Celebs Who Have Changed Styles

Looking for Hollywood magic? Everyone in the star-studded world expects a little bit of plumping, tucking, and lifting. But some celebrities come out with a total change. Sometimes it is really difficult to know if it is age, makeup, or something else. The celebrity faces are surely going with big-time changes.

A few years bag Renee Zellweger gave a shock with her new fact in 2014 Elle women, Kathy Griffin is also known for changing her face and Heidi Montag underwent 10 procedures a day. Many celebs try new diets, while some get filled and infected like Melanie Griffith and Nicole Kidman. Of course, the others are silent, but they are trying to change the look on their faces. Here is a list of a few celebs:

Lil’ Kim

In the recent few years, if you have not seen Lil’ Kim’s face, you will not that she looks different now. Her new face is due to plastic surgery. She has lightened the color of her skin and has already received on social media harsh criticism for altering facial features. Lil” Kim became nearly unrecognizable with many plastic surgeries coming up with more shocking results. In fact right from her nose that is thin from round, and complexion from black to brown, has bought complete change to her face.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie underwent the knife and has got fillers now her lips have received much more than mere fillers. Even her friends are convinced about her adding fillers. Kylie underwent jaw line reconstruction, a nose job, a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, and fillers in her hips.

Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis smashed the internet as his pics appeared hot on Twitter. It appeared as a magical face transformed into old-fashioned, good, puberty and growing up face. His body also appears fit with full abs.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan’s face is completely morphed over the years. The face that was all-American appeared in Sleepless in Seattle now have been replaced to be a ton of plastic. In fact, when Meg was out and roaming in Martha’s Vineyard, where she has her home, and the locals did not recognize her.

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is prominent for her snarky comedy, and is also open about the work she does. She detailed her experiences, including how she got toxicity from lipo and the time she visited the hospital. Her idea was to appear like Jennifer Aniston, but that did not really work for her, she said.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman announced in 2013 I will go for no surgery. She tried Botox and some say she had some nose job done, while some confirm lip augmentation. It is also believed to have facelift surgery to keep her young, pretty and maintained. Nicole Kidman did not admit ever that she went through cosmetic surgeries. She kept on saying her beauty is natural. Though even her genuine supporters and fans found massive changes in her face. Later, she confirmed about using Botox injections or dermal fillers.