Daisie: Helping Creative Artists Across the Globe

When you hear the name Maisie Williams, the first thing that comes to mind is Arya Stark and the series that she stars in, Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, the fantasy epic is about to start its final season next week, which might leave Maisie fans thirsty for more of the young actress.

Luckily, before all of this, maybe a year ago, she was working on a project that it aimed mostly at this generation’s youth. However, looking at the venture, it is set to help any creative artists who are in dire need of exposure.

The social mobile app is called Daisie, and the overall goal is not only to help aspiring talent to break into their respective careers, but also build meaningful relationships that might help them become successful.

Daisie: Helping Creative Artists Across the Globe

It is all about building foundations in one’s career.

According to one of its founders, Dom Santry, it was developed with the idea of addressing issues in existing social media sites such as Facebook which has an environment that is nor particularly friendly for collaboration. This is particularly true for newcomers.

Santry said that social media is a very lonely place where meaningful relationships are never built, and where creative voices, especially newcomers, are never heard with the influx of advertisement that riddle the social media platform.

Daisie, on the other hand, is supposedly more focused in giving these unheard voices the attention they deserve. In Williams’ own words, she said that she hopes the app will be able to provide others the opportunity that she was given when she was younger.

Moreover, it is working hand-in-hand with Daisy Chain Productions which opens up opportunities a lot faster. However, when it first launched, none of the connections between the two companies were seen.

Daisie: Helping Creative Artists Across the Globe


During the first few months after its launch, the biggest complaint that Daisie received was the lack of a desktop version. To be fair, it was slated to be a mobile app, and true to their word, it was only a mobile app. However, months later, you will notice that a desktop website has now been developed and it is fully functional.

The website is clearly a creative website. Down to every page, there is always an artistic flare to it. Even their ‘About Us’ page is made colorful will animation drawings. Child-like in appearance, but very creative.

Also, you can see in their blog how they are doing in terms of user database.
They are most popular in the United States. In fact, their total user count is the United Kingdom, Germany, and France combined, and they also have at least a user in places you would not expect. In addition, there are only three more countries that they have not reached, yet.

Maisie Williams’ life seems to be set after Game of Thrones have long been finished. She has her own tech company now, and we bet she will be busy with more shows and movies in the future. Whatever the future holds for Daisie, we are hoping it will only bring the best for those who seeks its help.