Horror Movies To Look For This Year


A lot of people love watching thrillers and horror movies. A horror movie not only makes the heart pound hard, but it also makes things a little less boring. We have a selection of horror movies that people are loving! Here is our list of the best horror movies to look out for in 2018.

1. The Lodgers

Gothic is out of style nowadays. However, there are still movies that can incorporate it and can make a success out of it. The Lodgers is about two twins Edward and Rachel who must follow the rules set by their lodgers. They should be in bed by midnight, they must stay together, and they should not allow any trespassers in their house. The trouble started when a war veteran appeared on the scene and became drawn to Rachel. This is the beginning of breaking the rules and facing the consequences set by the lodgers.

2. The Ritual

This is a story about five friends that went into a liquor store. The liquor store was held by two robbers who shot one of their friends to death. As an honor to their friend, the four went on a hiking trip in Sweden and found themselves in a bad situation. They found strange symbols on trees and shelters. One of their friends was found hanging on a tree. Ultimately, they found out that they are a sacrifice to a creature who wants immortality.

3. Winchester

The heiress of an eccentric firearm legacy Sarah begins to build a sprawling mansion. She believes that the spirits who were killed by the Winchester repeating rifle is out to get her. The house is very creepy and the cast is impressive. This movie will certainly give you goosebumps all throughout its duration.

4. Unfriended: Dark Web

This movie has basically the same plot and storyline as the first Unfriended in 2015. The story is about a teen who found out his newfound laptop was stolen. It becomes dark as he became aware that the previous owner is watching his every move. The laptop that he owns has passages to the hidden world of dark web.

5. The Strangers: Prey at Night

This movie is based on true events. Three masked killers invade a trailer. As the wife comes out of the screen, one of the killers, dollface kills her. She went to sleep next to the wife’s husband afterward. There are a lot of creepy things in this movie. You can say that it is different from the first.

6. Annihilation

This science-fiction psychological film features a group of military scientists.  They decide to explore a quarantined zone that is full of mutating and transmogrifying creatures. The place called “Shimmer” makes a lot of changes to the creatures inside it. The scientists found some scary stuff in an abandoned army camp and a lighthouse. These stuffs prove that the shimmer is making mutations to animals and people inside it. They discovered that the alligator that attack them has a body of a shark and so on. This can be a sci-fi film but the horror themes and thrilling moments makes it hard to miss.

7.  Ghost Stories

Phillip Goodman has a TV show which debunks ghost stories and superstitions. He thinks that these stories are a product of one’s imagination. He was invited by an old man to investigate three supernatural incidents and real ghost sightings. While investigating, he believes that he is a victim of an elaborate hoax. However, he was in for a very rude awakening. This movie is surprising, thrilling, and just darn creepy. The release date is April 20.