Reality Weight Loss Stars – Then & Now

Laura Perez – Then

Laura Perez lost a massive 300 pounds when she was on the show, My 600 lb Life. Whilst she strictly was never 600 lb in weight, she did weigh a morbidly obese 541 pounds, which she lost through surgery and a change in lifestyle that meant a drastic transformation of her diet and exercise regime. She was a popular lady on the series and the show’s audiences were keen to see how she could turn her life around. Click next to see whether she managed to maintain her new weight.

Laura Perez – Now

Laura Perez is still incredibly slim after her she finished on the show. Whilst this has had a positive impact on her physical health, she has mentioned that her relationship has suffered for it. Her husband, Joey, was her primary caregiver when she was morbidly obese, and he now feels a little sidelined. The pair are working on this together and finding new ways to support each other now that Laura is much more active around the home. She does, at least, love the new lease of life she has.

Ryan Benson – Then

Ryan Benson was the original biggest loser on the first ever series of The Biggest Loser. He managed to lose a whopping 122 pounds in front of audiences who sat glued to the TVs wondering how much Benson would lose each week. The show obviously really worked for him with its regime of diet and exercise. But did he manage to keep it off? Keep reading to see how Benson is doing now that he no longer has the tools of the show at his disposal.

Ryan Benson – Now

Benson is said to weigh around 300 pounds now that the show is over, which is near what he weighed when the series first started. Remarkably, he says that he seemed to gain a huge 32 ponds simply by drinking water again as soon as the show finished. Unfortunately, when people lose weight quickly, like the show encourages, it does tend to be just down to water retention. However, he also says that he fell back into old habits very quickly.

Christina Phillips – Then

Christina Phillips was a much loved member of the show My 600lb Life and first appeared in it when she weighed just over 700 pounds. Like other members of the show, she underwent a gastric bypass surgery which helped her to lose a huge 536 pounds. She weighed 183 pounds when the show ended. She was determined to lose the weight so that she could start living her life properly again. Look at what she does now that she has lost all that weight by clicking next.

Christina Phillips – Now

Christina is still incredibly slim. In fact, she has actually struggled with her weight in the opposite way – she now will go days without eating if she sees the number on the scales go up. She is trying to work on this for both her physical and mental well being. Since the show, she has divorced her husband claiming that the relationship was abusive and unhelpful to her remaining slim. Her ex husband apparently did not like Christina’s new found independence. She is now dating a long term friend.

Kelly Miner – Then

When Kelly first started the show, the Biggest Loser, she was not the biggest ever contestant, but she certainly had some curves that she wanted to lose to help her regain some much lost confidence. She weighed 242 lbs when season 1 of the Biggest Loser aired. The show’s tough and strict regime really worked for her and so audiences saw the pretty brunette shed a huge 79 pounds during her stint on the series. Click next to see how she did when the cameras stopped rolling.

Kelly Minner – Now

Kelly was very different to the season’s winner, Ryan Benson. She did the exact opposite of him when the show stopped running. While he piled most of his lost weight back on, Kelly went on to lose even more weight. When the cameras finished rolling, she weighed 163lbs. She now weighs an incredible 140 lbs, bringing her total weight loss to just shy of 100 lbs on the nose. She says she feels so much healthier and happier for it too.

Amber Rachdi – Then

Amber Rachdi lived at home with her parents and boyfriend, Rowdy, during the show. She weighed 660 lbs when the show first aired and went on to lose more than 400 pounds to the slim lady that appeared at the end. She used to have to use a stool to help herself climb the step up into her parent’s minivan – the only form of transport big enough to take her anywhere. Click next to see whether Amber Rachdi kept the weight off and how else her life changed.

Amber Rachdi – Now

Amber and her boyfriend soon split up after the show. Whilst he was incredibly supportive of her and her weight loss, he admitted that he preferred larger ladies, plus Amber did not depend on him the same way that she had done in the past. She is now engaged to another gentleman and has managed to keep her weight down. She loves showing off all the active things she can now do on her social media accounts – like climbing trees, an activity that she simply could never have managed before.

Matt and Suzy Hoover – Then

When the pair were on series two of The Biggest Loser, Matt weighed 340 pounds and Suzy weighed 227. They managed to lose over 250 pounds between them, though that obviously was not the biggest win for the pair. It is where they met and fell in love. Suzy was then Suzy Preston and the pair have since got married and had children together. Click next to see whether the Biggest Loser diet and regime helped kickstart them into keeping their extra weight off for good.

Matt and Suzy Hoover – Now

The happy couple and parents to two boys have put a little bit of weight back on. However, they both have claimed that they are very happy and that is the thing that is most important to them. They also have stated that the Biggest Loser regime was exceedingly tough and strict and almost impossible to follow after the cameras stopped rolling – not least because the daily access to personal trainers and nutritionists and chefs had then been taken away.

