‘Lady Stark’ Sophie Turner Cheers On Jonas Brothers At Penn State

Sophie Turner was the biggest of all cheerleaders during a small concert performed by her soon-to-be husband, Joe Jonas, along with his brothers at Penn State’s college bar Champs Downtown in State College, Pennsylvania on Friday.

‘Lady Stark’ Sophie Turner Cheers On Jonas Brothers At Penn State

She was seen waving a flag as she cheered on the brother’s and the crowd.
However, it was not the Jonas Brothers who received the most attention during the performance. It was the cheerleader herself as she received chants of “Lady Stark” as she recorded the crowd which was later posted on her Instagram.
Joe went on to her post and wrote the comment, “My Lady Stark” followed by a heart emoji.

The chanting might have been from Game of Thrones fans which is receiving a lot of attention due to the final airing soon. As a result, the excitement of the public is at an all time high especially when it is airing the following week.

The Jonas Brothers trio is a month removed from reuniting with one another when they suddenly dropped a music video for their new single “Sucker”. It has since received over 96 million views on YouTube. The concert was performed hours after they released a second single “Cool” which was also accompanied by a music video which had an 80s vibe going.

However, the concert was still a Jo Bro success. Joe even posted pictures on the band’s Instagram page of the crowd cheering with Sophie and Priyanka raising their glasses to the cheering crowd. They also had pictures of the group.
Aside from Priyanka and Sophie accompanying their partners, Kevin Jonas, the eldest of the three, had his wife for ten years, Danielle, with him.

The concert in Penn State was just one of the many small concerts that the trio has performed since they officially announced their reunion back in February. During the concert, the Jonas Brothers played their latest single “Sucker” as well as other past hits.

The band wrote on their Instagram page, “WE ARE PENN STATE Thanks for letting us stop by and play a few songs tonight!”

‘Lady Stark’ Sophie Turner Cheers On Jonas Brothers At Penn State

Earlier that evening, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas went on a triple date with Nick and Priyanka along with Kevin and Danielle. They ate at a Chinese restaurant called Mr. Chow in New York city before flying on a private plane to Pennsylvania.

On another news, the band announced last month that they will be having an official tour soon on top of the small concerts that they might do here and there.
You can just feel the buzz and excitement revolving around not only the Jonas Brothers but also Sophie Turner with Game of Thrones just around the corner. Also, church bells are soon to be upon her as her wedding with Joe Jonas was slated to be this year, and as Joe revealed, it is going to be a summer wedding in France.

Barring any changes, we are set to see another Jonas brother tie the night.
Like we said, these are exciting times for fans of the Jonas’.