Here Are 7 Keanu Reeves Streaming Recommendations on Amazon and Netflix

Keanu is a great actor and even though most of us know him as Neo and John Wick, he has played more great roles in other movies. Here are some of them:

River’s edge

Keanu played Matt in River’s edge as one of his first films in his career at age 22. The film was based on a psychopathic teenager who did not mind killing his own girlfriend. Keanu was the co-star of the film together with Crispin Glover who was one of the stars in the ’80s.
The film was exemplary as it showed that it is not only heavy metal music nor the rap music that influenced kids to become violent.

The Gift

In this film, Keanu Reeves is now an abusive husband in one of the towns in Georgia. He plays Donnie Barksdale alongside her meek and vulnerable wife Hilary Swank Valerie. The movie was also filled with other stars including Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear, Cate Balnchett and Giovanni Ribisi.


This was a 2005 Francis Lawrence DC Comics movie which was all thrilling and all fantastic in Keanu’s way. His sly performance on the role was quite amazing; it was just like seeing the same John Wick going directly to John Constatine’s whole body.

My Own Private Idaho

We all know what was going on back in the ’90s concerning LGBT. It was at this period that My Own Private Idaho presented Keanu Reeves and the late River Phoenix as Scott and Mike respectively. You wouldn’t help but admire the two as they spent their moments together in a time when the bespoke relationship was condemned by many.
It goes without saying that Keanu had really established himself in the film industry. He had featured in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure back in 1989. His popularity was therefore at risk when he was undertaking the Idaho film concerning the fact that he was at the peak of his career then at his mid -20s.

I Love You To Death

This is one of the best comedies that has ever been made. William Hurt and Keanu Reeves combine to make one hilarious couple that will leave your ribs broken. We can say that surfer boy Ted is funny but when you add William, you bring out quite an elevated thing. You would surely want to taste the juice in this brilliant Lawrence Kasdan movie.

Always Be My Maybe

This is another Keanu Reeves thriller that just came out in 2016. Keanu embodies Detective Scott Galban who is far much too romantic for his job, I would say. There is a bit of hilarious juice with the arrival of Keanu. He comes in as the boyfriend to Sasha and he really lights the movie up.

Swedish D-cs

One thing that you might have notice with Keanu Reeves is that he really loves to work with his co-actors. River Phoenix and Winona Ryder can certainly attest to that.
This show is an excellently performed TV mini-series with just 13 episodes. Reeves takes a small yet important role to give you something that you will really enjoy.
You can stream this movies now on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes.