5 Celebrities Who Don’t Age With Actual Age Numbers

Celebrities are always loved by common people and their fans. However, some of the celebrities appear young for their real ages. Some celebrities conceal the truth of age by tweaking with photoshop photos, makeup and plastic surgery. Yet, tweaking the birth certificate is impossible.

Jim Parsons

The Big Bang Theory’ Sheldon Cooper will be amazed to know this fact.
The character has brought fondness to his demeanor and childish antics in a full grown man that his 43 years are gone, leaving him more time in this acting world. It seems unfair that a 43 year old keeps his funny, youthful face, always fresh. Being a scientist, in real life it may leave you miserable and bald, even prior to hitting age of 30. Now, the Pandora Box is open and Sheldon Cooper’s secrets are out.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock represents the modern woman image.
At 50, Sandra Bullock personifies her elegance. She is certainly a model who has maintained her age and the younger Hollywood stars may look up to her to learn how to escape the teenage years. Sandra Bullock is a patron of plastic surgery is under study, whatever she has superb genes to thank. Definitely, Sandra Bullock is a celebrity who can forget about old age and retirements.

Jennifer Aniston

Brace your heart, if you have been watching ‘Friends’ and have fallen in love with Rachel.
Jennifer Aniston is on the close edge, teetering to 50. Many other women may look for asylum with grandchildren, pets, and sugar-filled desserts. She is a superwoman and definitely did not shy from doing in ‘we’re the Millers’ a steamy scene and also had no qualms in offering lessons to Will Poulter to kiss a girl. Jennifer Aniston is actually not the young girl she looks, but she will always have a spot as she always stays beautiful.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams’s performances and video are sure to swear his is nothing more than a school boy venturing into showbiz. Pharrell screams through his aging rejecting the adding numbers and is well-known for his personal style, face traits to his stature. Pharrell Williams is 43 years and yes he has not changed any bit yet with the time traveling feat. Pharrell Williams also bagged the award in 2005 for being the ‘Best Dressed Man in the World’. In fact, now after a decade also he has not stopped making waves. He wears his choice of clothes even today and appears or performs on the shows wearing formless, funky, and a wide hat.

Rob Lowe

Fans are sure to remember Rob Lowe for ‘Parks and Recreation’ for his best comedies as the lead comedy characters. His role, Chris Traeger was exemplifying how to stay in shape for a middle aged man and how to be the delight of female viewers. Hilariously Lowe revealed the attitude of his character and portrayed it with political correctness showing OCF signs. You have to accept the fact that Lowe’s birth certificate shows it as 1964 and it looks like the numbers are just adding up.