Best Villain Characters in Hollywood

Playing the role of a villain is considered to be the toughest task for an actor. It is not easy to play a negative character on the screen. Playing a negative character may not be accepted too well by the audience and it may harm the actor’s prospect. There have been some actors who have played legendary villainous characters on the screen which will be remembered forever. Some of the best villainous characters played in Hollywood are as follows:

Darth Vader
Darth Vader is the villain in the popular Star Wars movies. The character has been appreciated by critics and the fans worldwide. Vader’s story is a blend of tragic incidents and evil. His story is filled with twists and turns and ends in redemption with help from Mark Hamill’s Luke. The character is helped by the overarching presence of David Prowse and the booming voice of James Earl Jones which gives it an awe-inspiring aura. Darth Vader owns screen time in the Star Wars movies and comes across as a cold-hearted villain. He also wears a mean cape which adds to his menace and the fear he instills.

The Joker
The Joker is one of the best villainous character played by the late Australian actor Heath Ledger. Ledger locked himself for weeks and studied the actions, smiles, body language etc. of the Joker to prepared for the role. The Joker was meant as a fun figure in the original Batman stories. Christopher Nolan though introduced shades of dark and evil in the character. The Joker came across as a satirical villain who would go to any lengths to achieve what he wants and as a character who loves to watch the world burn and suffer. The character became hugely popular and Ledger won the Academy Award for the character after his death.

Loki is the villain of the Marvel movies who wanted to enslave humanity. In a movie field with cast of superheroes vying to protect humanity and the world, the character of Loki established its own popularity as a villain. The character of Loki was filled with shades of dark and evil and instilled fear in the world. The credibility of the character and its execution can be understood from the fact that a villain made such an impact in movies filled with superheroes. The acting skills of the actor and the punchlines were top-notch which made Loki a villainous character to remember.

Hannibal Lecter
Anthony Hopkins played the character of Hannibal Lecter in the movie The Silence of the Lambs which was the protagonist in the movie. Lecter was a brilliant psychiatrist who was also a violent psychopath. While the actions of the great villains stand out, the uniqueness of Hannibal Lecter’s character was its creepy stillness and silence. The horror and evil of the character are more implied and overt. Anthony Hopkins won the Academy Award for best actor for this character.

Voldemort is the villain in the popular Harry Potter movies. The character is cold-blooded and evil and is a mix of man and snake. He is powerful and has supreme control over black magic. He has an eerie presence in the Harry Potter movies.