Is The Fast And The Furious Reaching The End?

The fate of the furious is a huge theme. It has a large audience of those who love ultimate too good to be true type action along with the mischief and the cool cars we see in the film. The fast and the furious seems to be a regular occurrence in the cinemas now and most wonder how many there is actually going to be. The first one came out in 2001 and it was an instant hit and most people thought it was the coolest movie out. After the two sequels it somehow seemed to die off and the audiences were just not there anymore. In 2009 the original cast got together to film fast and furious in hopes to brig back the spark in the movie scene.

Fast five then appeared that went from the street racing topic to heist films which actually made the series what it is today. Along cam furious 7 which became the sixth highest grossing movie of all time. With the fate of the furious the franchise seemed to see itself at an end again. When Paul Walker died in the filming process of furious 7 it meant there was one less loved star in the movie. People seemed to agree this movie took another turn again from a heist movie to a spy type of movie.
When looking at the first few films it was all about street racing and modified cars then the last three become more of a heist trilogy then it seems now that the fate of the furious is being kicked off with a small mini series. This could either make or break the franchise.

The plan now it to get the fast and the furious to start a new trilogy within its franchise but no one had expected it to last this long and go this far. Tokyo drift was a flop and there seemed to be a few comments arise stating it would finish the franchise. Vin Diesel the producer and one of the main characters announced on his Instagram account that the ninth and tenth films had been locked down of course but there was no comment on whether anymore were arising or if this was the end to a great set of movies.

With the known actors Charlize Theron, Kurt Russel and Helen Mirren there wont be any surprise if something pops out from the tenth film. The set of films is already the highest grossing franchise within the universal pictures meaning it wont be let down anytime soon. Vin wanted three more movies however universal’s Jeff Shell told the Variety that eventually everything will come to an end so we cannot keep making more and more of these and end up with a hundred in the set.

There is talk of a few spinoff film in the making that may create something of a interconnected fast and the furious universe, it seems to be the in thing. The character that may receive a spin off film is rumoured to be Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs but there is no confirmation yet. F
or the fans of the fast and the furious so far there is nothing to worry about when there is talk about the end of this franchise it is still going strong for what looks likes at least a few more years. There is still more cars to destroy, more stunts to pull off and plenty more hard to believe action to come yet before anyone can agree and put their foot down saying it’s time to finish the fast and the furious franchise and create something new.