Paula Jones – Then

Paula Jones weighed 533 lbs when she appeared on My 600 lb life. She was keen to lose weight on the show, driven by the determination to be healthy for her children. She claimed that the thought of dying due to her morbid obesity was scary to her as she did not want to leave her children without a mother. She underwent surgery on the show and lost 269 lbs within a year. Read on to see how she is doing now and whether she managed to maintain her weight.

Paula Jones – Now

Paula Jones’s life has been completely transformed by her weight loss. Spurred on by her new ability to be more active, she shares her achievements with her followers on her hugely popular Instagram account. She has even co-hosted a summit dedicated to weight loss and empowerment in the city of Atlanta. She often remarks how her life is so much better since her diet and that she is now capable of being the mother she always wanted to be.

Erik Chopin – Then

Erik Chopin was the Biggest Loser in season three. He weighed an unhealthy 407 pounds when the cameras started rolling and he was tasked with losing as much as possible to win the series. The tough daily routine worked for him and he lost 217 pounds, which was a record for the show at that point. It took another five years for someone to beat his amount. He has since had some surgery to remove excess skin from his body. Click next to see if he kept the weight off.

Erik Chopin – Now

Erik Chopin has had an up and down ride with his weight loss since his series of The Biggest Loser. He did regain an awful lot of what he had worked hard to lose and so saw his weight near 370 pounds again. However, he has now started to lose weight again through a healthy diet and exercise regime and so his scales now read 245 pounds. He is determined not to see his weight creep back up again to unhealthy levels that it reached in the past.


Charity Pierce – Then

Charity Pierce was close to death’s door when she first appeared on the show My 600 lb Life. She weighed a huge 778 pounds which is a weight that her heart would struggle to cope with for much longer. She underwent gastric bypass surgery on the show as well as having several other operations to remove some masses that had formed on her legs that were causing her a great deal of pain. She also had 38 pounds of skin removed to help her achieve weight loss.


Charity Pierce – Now

Charity Pierce dropped a large 500 pounds after her surgeries and is almost unrecognizable to her former self. She claims that she felt like a prisoner in her own body but that losing so much weight was far harder than she ever could have imagined. Given the vast amount of excess skin that she had on her body, she would often contract some infections that would then impede any further weight loss. She still tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle though to keep healthy for her daughter’s sake.

Bill Germanakos – Then

Bill Germanakos was on the fourth season of The Biggest Loser. He weighed 334 when the series started, which was a lot for his 5”8 frame. His doctors had told him that his blood pressure and cholesterol were at incredibly unhealthy levels and that he needed to lose weight. He lost 164 pounds whilst on the show. Think he kept the weight off? Or not? Keep on clicking to see what Bill Germanakos is up to now and whether he was able to maintain his lower weight.

Bill Germanakos – Now

Bill Germanakos has only gained 37 pounds since the show. This could be down to water retention. Arguably, he is actually healthier than when he finished filming the show as he has since become a spinning instructor – a job he absolutely loves. He claims that it is incredibly inspiring trying to help people achieve their goals like he managed to reach his. He has said that knowing how hard it can be to lose weight helps him teach his classes in the best way possible.

June McCamey – Then

June McCamey starred on My 600 lb Life and so had her weight loss documented before the cameras both before and after she had a gastric bypass operation. She had initially gained her weight following the untimely death of her son causing her to comfort eat during her darkest moments.  Post the operation, and with a mixture of updating her lifestyle through diet and exercise, she dropped that weight to 389 lbs. She has a big Facebook following and chronicled the highs and lows of her journey on her page.

June McCamey – Now

June McCamey still lives in Texas but has sadly split up from her lesbian partner since she has lost weight. June was heavily reliant on her girlfriend, Sadi Gregory and the weight loss seemed to change something in their relationship. June has since had to have several surgery to have excess skin removed from her body – in particular off her thighs where she carried a great deal of her weight. She has also sought help from therapists to help her come to terms with the death of her son.

Ali Vincent – Then

Ali Vincent was on the fifth series of The Biggest Loser and was the first female to win the show and its huge cash prize.  She had entered the show weighing in at 234 lbs. The shows grueling routine worked for her and she managed to lose 112 pounds off her 5’5” frame. Intrigued to see whether this petite brunette managed to keep the weight off? Keep clicking to see how she has fared in the 10 years since the show originally aired.

Ali Vincent – Now

Vincent is another former contestant that has had an up and down relationship since her stint on The Biggest Loser. She managed to maintain her weight for a while and then she slowly started to gain 5 pounds here, and 5 pounds there. She soon found that she was nearing the weight that she started the show as and so resolved to become fit again. Her latest weight loss journey was documented in the ABC show ‘Live Big with Ali Vincent’ which saw her return to a healthy weight.

