Hollywood Actors Who Overdosed & Passed Away

Drugs and alcohol are not uncommon in the film and media industry. Parties around H

Hollywood are known to have a free distribution of drugs that many stars find themselves involved in.  This affects many stars badly and ends up causing many problems. The lives of these seven actors ended up prematurely due to deadly combinations of medications and drugs.

Hollywood Actors Who Overdosed & Passed Away

Judy Garland

The Star of the Wizard of Oz, founded dead by her fifth husband in the bathroom of their rented apartment in London, 12 days after the 47th birthday. The autopsy has shown that it has been exposed to barbiturates, medicines used for sedating, and that the medications can be taken over some time, and not at once, because of which the possibility that Garland has committed suicide is rejected. On June 26, 1969, 20,000 people gathered!

Chris Farley

The last year in life, this successful comedian Chris Farley, had a big problem with the drug, which reflected on his health. At the age of 33, after spending the night partying with a prostitute, Farley fell down under on the floor in his apartment in Chicago. The prostitute ran away, and Chris’ body was found by his brother John. The autopsy showed that Farley was overdosed by a combination of cocaine and morphine, and the weak heart only worsened the situation.

John Belushi

In a fatal 33-year-old comedy star, best known for its role in Farm, John was found dead in the Chateau Marmont hotel room. Death occurred due to overdose of speedball, a combination of cocaine and heroin. An investigation was opened but didn’t go further, until two months later, when Cathy Evelyn Smith, a groupie girl, admitted in the newspaper interview that she personally gave more speedball drug to Belushi. Smith was later sentenced to 15 months for a murder.

Corey Haim

Corey Haim was a child star which glory led him to the “dark side” of drugs and alcohol. Haim was 38 when she fell down on the floor in front of his mother, and despite the rapid arrival of the ambulance, but they couldn’t help him. Haim died because of overdose with medicines, but later it’s found that a month before, using different aliases, he managed to get 553 pills with a receipts! The combination of pain medications and antidepressants has finally led him to death.

Hollywood Actors Who Overdosed & Passed Away

Heath Ledger

At about 14:45 on January 22, 2008, a housekeeper found unconscious Ledger in the bed of an Manhattan apartment. In panic, the housekeeper called first his friend Mary Kate Olsen, and then ambulance. Unfortunately, it was too late. Later investigation found that death was accidental, and was due to acute poisoning by a combination of six different prescriptive drugs.


A young 23-year-old actor was supposed to perform at Johnny Depp’s Viper Room Nightclub, along with friend Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, when he collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the club. At that moment, Brother Joaquin and Sister Rai were with him, who tried to revive him until Ambulance arrives. Phoenix was taken to a hospital but despite resurrection attempts, the actor passed away. Later it was discovered that River took a larger amount of cocaine and heroin shortly before he collapsed.