Mindy Kaling Talked To Marvel About A Ms. Marvel Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe ended with Avenger: Endgame and you can bet that they are now going to introduce new characters that we have not seen before except in the comic books. The next slate is called Phase Four for now and the story is being arranged to make sure that it comes together as well as the last phase did.

A lot of talk has been going around about a hero named Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel. She is a Jersey City native and is the first Muslim superhero to headline her own comic. Many people in the industry have expressed their interest in turning this into a movie for the MCU. Mindy Kaling is one of them. She has had talks with Marvel about the character and as she says, the future looks okay.

Mindy Kaling Talked To Marvel About A Ms. Marvel Movie

She said that the people at Marvel are excited about the character and, now, trying to figure out how she will fit into all this. When she pitched, they seemed eager to help and now that there is a streaming platform made for them by Disney, they might do something about the character.
This is exciting news. Mindy Kaling has not revealed any definitive plans for the inclusion of Ms. Marvel into the MCU but the studio is interested. Riz Ahmed has also expressed interest and this might not take that long to bring Kamala Khan to the masses.

The most likely place that you will see this plucky hero will be the Disney+ platform where they will be streaming shows for the MCU. Kevin Feige has mentioned several times that they are going to go big on diversity to make the next phase even better than the one we finished with Endgame.

When Mindy Kaling was talking about the project, she also said that the person to play the character would have to be an unknown. It would be exciting to see a new face that we can get acquainted to and grow with as the story progresses.
This would be great because even in the comic books, the character is known for being a bit naïve and her perspective on the Marvel universe is different. Casting someone who is not known to play the character of Ms. Marvel would really put things into perspective. That is if the movie does happen. We were introduced to the ‘mentor’ of Ms. Marvel when

‘Captain Marvel’ hit theatres this year with Brie Larson at the helm.

Mindy Kaling Talked To Marvel About A Ms. Marvel Movie

Brie Larson has expressed her interest in the coming of Ms. Marvel into the MCU and it would even be better if she specifically made her entry in a ‘Captain Marvel’ sequel. We would get to see how the iconic Carol Danvers has influenced the young hero. The next MCU movie to come out this year will be ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home.’ It will be in theatres on July 2.
We hope the next universe will be as intriguing as the ones that we have learned to love and celebrate for the past 11 years.