One Talented Artist Is Turning Ordinary Objects Into Beautiful Art


While some of us are considered quite artistic, there are some people who take their creativity to another level. It seems as though some of us are just graced with a talent that is out of this world when it comes to seeing creativity in the most unusual of spaces. Walking through any city you are likely to see rows and rows of street art, graffiti, a nuisance – whatever you want to call it. You might think it’s all thanks to a group of teenagers running around in hoodies with spray cans, but what about the artists of the world? Sure, they might use an unusual canvas compared to the rest of us. However, that doesn’t mean their art is any less valuable than the rest. In fact, these people can often see the hidden potential in any corner of the street. All it takes it looking at it from a new angle…

Just because the world is quickly turning into a concrete jungle doesn’t mean we have to miss out art every day of our lives. All that gray could do with a splash of color. What better way to brighten things up than with some street art? Tom Bob is one of the many that wants to help liven up the world we live in thanks to some clever spray paint and a new look on things. Whether it’s a blank wall, a row of pipes, or a drain cover, there is artistic potential in everything that lies in the world, and Tom Bob is here to unlock the streets of America for the rest of us to see.

One To Watch Out For

Our parents might have spent years telling us never to accept anything from a stranger, but now it seems as though we can finally approach that man with the watches in his coat. That is if he comes with a set of cartoon eyes and shiny fedora. What is there not to trust? What started as a set of electricity meters has soon turned into an uplifting way for people to see how much time they have in this back alley. Wait…

Street art where electricity meters have been turned into a cartoon man selling watches from the inside of his coat

Pinked-Up Pipes

All those health and safety warnings are necessary, we get it. But why does that mean we have to have such a boring piece of kit to make the point? Although electricity is dangerous, Tom Bob was willing to take the risk to brighten up this wall with his addition. At last, a flamingo is a much more pleasing way to read all the warnings. We certainly won’t be forgetting the signs anytime soon with this piece of street art.

Electricity box that has been painted to look like a flamingo standing on one leg against a green background

Play Us A Tune

We could have been given all the time in the world, and we would never have seen this musical masterpiece lying hidden beneath an old water pipe. Thankfully, Tom Bob was there to show us what we have been missing out on all along. We see street buskers every day, but we bet you’ve never seen one quite like this before. We wonder how many songs he knows..? Drop a tip, and you might get to find out.

Water pipe painted to look like a person in a black beret and red and white striped top playing a saxophone

Slithering Towards Love

Snakes might not be everyone’s favorite animal, but they have certainly earned a place in our hearts thanks to this street art. Now the kids no longer have to look at dull and boring railings on their way to school. No, they get to witness a love story unfold before their very eyes as they are reunited at last. How could you not love these reptiles after a sight like this? At the very least, the straightness of the lines is impressive.

Two railings that have been painted as one red and orange, and one blue and yellow snake that meet in the middle with a love heart

Bye Bye, Fly

Take a simple drain cover. Then turn that drain cover into a piece of art without drawing on top of it. Pretty hard, right? Not for Tom Bob. Sometimes, all you need to do is stand back and take a look at the whole picture to see it’s true potential. While we might not like to imagine a giant fly this big, we can at least rest assured that there is now a giant swatter that will keep us safe.

Red drain cover painted to look like a giant fly swat that has splatted a fly with its tongue sticking out

Lunch Time

Drain pipes are usually there to help things flow away, so what about something going the other direction? It might not be the first thought that comes to our heads, but it certainly leaves for some interesting street art. No longer do giant ants have to be an issue on the streets of New York, not when this giant anteater is on the loose to keep us safe! What started as something so simple has quickly turned into a work of brilliance.

Drain pipe painted brown to look like the nose of an anteater sucking up ants from the sidewalk

Always Watching

Of course, this piece of street art can be as creative or as terrifying as you choose. On the one hand, we can slowly feel ourselves being pulled back to social media thanks to the blue bird. Isn’t it strange? However, on the other hand, this addition shows us how easily the world can keep an eye on us without us ever knowing. Thankfully, not all birds are secret cameras, and we can go back to enjoying the quirky addition.

CCTV camera painted to look as though it’s the eye of a blue bird with a yellow beak and orange feet

Waterfront Friend

If you head to the coast, you might expect to see some sights or two. A boat, ice cream, and maybe even a few animals. But what about all those boring ship bollards? Although they’re there to do their job, that doesn’t mean that can’t inject some color into our bland lives. Thankfully, Tom Bob stuck with the waterside theme as turned this once dull stone into a brand new ribbiting friend. Better hope they don’t hop off with a boat!

Ship bollard painted bright green to look like a frog sitting at the edge of the water with its tongue sticking out

Shaking It Up

It’s a peaceful day in the city, and there’s no better time to open the window and enjoy some fresh air. That is until the construction workers down the street bring their gas-fuelled machines to life and shatter the quiet. Thanks. Oh wait, it’s just another piece of street art created by Tom Bob that shows how even the most simple of electrical boxes can be turned into something entirely new, like a construction worker and jackhammer.

