Best Romantic Movies in Hollywood

Romantic movies have a huge fan following in Hollywood and all over the world. The movies portray emotion, drama, and romance and fill the fans with optimism. There have been many classic romantic movies made in Hollywood. Some of the best romantic movies made over the years in Hollywood are as follows:

Titanic (1997)
Titanic was an epic romantic movie directed by James Cameron. The movie is a timeless classic romance between Jack Dawson a penniless artist and Rose Bukater who belongs to the upper echelons of the society. The chemistry between the actors and the romance between them is very realistic. The movie was an instant hit and received 14 Academy Awards nominations and it won 11 out of them.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
The movie discusses and dwells on the notion that does sex makes it impossible for men and women to remain friends. Harry and Sally discuss their ideas after college on relationships. Harry opines that men and women cannot be friends as sex becomes involved. Sally does not agree with this idea and they part ways on unagreeable terms. They meet ten years later and discuss their lives and experiences. They have changed over the decade due to life experiences. After meeting they get closer and start a new life together.

Say Anything (1989)
Say Anything was a popular romantic movie made in 1989. It was a realistic, funny, and warmhearted romantic movie. Lloyd Dobler falls for Diane Court at their high school graduation ceremony. Lloyd meets Diane’s family and fails to impress them. Diane works in a retirement home owned by her father. The two of them come closer and get intimate in due course of time. Jim, Diane’s father is not happy with their relationship and urges her to break up with Lloyd. Diane breaks up with Lloyd and they go through a harrowing time. They are brought together again by interesting turn of events.

Pretty Woman (1990)
Pretty Woman is an unusual but heartwarming romantic movie. The plot is a love story between a businessman played by Richard Gere and a prostitute played by Julia Roberts. The chemistry between the lead actors and the ease with which they portray the love on screen makes the audience fall in love with both of them and the story. It makes the heart yearn for the right person who will make one’s wishes come true. This was a classic Hollywood romantic movie.

P.S. I Love You (2007)
Holly and Gerry are married and live in Manhattan. They love each other but also have fights among them. Gerry suddenly dies of brain tumor and Holly misses him badly. She withdraws away from her family and friends due to her grief. On her 30th birthday, Holly receives a cake with a message from Gerry. It is one of the many meaningful messages which Gerry had arranged to get delivered to her after his death. The beautiful story of the young widow Holly who gives life a second chance guided by the messages from her departed husband is a heart-wrenching story. The movie will surely touch the hearts of the audience every single time they watch it.