Strained Relationships: Stephanie, Spencer, and Heidi Pratt

The Hills: New Beginning is set to premiere on June 24th, and this has led the public to believe that Stephanie Pratt has rebuilt the bridges with his brother, Spencer. That is not the case, however. Instead, she is done playing nice.

Strained Relationships: Stephanie, Spencer, and Heidi Pratt

Stephanie Pratt was heard on public through her podcast, Pratt Cast, saying that no one really knows the real Heidi. In fact, according to her, everything that was shown to their audiences in the now cancelled series The Hills between her brother, Spencer, and Heidi, her sister-in-law were all fake.

Stephanie went on to say that no one knows the real Heidi, and that it is because of her that her relationship with her brother has soured.

Again, this is on the heels of a reboot of The Hills.

To be fair, Stephanie tried to make amends.

Before shooting The Hills: New Beginnings their mother sat both of them down and they decided that they will not allow the show to break them apart again. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and she claimed that she was done being mindful to ensure a good relationship.

The problem, however, is not Spencer himself. Stephanie still loves her brother, and that will never be lost. If only Heidi was not in the picture, she would have a better relationship with him. Regardless, their relationship is tarnished too badly that she went as far as comparing the couple as Bonnie and Clyde and will always be.

Apparently, Heidi Montag has always been a very toxic person. She does not allow her brother to build relations with others; only to herself.

Stephanie was asked by her co-host in the podcast whether she will be regretting talking badly against her brother. She said, it felt more therapeutic to get everything off her chest rather than feeling regretful about it.

She thinks that her only regret might be not being there for her nephew, especially in his early years as a child. However, if that meant putting up with the couple, then, it is not worth staying around even for him.

As we mentioned, this came on the heels of The Hills: New Beginnings’ premier two months from now, especially when it suddenly came out of the blue. Stephanie claims it was not and that this was her effort of exiting her family because she tried to be nice for more than a decade, but it was never reciprocated.

Strained Relationships: Stephanie, Spencer, and Heidi Pratt

Stephanie moves to London since and it has not been all drama.
Stephanie has dated Derek Peth who flew into town for the weekend. This was after Stephanie enjoyed a trip to Napa Valley Wine Train. After their first date, they are clearly getting closer to each other, and she has not been privy about it. However, she prefers to have their personal affairs to themselves and told in an interview that they do not want an audience.

Whether their relationship can still be mended is yet to be seen. Their parents are obviously in the middle of it all and will try to get them back together. However, if we go by Stephanie’s statement, it is unreconcilable.