Electrical box that has been turned into a construction worker wearing a hardhat using a jackhammer

The Force Is Strong

Princess Leia, aren’t you a little short to be a fire hydrant? We’re not sure she would appreciate the same questioning in real life, but at least the people of Long Beach get to soak up this art that is out of this world. Those buns have become an icon of a generation and have been seen everywhere ever since, but we never thought it would be on the street. We’re not sure we’ll ever look at fire hydrants the same…

Fire hydrant painted to look like Princess Leia wearing a white robe with brown buns and red lipstick

Dressed Up For The Streets

Sometimes we forget to inject that touch of class into our everyday outfits. When did it become fashionable to wear a pair of low-hanging pants over a full suit? We’ll never know. Thankfully, this cartoon addition is there to remind us to keep things fancy with his bowler hat and button-up suit combination. Amazingly, it’s almost impossible to tell where the dials on the wall even are any more thanks to a bit of clever spray paint.

Dials and a pole on the wall painted to look like a smiling man wearing a black suit and bowler hat

Breaking The Ice

Tom Bob goes to prove that even the broken and shattered things in this world still have the potential to become beautiful pieces of art. What starts off as a bit of harmless fun soon turns into a reminder of the effect global warming is having on our polar friends. Hopefully, this piece got people to stop ignoring the cracks in the sidewalk and focusing on the world’s problems around them. No one can change the world alone!

Cracked slab in a sidewalk painted to look like a shattered piece of ice with a polar bear floating on a lilo wearing sunglasses

Buzz Off

Okay, while this piece of street art might be impressive, we’re not sure we’re happy at the thought of having to look at a giant flying bug every day. That being said, it sure does beat the end of a drain sticking out from the wall. At least this way we get to enjoy some color up there for a change. As long as the bug stays up there and doesn’t start flying around, then we can cope with it in our lives.

End of a drain painted bright blue to look like a flying bug with yellow feet and yellow and red antenna

Gnome In Need

Oh no, what could a gnome be doing roaming the streets of Brooklyn all on their own? Don’t they know how dangerous it can be? Especially when you should be fishing next to a pond in someone’s backyard. The worst part? The offender left their trail of destruction at the scene of the crime. Although this one didn’t make it back to the great outdoors, at least we get to enjoy the view of our splattered friend each day.

Concrete bollard painted red to look like the shape of a gnome’s hat with the rest of their body splattered on the sidewalk with a tire mark on their back

Knighted In The Street

Drains. They’re everywhere. Without them, we would be overrun by water – especially in the city. If there are so many around, why do they have to be so plain and boring all the time? Answer: they don’t. At least, not when Tom Bob is around. No, this street artist has taken something so simple, flipped it on its side, and created a brand new look entirely. At last, the drain covers of the world are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Drain cover that has been turned into the grill of a knight’s helmet painted with a red feather on top

Lights With A View

Sure, this giraffe might resemble Randall, the color-changing monster, more than the graceful animal that lives out in the Savanna, but we love it all the same. Climbing up flights of stairs to find your car after a long day at the office no longer has to be boring. Now, you can picture all those African vacations you would rather be on instead. The sun. The views. Actually, we’re not sure that would be much motivation after all…

Two lights used as the eyes on the face of a giraffe painted up a red and white wall of a stairwell

Feel A Little Pinch

We’re not sure the idea of sitting on an actual crab would be too pleasant. Thankfully, Tom Bob has given us the chance to sit on this makeshift crab instead. Although, judging by its expression, we still don’t trust this crustacean not to give a little pinch to anyone that gets too close. The boardwalk no longer needs to be brightened up by the collection of Hawaiian shirts. Now, all it takes is some sea creatures to get the town talking.

Wooden bench painted bright red to look like a grinning crab with its legs and claws painted on the floor

Pushed To The Limits

Los Angeles is filled with gym bunnies looking to get buff and fit working out. However, now it seems as though even the electrical boxes are getting on board with the health craze. Seeing this in the street might not conjure up images of people pushing themselves to the limits. Perhaps you need to be surrounded by the fad every day to reap the full effects? We’re pretty sure we’d get enough of a workout after laughing at this creation.

Two electrical boxes painted to look like two people wearing leotards working out in the street

See Ya Later, Alligator

Yes, we admit it. There might have been one (or one hundred) times that we mistook a log for a croc. Can you blame us? Those things are scary! But we’re really not messing around this time. This is definitely a ‘gator of some kind. That, or we have been tricked once again. Maybe it is just a wooden sleeper after all. One day we’ll be right about the unwanted guest, and no one will be laughing then…

Wooden parking bollard screwed to the floor painted green to look like a crocodile with white eyes and pointed teeth


It seems as though drain covers of all types can become anything they want to be in the right hands. This one had dreams of becoming a bowling ball and guess what? They achieved it. Never let anyone keep you down. Tom Bob goes one step further than giving the drain over a new lease of life as the street artist cunningly roped in a nearby mains box to become the ball’s owner. It was too good of an opportunity to miss.

