Hollywood stars who have changed appearences over the years

Many celebrities have destroyed their faces and figure in order to achieve perfection throwing a lot of money in surgery. What remains, at last, is that they have become a joke in the media and are usually trolled a lot for that. Sometimes spending a lot of money for show off reasons doesn’t really pay off and you end looking even worse. To look more pretty and to increase the influence among may these celebrities so such astonishing things. Some celebrities also undergo plastic surgery to hide their aging and to stay young. So we will proceed with the examples of Hollywood stars who did so and damaged their face.

Hollywood stars who have changed appearences over the years

Michael Jackson

The famous dancer and star of our time Michael Jackson hit the story related to this type of news. Though he developed Vitiligo the extensive plastic surgery led him to become unrecognizable by the time he died and he also becomes a troll material and for the media. Many sources said that he underwent plastic surgery 25 to 30 times of his nose, he lifted his forehead, thinned his lips and at last we got a Michael Jackson who becomes totally different from his former face.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was known for her beauty in Hollywood but God knows what made her to undergo surgery and now she looks like plastic. Her puffed face has not home unnoticed and many plastic surgeons speculate it as a result of injectable fillers.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Considered as one of the richest women of the United States of America, Jocelyn Wildenstein had undergone surgery to get a cat like eyes in order to impress her husband. However, the review said that she looks far better before to the surgery. According to the experts she had upper and lower eyelid surgery, a brow lift, facelift, and chin augmentation.

Hollywood stars who have changed appearences over the years

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is famous for her changing faces and in his process she has undergone approximately 700 plastic surgeries. Even some has compared her face with Play-Doh stretched across bowling ball. Even Jon Rivers also admit about her numerous plastic surgeries. She has multiple facelifts, neck lifts, and eyelid surgeries etc.

Mickey Rourke

After working in a movie like body heat and angel heart Mickey Rourke has become a well-known superstar but he gains to hit the newspapers, magazines, and blogs after his changed or face due to plastic surgeries. He got a distorted face, misaligned eyelid and pumped lips which were not liked by the majority of his fans.

Priscilla Wesley

She has undergone surgery and after that surgery, it appears that she is wearing a scary task. Even some have told that she looks like that she belongs to a horror movie. Her cheeks are little augmented and mouth is a little pulped.
These are a testimony to the fact that how a person is misusing or getting trapped in order to change the natural gift.