3 Celebrities Acquiring Fame Because Of Their Very Famous Parents

Hollywood celebrities are popular and the generational Hollywood stories are increasing with each year. The new famous faces become famous though they have nothing to contribute as work or get some fame. In the media obsessed society, becoming famous for notorious and terrible reasons has become common. In fact, being a well-known actor’s child is not an offense. However, the second-generation celebrity faces on the screen have not done half work as hard as the other actors struggling to get an average film. The actors children have no idea that it is only because of the pre-existing famous parents they are valued.

Here is a list of people coming from all walks of acting, modeling, fame from various regions and are in the celebrity level and now their children:

Lily Rose Depp

Her film career is comparatively very short. Yet, she has become prominent in a very small time and doing hardly a handful of films with her appearance. She had a good friendship with Haley Quinn Smith, Kevin Smith, the filmmaker’s daughter and this brought Lily Rose Depp appear in the foremost two films that Harley Quinn Smith wrote and directed. She was starring in Yoga Hosers alongside Harley Quinn and came in a cameo in Tusk almost as the same character. Of course, these movies were glorified; she followed in 2016 with The Dancer and Planetarium and will be seen in Moose Jaws. Her father Johnny Depp, the superstar actor also appeared in both films of his daughter in a ridiculous costume.

Miley Cyrus

There is no doubt that Miley Cyrus is a musician award winning and has given hit songs on radio and also has presented the most famous singing competitions on TV as contests, The Voice, that was renowned as her father was famous. He is now relegated to a sidekick position on The Voice and is acting for Miley’s team members as a singing mentor. The moment Miley gave her first public consciousness as Hannah Montana; she was recognized as the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, the undercover singing superstar. He also played on the series as her father and only after the country singer success, the annoying earworm song creation, Achy breaky heart and his TV series Doc, it received recognition. She now surpassed her father, but the fact cannot be denied that her dad alone gave her the platform.

Alison Eastwood

Alison Eastwood is now a prominent and recognizable name. The appearance is common in comedies such as Breakfast of Champions and Just a Little Harmless Sex. She also tried at drama her hand with Poolhall Junkies and Finding Harmony, and did not give up venturing with Shadow People into horror. She is a part of a franchise series initiated with Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink. No doubt her fame is associated to Clint Eastwood, her father. Her first 5 film credits received were all directed and produced by or even starring her father. Even her brothers, Kyle, the composer and Scott, an actor’s career is existing with their father name recognition.