Melissa D Morris – Then

Melissa had to use a mobility scooter to get around given her large weight. She weighed 653 lbs when she was at her biggest. It was at this point that she underwent a gastric bypass operation whilst on the show My 600 lb Life. Her main motivation for losing weight was to have children and so she managed to lose a whopping 500 lbs. Click next to see how Melissa got on with life once she had lost the weight, and whether she managed to keep it off.

Melissa D Morris – Now

After Melissa lost the weight that she had been hoping to lose for so long, she managed to have a healthy little girl. She now claims that she wants to maintain her lower weight so that she can be a good mother to her daughter. She has declared that she does not want to be skinny, but she does want to be healthy. Her surgery was a huge help in her weight loss and she managed to keep it off by giving up her old diet of junk food.

Michelle Aguilar – Then

Michelle Aguilar was The Biggest Loser’s second female winner in the sixth season of the show. She won the huge cash prize by losing 132 pounds. She had started the show at seeing 242 on the scales. She was wearing dress size 20 and did not like how unhealthy that made her feel. While she found the show incredibly tough, she was grateful to it for kickstarting her life into a healthier mode. Want to see whether she kept the weight off for good when the cameras stopped?


Michelle Aguilar – Now

Michelle Aguilar remains tight lipped about her weight now, but from the images she posts on her social media accounts she looks to have remained pretty slim, either way. She is also a mother now as well as a wife and author having penned the book Becoming Fearless which was published in 2011. Her now husband proposed to her just a few days after the finale of the series, which was the icing on the cake for her. She is reported to have used her winnings to fund the wedding.


Danny Cahill – Then

Danny Cahill was crowned the Biggest Loser on season 8 of the show in 2009. He weighed a large 430 pounds at the start of his weight loss journey. Having always struggled with his weight, he applied for the show as a last ditch attempt to finally kick start his body into shedding the fat so that he could lead a long and healthy life. He broke all The Biggest Loser records and lost a huge 239 pounds that saw him beat all others and take home the cash prize.

Danny Cahill – Now

Danny managed to keep off pretty much all of the 239 pounds that he lost on the show for a short while. He toured the USA as a weight loss motivational speaker and singer as a consequence, but he slowly put almost all the weight back on eventually. He claims that the strict diet the show advocated ruined his metabolism so that to stay slim, he can only eat 800 calories a day. He admitted to The New York Times that he now weighs almost 300 pounds.


Donald Shelton – Then

Donald Shelton starred on My 600 lb Life in 2012. He was 675lbs and so morbidly obese. The episode he starred in documented his weight loss journey over a long four years. In that time, he managed to lose almost 300 lbs through the help of his gastric bypass surgery and a massive overhaul of his diet and lifestyle as prescribed by his doctors and surgeons. Keep clicking to read whether Donald was successful in keeping the weight off and maintaining his new lifestyle.

Donald Shelton – Now

Sadly, Donald Shelton has an unfortunate set back in the continuation of his new found slim physique. He was unfortunately diagnosed with Guillain-Barre disease which affected his ability to walk as it made him so weak. As a consequence, he gained back 200lbs which constricted him to a wheelchair. However, when his weight broke his chair, he vowed that he would try to lose weight again. He has made some inroads to becoming a healthy weight once more – the progress of which he documents on his Facebook account.

Helen Phillips – Then

The pretty blonde started her weight loss journey in season 7 of The Biggest Loser. She won the series and was consequently the show’s oldest winner to date to take home that six figure cash prize. She managed to diet and exercise her way from 257 lbs to a diminutive 117 pounds on her petite frame. To see whether Helen Phillips managed to maintain her svelte figure after leaving the show behind, click next to see what happened to her.

Helen Phillips – Now

Helen Phillips now lives in Michigan and looks to have gained a little weight from her social media accounts – though she certainly has not shot back up to the weight that she once was. She has also appeared in a promotional video for Street Strider since the show. She is not known to talk about her weight publicly, but it is thought that her new healthier lifestyle has had positive implications on her husband’s weight too who is said to have lost 60 pounds himself and come off his diabetes medication.

Penny Saeger – Then

Penny Saeger was a part of My 600 lb Life back in 2014 when she was obese. She was a controversial member on the series and is sadly memorable for some of the worst reasons. She did not try stick to her doctor’s advice in terms of diet and exercise after her gastric bypass surgery. She has a son but unusually for a mother, she didn’t appear to want to change so she could be a healthy mother to him. Click next to see what happened to Penny.

Penny Saeger – Now

Penny Saeger’s weight loss journey remains shrouded in mystery. It is thought that she is mainly the same weight as she was when she first started on the show. In fact, whilst it is now known to be untrue, rumors were rife that she had in fact passed away from complications caused by her weight. Her social media accounts, whilst quiet, do involve her looking happy however with her son and husband often enjoying family outings like any other family would do.