Six Crime Myths You Believe Thanks To Hollywood

Mostly criminals follow the crime scenes as they are implicated out in Hollywood movies and this gives rise to the myths for sure. So many criminal and action based films have been made in Hollywood, and many bold scenes have been made as part of the movies all the time. Without any action sequence, a criminal based film is incomplete.

So let’s check out with some interesting and amazing myths about the crime you believe because of Hollywood!

Six Crime Myths You Believe Thanks To Hollywood

Serial killers are dumber than most of the people

The one thing we know about the serial killers is that they are much often smarter than everyone around them. But the more disappointing other than their behavior is their series finale.  The whole genius part is not at all surprising at all. Murder is taken to be one of the most difficult crimes to get away with, what with dead bodies presenting something of a red flag to the average passerby. Serial killers are always after the lives of the ordinary people, plotting against them and killing them in strange ways.  This is a common myth to talk about!

Hitmen are mostly regular schlubs

The next myth is about the fact that hitmen are regular schlubs. If the criminal underworld were set in the high school, then hitmen would be the star quarterback of that school. They are brilliant, precise and much lethal with their personal outlook.  Look at Agent 47, Jules and Vincent, or even Mr. and Mrs. Smith, all of them are crafting the image of being a perfection personality.

People that are bank robberies have very low payouts

If you wanted to be the part of criminal world crimes, then you would know the fact that bank has big bucks.  They are flooded with lots of cash, less security and will give away the cash without being shot or beaten with a baseball bat. In Hollywood movies, you always get caught in the bank robberies. But in reality, there is roughly 25 percent chance you will get caught.

Drugs hidden inside guns

If you would catch Hollywood movies, you will view that the only things people ever smuggle are drugs, guns, or also the drugs hidden inside guns. Smuggling is beyond the level of guns and drugs are one of such myths which people believe most of all. This is all because of amazing Hollywood films.

Six Crime Myths You Believe Thanks To Hollywood

Picturing immigrant crime all wrong

America is simply known as the perfect image of the exclusive nightclubs. Hollywood always pictures the immigrant crime all wrong. Border cities are set upon with the high rates of the illegal set of the immigration that have lower crime rates than the national average.

Sex trafficking is also possible in the U.S.

Last myth is about the fact that sex trafficking is happening in the US. This are horrific crimes imaginable in the whole world — kidnapping young women from underdeveloped countries and selling it into the various forms of unthinkable slavery. This is what sex trafficking is all about!