Why Casting Robert Pattinson As Batman Is The Best Choice

A decade after twilight, Pattinson is ready to play the most vampiric of comic book series characters; The Batman.
A colleague pointed out to me last week that he got all it takes for it. Rumor has it that Pattinson will get to show off both looks and talent in the Batman, in which the brooding Brit will closely walk in the sure footed footsteps of Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and George Clooney. Not to forget the latest big screen incarnation of DC Comics’ Caped Crusader, the famous emo superhero.

Why Casting Robert Pattinson As Batman Is The Best Choice

Not long ago, I wrote a piece for Esquire in praise of Pattinson and his determination to make films that are boldly satisfying. I ended that piece with the modest hope that Pattinson would see fit, at some point, to once again build his reputation and make himself proud by making a film with a wider appeal to not only the producers but also the consumers.

His choices have at times verged on the quixotic, but he has without a doubt done excellent work in interesting films. For instance, in the Twilight films where he was the pallid malicious vampire Edward Cullen. This by far much also saw him, now at 33 spend years licking his wounds from the quick scalding heat of the publicity. Last year’s Good Time-a gritty contemporary crime drama in which he gives a quite compelling performance as a desperate robber always on the run – is a recommended movie for those who only know him from Twilight.

It is at this moment that Pattinson feels ready to play Batman which is solidly the most vampiric of comic book characters where the mysterious millionaire, lives in a cave and only comes out at night!

As we all know, Bruce Wayne has previously acted with full intensity-Bale, twitchy wit-Keaton, quirky charisma-Clooney and barely no effort-Kilmer. He has been all camp-West and all constipated-Affleck. The big question remains, what will Pattinson incorporate to the role(s).

Also to those hoping for broad comedy, beware of Pattinson as he is a no smiling man. Neither does one associate belly laughs with Matt Reeves who is best known for two recent Planet of the Apes films and for Cloverfield besides being the writer-director of The Batman. The title in this case suggests a well laid Frank Miller-style approach, not unlike that of Christopher Nolan, instead of the surreal capers of the Tim Burton era.

Why Casting Robert Pattinson As Batman Is The Best Choice

Meanwhile, we can relaxingly look forward to The Joker, one of the latest franchise reboot in which another teen star(Joaquin Phoenix)turned acclaimed thesp, freely offers his take on the perma-smiling psycho, so contrasting, isn’t it? The psycho was previously embodied by Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto. All of them, I can comfortably say, performed very much brilliantly. And now, who knows? If that’s a hit perhaps they can get together on board in the awaited Batman vs The Joker and make every play count.