Pay Gap in Game of Thrones, The Women Don’t Mind

Game of Thrones is a huge epic that followed the lives of several protagonist, none bigger than Jon Snow which the public has developed an attachment to. However, Kit Harrington is not the only star of the show.

Pay Gap in Thrones, Turner Says She Does Not Mind

You also have some the like of Sophie Turner who portrays Sansa Stark, one of the Stark siblings left in the show. Unfortunately, she made a comment about how Harrington and she had a pay gap, saying that he is being paid more than she was. As you read the headline or her comments, you cannot help but cringe and you can already hear the uproar of some activists who are fighting for equality among men and women pay.

Luckily, she took it back and mentioned that she did not mind the gap between their pays.

According to Turner, she understood the discrepancy in their pays since Kit’s character, Jon Snow, had a bigger storyline than she had. Also, he had crazy sequences of 70-night shoots, and that was why she decided to let it slide and let Kit have the money.

The night shoots have been the talk among the stars in Game of Thrones. According to them, they were grueling. Sometimes, it could run for 11 weeks. It even requires at least 750 people to finish and are normally done under freezing temperatures.

Other actors such as Iain Glen, who plays Jorah Mormont, admits that these shoots are really miserable.

On the other hand, Turner did mention that executives are always willing to listen to contract negotiations regarding pay. However, it is taking a while, but it is getting done. In addition, the actors are also allowed to push for a more diverse group among their crew. This includes pushing for more women staff in the crew that could hopefully lead to an equal number of men and women.

Gone are the days where celebrities would just agree to whatever they were given, and how they are treated. Those were the day when people would just accept being told ‘That’s showbiz baby’. Before, no one ever spoke about it, but now, in the #MeToo era, people have become more open to say what they want to say.

Some, would even go as far as publicly letting it out in public. Luckily, Sophie did not have instances as bad as the Weinstein incident. However, she did admit that looking back, she may have had times when she realized afterwards that it was not alright to have been treated that way.

Pay gap has been a huge issue, not just in show business but also in everyday 9-5 jobs, and people are fighting for it. In addition, there are more men than women in these jobs which some feminists are also trying to fight for.

Pay Gap in Thrones, Turner Says She Does Not Mind

Luckily, Turner understands that the pay gap is circumstantial to the story and the amount of work that each individual has to go through. If this was taken out of context, it could easily spell disaster to the show, and we would not have reached an eight and final season to a very successful series.