora

After making her way through many high-profile rock stars, Heather eventually settled down and tied the knot with Tommy Lee. Sadly, they ended things six years later – but Heather wasn’t going to wallow. Instead, she found love in another rocker by the name of Richie Sambora. The couple broke up in 2007 and now co-parent to raise their beautiful daughter, Ava. Thankfully, Ava has inherited her mother’s looks and her father’s fame and is now a successful model.

Heather Locklear had a daughter with Richie Sambora, and she is now a model

The Mistress

However, Audrey and Robert Plant’s relationship wasn’t your average Romeo and Juliet romance. In fact, they were constantly criticized for their very public relationship and intimate dressing room romps – because Robert was married with children at the time. Although he knew he was married, Robert Plant still invited Audrey along to every tour date and would make no secret of their relationship. He maintained that he didn’t care what the critics thought of him. Well, to each their own…

Audrey Hamilton was in a relationship with Robert Plant, even though he was married

Kathleen Dorritie

Although it seemed as if Cherry Vanilla was a professional publicist, it was clear to see that Kathleen was offering a little more than fame and fortune for her clients. In fact, she soon built up a reputation for her intimate radio show broadcasts, saucy advertisements and her explicit deals that would involve non-musical favors. Nevertheless, her public tyrades paid off, as she soon became a popular groupie and businesswoman and made a name for herself in the personal and professional world.

Kathleen soon built up a reputation for her saucy radio broadcasts

Cathy Smith – Dealer to the Stars

However, Cathy Smith was so much more than a rock star groupie – she was also a musician herself! As a competent singer, she tried to establish herself as a notable backing singer in the music industry but found it difficult to overcome her groupie lifestyle. Before too long, she left her dream to become one of the main narcotics dealers in the groupie circle. She would often sell to the likes of Ron Wood, Keith Richards, and Hoyt Axton.

Cathie Smith soon became a narcotics dealer to some of the biggest names in rock

Cynthia Albritton

As news of her plaster-casting business made its way through the rock and roll industry, Cynthia was soon inundated with rock stars who wanted to spend a night with her, but also leave the next day knowing their ‘private parts’ would be forever remembered in plaster cast form. KISS was especially fond of Cynthia, and she even inspired their song, ‘Plaster Caster.’ As her popularity grew, she was invited for interviews and photo shoots – with the models in tow, of course.

Cynthia Albritton was immortalized in the Kiss song about her strange hobby

Roxana Shirazi

Like many of the other ladies on this list, Roxana Shirazi didn’t have the easiest childhood. In fact, she spent her early years in war-stricken Iran before fleeing with her family to England. As she grew up, these tough times took a toll on Roxana, and she soon found herself paying the bills as an exotic dancer. Luckily, her talents paid off as she was soon canoodling with musicians from the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Black Cherry.

Roxana Shirazi worked as a belly dancer and a groupie for Black Cherry and Guns N’ Roses


Pleather is a little different to the rest of the groupies on this list because he is one of the only male groupies in the rock and roll business. Pleather was a huge name in the groupie world during the ‘80s and ‘90s, but many were unsure of his intentions within this community. Despite this criticism, Pleather managed to establish himself with some of the greatest female rock bands and musicians in the industry, including Courtney Love and The Bangles.

Pleather was a male groupie who had a fascination with members of The Bangles and Courtney Love during the ‘80s and ‘90s

Uschi Obermaier

It’s a well-known fact that groupies were heavily involved in the world of music – but have you ever heard of a groupie involved in politics? Well, Uschi Obermaier was that groupie. The Berlin beauty was one of the most popular groupies in the rock and roll heyday and had notable encounters with the likes of Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Jimi Hendrix. However, she soon left this life behind her to join Kommune 1, a political group in the Germany.

Uschi Obermaier was a groupie that later became involved with Kommune 1

Silky Gage

Unlike many of the groupies on this list, Silky Gage did not waste her time with numerous male rock stars night after night. Instead, she was dedicated to one musician – Lotti Golden. It’s unknown whether these two had a romantic relationship, but it was clear to see that they were best friends. They were incredibly close, and it’s even been reported that Silky Gage was Lotti’s muse, and the inspiration for many of her songs, including ‘Silky Is Sad.’

Silky Gage was the groupie and muse of the singer and rockstar, Lotti Golden

Lori Maddox

Alongside her many intimate relations with the biggest names in rock and roll, Lori Maddox was also extremely close to another member of the groupie gang – specifically, another member of the ‘baby-groupies.’ Yep, Lori was best friends with Sable Starr, and it’s even thought that Sable first introduced Lori into the scene and to some of the rock stars in question. But Sable did maintain that there was one man off-limits; Jimmy Page – but Lori didn’t listen, and their friendship ended.

Lori Maddox was introduced into the baby-groupie scene by Sable Starr

Courtney Love

Despite her iconic marriage to the Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, nobody could forget Courtney’s incredible past. As the lead singer of Hole, Faith No More and Babes in Toyland, she managed to rock up an incredible career as musician and groupie. Because of that, her past was full of one night stands and groupie hook-ups to put some of the other groupies to shame. She was often linked to Billy Corgan and Michael Stipe before landing on her feet with Kurt.

Courtney Love was famous for marrying Kurt Cobain and was a notorious groupie before their marriage

Pamela Des Barres

With her incredible hair, her incredible conquests and her incredible stories, it’s no surprise that Pamela Des Barres has since become one of the most famous groupies of the rock and roll era. However, it seems she has contributed more than her looks and her men. In fact, Pamela’s life and escapades inspired the popular movie, Almost Famous. She has also shocked readers across the world with her tell-all memoir; I’m With the Band (she really doesn’t hold back).

Pamela Des Barres is known as one of the most iconic groupies of all time

Bianca Jagger

Okay, we’ll give you three guesses who Bianca Jagger was married to?! Yup, of course, it’s Mick Jagger. Unlike many other groupies on this list (no offense, ladies) Bianca Jagger was a high-profile groupie who was known for her polished looks and her extravagant ways. She would often attend parties on horses (because why not) and became famous in her own right as a model and actress. She eventually married Mick Jagger, before they ended things in 1978.

Bianca Jagger was married to Mick Jagger and was known for her impressive club entries

Bobbi Brown

Let’s be honest, Bobbi Brown was one of the most beautiful women in existence (you know it’s true) so it’s no surprise she caught the attention of famous rock stars. However, it wasn’t just rock stars who recognized her beauty. In her younger years, she had been crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA and had begun a pretty successful career as a model and TV star. But of course, she took the pop culture crown when she starred in Warrant’s music video for ‘Cherry Pie.’

Bobbi Brown was known for her beautiful looks, which attracted the attention of numerous rockers

Bobbi Brown

It’s no secret that Bobbi Brown was a hot topic on the rock and roll scene, but she wasn’t the kind of groupie to conquer a different rock star each night. Instead, she was a one-man woman. While working on the ‘Cherry Pie’ music video, Brown was introduced to Jani Jane, and the two started dating. In fact, they later got married! Sadly, their marriage ended two years later, but Bobbi soon hit it off with the groupie favorite, Tommy Lee.

Bobbi Brown first married Jani Jane before marrying Tommy Lee