Things You May Not Know About Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington has become a big star for his time in Game of Thrones as one of its main protagonists, Jon Snow. The signature look of his sleek, black locks and those heavy fur coats is easily recognizable. However, this begs the question, what else do we know about our lovable, brooding King of the North?

Things You May Not Know About Kit Harrington


Kit Harrington was already acting before he started his career in front of a camera.

He started his acting career playing the role of Albert in the West End’s production of War Horse. In fact, even before it reached West End, he already had the role.

Harrington grabbed the role while he was still studying in the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in which he graduated by 2008. He was lucky that the show transferred a year later, otherwise, he might not have been included in the production, and we might have known a different Jon Snow because he was discovered by one of the show’s producers who was in attendance during the show. Impressed with what he saw, he invited him over for an audition.

More recently, he was part of a limited production run of True West. He was Austin in the adaptation of Sam Shepard’s stage adaptation. He was opposite Johnny Flynn, and the production ran from November 28 to February 11.


Did you know that his real name is Christopher Catesby Harington?
Do not worry if you did not because even, he did not know this fact until he was 11 years old. He always went by the name Kit, so he did not even bother knowing what his real name was.


He was asked during one interview regarding the truthfulness of his relationship with the man who invented the flushable toilet, John Harington. To his credit, he confirmed the rumor. He even claimed that is the reason why the term “The John”, which is slang for the toilet, originated from. He is just delighted that people back then did not think of coining the term “The Harington” instead of what it is known today.

The toilet that his relative made was made for Queen Elizabeth I.


This is because his birthday falls on December, and those who were born in December has a reputation of being ill-tempered. However, for Harrington, it stems from not getting enough attention especially that it falls on Boxing Day, which is yet another holiday in England.

This is compounded by the fact that December babies normally never gets separate birthday presents. As a result, you get a hot-headed Jon Snow in winter, maybe even enough to challenge the dragons.

Kit Harington has always been Jon Snow in the eyes of the public, from the pilot, and will always be even after the show ends. Might even be years from now. However, it is always nice to know that in spite the fame, he is still a person, and he has these little tendencies that makes him human.

Things You May Not Know About Kit Harrington

Long live King of the North!