Life After Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner

“We all know that Game of Thrones is about to end. It has been nearly two years coming, and after this season is over, the fantasy epic that we all know, and love will breathe its last. Whatever happens to our beloved and hated characters, we will know by the end of it.

What we might want to know is, what are the actors playing these memorable characters doing after Game of Thrones bring down the curtains to its story?
The X-Men Sendoff

Life After Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner, the one who plays Sansa Stark, has been long busy with other projects even before Game of Thrones was reported to be ending, and among those that she held, it was her role as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse that gave her the Hollywood attention.

She is going to reprise the role in what will be the X-Men’s send-off from 21st Century Fox in Dark Phoenix before they are taken into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The movie will feature Jean Grey’s struggles as she flips from good to bad, turning on her mutant family. This puts the X-Men in the toughest position they have ever been in as they face a fork in the road – to save Jean or to save the lives of millions.

The movie will be in movie theaters on 7th of June.


Turner will be playing the character of Penelope, the teenage girl who Freeman Bender, the protagonist and a war veteran with PTSD, will befriend. Not much is known about the movie as of yet since it is still in production.

She will also be working with Ray Liotta and Ivana Milicevic.


Sophie Turner is also set to play Juliane Koepcke’s story as she became the lone survivor on a plane crash back in December 24, 1971. Based on the real-life story of Koepcke as reflected in Stanley M. Brook’s dramatic thriller, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, we will follow Turner as she goes through the struggles of being the only survivor of the LANSA airliner when it was struck by lightning.

After surviving the 2-mile fall, she survived on her own through survival instincts alone before she was discovered and brought over to the hospital. They say it is an accurate depiction of Koepcke’s life. Only when the movie is released will we found out.


It is about a couple, Maddie (played by Turner) and Seven (played by Daniel Zovattoa), who are dabbing in dealing drugs among high class people.
Everything was going according to plan until a childhood friend comes back and everything just went south afterwards.

This will be under the direction of Jouri Smit and written by Seth Miller. Currently, it is in post-production and it is slated to be in cinemas later this year.

Life After Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner

As you can see, the end of Game of Thrones does not mean the end for Sophie Turner. She currently has a lot on her plate still. So, you will not be missing the eldest daughter of the Stark family any time soon. ”