Most Important Families In Hollywood History

We all know that nepotism is as common in Hollywood as firing your agent or practicing an awards speeches in the mirror. But most of the time it can lead to some incredible things. So many Hollywood families step ahead in shaping their kids into becoming professional stars or producers and directors. These families are few but somehow they managed to improve their legacies generation after generation. 

David O. Selznick and Louis B. Mayer

David O. Selznick is the son of silent-movie producer Lewis Selznick. He forged into the greatest union of Hollywood families in history by marrying Louis B. Mayer’s daughter Irene. Mayer was known out to be one of the strongest studio heads in Hollywood. In the year 1927 he amassed almost 36 founders from different parts of the film industry to create upon the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His son Daniel Selznick turned out to become the film producer as well.

The Coppolas

The Coppola family has wide branches. Its roots started from the director Francis Ford Coppola. The director was the founder of Hollywood films like The God Father in 1972, The Conversation in 1974 and so many more. His daughter, Sofia Coppola, was honored with an Oscar for writing her second film, Lost in Translation. His son named as Roman Coppola is also the Golden Globe-winning filmmaker, and his other son named as Gian-Carlo Coppola was also a well known film producer.

The Warner Brothers

Next we have The Warner Brothers! In this family we have the names of Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner. They hold hands to built one of the first major Hollywood studios. They incorporated their company in the year 1923. They managed to release of the first “talkie” film in 1927 named as The Jazz Singer.

The Marx Brothers

The well known five Marx Brothers named as Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo, and Gummo are another name on our list!  The brothers turned out to be the major stars in the early 1900s, and become the part of many famous and celebrated Broadway revues. They also worked under the contract with the Paramount to bring the respected comedy touch in Hollywood. They released Monkey Business in 1931, Horse Feathers in 1932 and Duck Soup in 1933.

The Barrymores

On last we have the name of The Barrymores! They started in 1874 with Maurice Barrymore through his Broadway debut alongside actress Georgiana Drew. They eventually got married in 1876. Lionel is one of their daughters whose career of acting and direction spanned a lot through the stage and then on screen. Their kid, Ethel has the well known career in the theater as she was the founding supporter of the Actors’ Equity Association. Their third kid, John became the well known celebrated Shakespearean stage actor in the world during the 1920s.