Electricity box and pipes, and drain cover that have been painted to look like someone bowling a strike

Street Art Inception

The back alleys of the city can be home to all the things that no one wants to see. Do you really want to walk past some grimy air vents every day of your life? Probably not. Rather than having an eyesore, Tom Bob got out his paint and gave them a new lease on life. Although, we’re not sure how much a giant bug helps put people at ease. At least they can do some street art of their own.

Air vents painted red and yellow with a green tank at the end painted to look like a bug spray painting the wall

Searching For A Heart

The Lion, the Scarecrow, and Dorothy – who else could be missing? Ah yes, the Tin Man. How could we forget the character that was ever searching for a heart? Well, you no rest as this street artist gave him the thing he had been searching for all this time. It’s got us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. But now we just hope the rest of his friends pop up around the city after achieving their own goals. We can dream.

Metal bollard painted silver to look like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz with a heart and carrying an ax

Slithering Waterworks

We’re starting to see a theme here between water pipes and reptiles. Perhaps this is one of Tom Bob’s calling cards out there on the streets of the world? Regardless, it takes a particular skill to transform these once dull pieces into a brand new creature. The best bit? This is no ordinary snake. No, this is the one from our dreams that comes complete with multicolored polka dots, and we love it. If only we could have one on our street, too.

Black water pipe covered in multicolored polka dots, so it looks like a snake coming up out of the ground

Nosey Bathroom Neighbor

Using a public bathroom can be bad enough. Top that off with a nosey neighbor who can’t help but peek over the stall, and it’s a recipe for disaster. So now what if we said you could enjoy this bathroom with a giant green alien painted on the wall to really ramp up the pressure? That’s taking it to the next level. At least the creature has his own urinal. Although, at this point, we’re not sure that’s any better.

An alien painted in a restroom, using the urinals and spying on everyone else in the room

Jumping To The City Beat

We’ve seen plenty of reptile railing cropping up thanks to Tom Bob. So you might be expecting to see another scaled creation with this one? That’s where you’re wrong. Here, the street artist has merely added to the railings rather than transformed them into something new. How clever! What started as a bike rack is now the highlight of a girl playing jump rope – how can one person have such a creative mind? And where do we get one?

Bike rack with a girl painted on the floor to look as though she is using the railing as a jump rope

Russell? Is That You?

It might have been nearly ten years (yes, we know) since Up first hit our screens, but it’s still too soon. How can one animated film hit you in the feels so many times in 90 minutes? We’re not sure, and to be honest, we’re still haven’t emotionally healed just yet. So if you need yet another reminder of the classic movie, then Tom has you covered. As if that wasn’t enough, the artist grabbed some balloons to complete the look.

Fire hydrant painted to look like Russell from Up wearing his scouting uniform and with balloons tied on his arm

Jammin’ In The Streets

Sometimes it can be hard to see where Tom Bob reaches for his inspiration. However, this electricity box gives us a little inside into the artist’s great mind. Those wires look familiar. What could they be? That’s it. The hair of the legendary singer Bob Marley. After seeing these wonderful creations, it can make us wonder how we missed them for so long. At least now we can enjoy the colorful additions to our daily commute through the city.

Electricity box painted to look like Bob Marley wearing a green tank top and jeans with the wires as his dreadlocks

Sweet Treat

It’s those pesky air vents, and they’re back once again to bring down the entire feel of a building. How could they do this to us? If only we all had a Tom Bob. Sure, those spinning blades could be anything. Never did we think it would become a pinwheel for a girl. She might be made of paint, but we can enjoy smiling and waving at this addition every time we walk past. As well as really wanting a pinwheel. Darn.

Air vent that has been painted to look like a girl in a striped dress wearing green shoes holding onto a multi-colored pinwheel

Bring It On

Trash cans aren’t the first thing we think of when it comes to brightening up the city. After all, their job is to hold garbage – how could they ever bring new life to the world? That’s where you’re wrong. If you want a unique, if not slightly scary, garbage can then Tom is your artist. At least you can rest easy at night knowing no one will steal your trash can while you sleep. You’ll always know which one is yours now!

Trash can painted to look like a Spartan warrior wearing a helmet with a beard while screaming

Drawing In All The Ladies

Look how happy and smiley this little pencil is?! Not surprising when he’s being surrounded by allll the ladies in their bikinis, posing for the perfect Instagram shot. This boring beach bollard got a touch of artistic Tom Bob’s creativity, to brighten up the seaside a little more. We hope that this little pencil has an eraser on his head and he’s not just sunburnt. Someone get him a big beach hat – just in case!

A beach bollard painted yellow and pink to resemble a pencil and eraser, surrounded by women in bikinis