An Update On Daniel Craig’s Injury And Bond 25

Getting Bond 25 to the big screen has been a long and very difficult road, which has been interrupted by another mishap that happened when Daniel Craig was filming in Jamaica. The actor was running, when he slipped and fell which led to an injury on his ankle. This caused the production to go into a temporary delay. We now have news about what happens next and it seems good.
He will undergo minor surgery on his ankle as a result of this injury and the production will continue while he is undergoing the healing sessions two weeks after the surgery. The date for its release is still the same, April 2020.

An Update On Daniel Craig’s Injury And Bond 25

We know that this is minor surgery and that is good news for everyone who has been waiting for this movie. That means he will be back on set very fast. The production is still going to continue even while he is recovering. This is according to the official James Bond Twitter account. With a recovery time this short, it should not be a problem to identify scenes that do not need his presence, and so those first.

If you remember what happened to Tom Cruise, there was also an injury during his filming when he apparently tried to jump across a building. The stunt went a little wrong but he made it. While he was gone, they still continued with the production of the movie and were able to make the deadline date easily.

Daniel Craig was filming a scene where he was running and then he slipped and his ankle gave. This painful injury was the reason why he had to get checked out. This is not even his first injury in the Bond Universe as the secret agent. His spy career has been an injury fest from the first day that he was playing the spy.

He lost his teeth when he was filming Casino Royale and lost the tip of his finger and tore a muscle when he was working on Quantum of Solace. He then injured his knee when he was on Spectre and now this injury in Bond 25. He has been sometimes quite hyperbolic when it comes to describing his unwillingness to play the spy again.

An Update On Daniel Craig’s Injury And Bond 25

This injury is not even the only problem that has beset this franchise because Danny Boyle, who was supposed to direct the film, left the production because of the ‘creative differences’ that existed there. He was then replaced by the amazing Cary Joji Fukunaga, who worked on True Detective’ Season one and ‘Beasts of No Nation.’ The script also had to go through a number of writers and came under question about how ready it was.

This is when we miss the time that getting Daniel Craig to return for another movie was the biggest challenge. Overall, the news is great. Daniel Craig is going to heal and the deadline will be met. We cannot wait to see Bond 25 it will be a great film for Bond fans all over the world. So get excited for the action.