An overlook at the top 10 Hollywood educated stars

Stars or actors are known for the ambitious nature. Some of them are highly graduated or some are dropouts or some stars are still studying. They are differentiated on the basis of their acting skills and obviously with their educational skills.
Here is the list of top 10 Hollywood stars that are highly educated.

An overlook at the top 10 Hollywood educated stars

Mayim Bialik

An incredible actress with the degree of doctorate in neurosciences. She is actually a neuroscientist. Her famous role was in Big Bang Theory as Amy, a neurobiologist from the University Of California- Los Angeles. Mayim chaya bialik has outstanding ambitious qualities. Research shows that she was also accepted in Harvard and Yale University but she chose University Of California- Los Angeles for doing bachelors in Hebrew and PhD in neurosciences.


Hill Harper

Hill harper a.k.a Dr. Stephen hawk, a well-known American actor. The hidden information about hill haper is that he is three Ivy leagues degree holder. His bachelor in arts was done in brown university. Harvard University which was followed by the degree of master’s in public administration from John Kennedy School of Government. Hill harper also has writing skills. He is also a known author.


Ken Joeng

Ken joeng is a person of bigger dreams and to achieve the in the field of comedy. But he persuade the dreams of his parents and join medical school and do his bachelors in pre medical studies from Duke university and medical degree from university of north Carolina chapel hill. While achieving his parent’s dreams, he did not let go of his dreams and act as standup comedian and a full time physician.


Rowan Atkinson

Popularly known as Mr. Bean a.k.a a loveable idiot. There is famous saying that don’t judge the book by its covering similarly don’t his acting skills deceive you. Rowan Atkinson is an electrical engineer degree holder from the oxford university. He was named as a BBC’s personality of the year.


Meryl Streep

She is also known as “best actress of generation” before collecting her Oscars she was busy in collecting in diplomas. She had done her bachelors in arts from Vassar College. She also has a master’s degree in acting from Yale University. Her ability gives consistently great performances.


Lupita Nyongo

A graduate from Hampshire College with a degree of film making and Africa studies. She also has masters in fine arts in drama.


Sigourney Weaver

She is a graduate from Stanford University and got the degree of bachelors in literature. After graduation she joined Yale University for getting a degree of masters in acting.


David Duchovny

He is a degree holder of B.A in English from Princeton University. He also has a master’s degree in literature from Yale University.

An overlook at the top 10 Hollywood educated stars

Bradley Cooper

A degree holder of bachelors in English from Georgetown University. From New York he got his master’s degree in acting from actor studio drama.


James Franco

He is a dropout student from University Of California- Los Angeles. He re-enrolled himself in 2006 in same university and become a graduate in English.