What has Kevin Jonas been up to these days?

We are a month removed from being spoiled with a new Jonas Brother music video when they dropped it at midnight of March 1. Since it was released, their music video of Sucker has received 96 million views. All three brothers have matured, but Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas has always been in the spotlight. Kevin, however, has not been seen as much in public as his siblings.

So, what happened to Kevin after the breakup of the Jonas Brothers six years ago?


If you are not aware yet, Kevin was married 10 years ago to Danielle. That was four year before the Jonas Brothers broke up.

Kevin met Danielle during the heyday of his Jonas Brothers’ career back in 2006. It was in the Bahamas, and weirdly enough, Danielle did not even know who he was when they met. Kevin also admitted to having stalked her lightly, which was why he was amazed that she stayed with him afterwards.

What was Kevin Jonas Up To?

Since their marriage in 2009, they became parents to two lovely daughters – Alena Rose Jonas and Valentina Jonas.

Also, Kevin and Danielle’s married life was in full display when they had their reality show Married to Jonas.


Since their break-up as a band back in 2013, Kevin has been busy with different business ventures. One that he has been thoroughly invested in has been JonasWerner. It is a real-estate development and construction company that he established soon after the break-up of the band. He even went on and sold a house that he custom made for just above $2 million.

In addition, Kevin is the co-CEO of The Blu Market. It is a business venture mainly focused on communications and pushing them to actively be visible in social media to gain a following. So far, it has gained over 200 million followers from both advertisers and influencers. The company even went on to partner with We Heart It which is a video-sharing app with the goal of increasing the number of followers that it currently has.

In addition, the partnership with We Heart It, Kevin hopes will help advance the music industry even further.

Kevin also went and dabbed into the gaming industry by partnering with Phil McIntyre who is Jonas Brothers’ previous manager. Together, they came up PhilyMack Games. Unfortunately, they are limited to working only with celebrities such as artists and entertainers. So far, their company has launched mobile games for DNCE, Joe Jonas’ band, and also with Demi Lovato.

With the relaunch of the Jonas Brothers into the music industry, it is uncertain whether Kevin will still have time work together with other startup companies, but so far, his portfolio of business ventures is good enough.

What was Kevin Jonas Up To?

Also, nothing can trump being a good father and partner for 10 years. That is a decade worth of good memories which he could not have made if the Jonas Brothers continued to do their music. Whether the break up was for the better, no one can tell, but they are back, and they are here to spoil us once again.