A Comparison of Robert Downey Junior’s Safe Time With Marvel and Being A Trust Fund Kid

Robert Downey Junior, famously known as Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is now set to take on something else. The MCU Iron-man had many titles behind him including; billionaire, genius, philanthropist and playboy.

A Comparison of Robert Downey Junior’s Safe Time With Marvel and Being A Trust Fund Kid

His fast nature of speaking alongside his spot-on performance really attracted many fans for him from all over the world. He was one of the pioneers of the ‘Avengers’ and he really did his best. Now that his character is no more, his stay at Marvel Studios is over thus allowing him to find another thing to do. He can’t certainly stay idle with his ‘genius’ mind, will he?

In an interview with Sam Jones, Robert Downey gives us a glimpse of his life without MCU. He said that the closest thing that he would ever come to be was a trust fund kid whilst likening it to a real bell-shaped curve.

To him, there is a dependency on something that would certainly be a sure thing. At the MCU, he embodied Tony Stark as he worked with the whole Avengers team, though, at times he could be a little off kilter.

He would also be quite creative concerning the fact that he was to get into the partnerships. Sometimes, he would pull back, leave and try to stand by himself and see if he would be upright.

However, this would really stress him up and he would be forced to either be in the partnership or stand alone.
Downey goes on to emphasize the fact that he is not the guy he was at the studio. He is not that period of time that he spent playing Tony Stark nor is he his work. This is all because of the aesthetic distance that you get to know and learn in theatre arts.

Well, to him, it is not that interesting that you are what you are and the next time you are not what you are in the studio because of the kid in all of us does not gladly embrace that fact.

It’s certain that Downey is on the process of adjusting in such a way that he needs to balance both sides positively. On one hand, he wants his characters to really resonate with people. On the other hand, he wants recognition and respect of the separation from his fans. All in all, he still adores the franchise and the Captain America Camaro he built for Chris Evans can clearly attest to that.

There is some other good news that the actor is undertaking another comic book, you might therefore be seeing him on Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth-comic-to-screen translation with which Hulu has already picked up not long ago.

A Comparison of Robert Downey Junior’s Safe Time With Marvel and Being A Trust Fund Kid

Thanks to his wife and producer Susan Downey who will play an essential part in the production. Robert Downey Jr. presents his last shot in Avengers: Endgame and you should really see him once again before he departs.