10 Awesome Movies Making Their Way To Netflix This 2019

A quick glance at the Netflix streaming roster will leave you in awe and wonder as every month comes with its own goodies. We are going to particularly focus on 10 titles that will be coming into view in no time. Here’s the amazing list.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Right from the beginning when Netflix announced that this film was to be released come June, most people were all smiles as this sequel was becoming addictive. This film has already claimed to be the best Spider-Man film ever even before its release and I think it will have an even wider audience this time around.

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

The idea of creating an automaton who could truly love would finally become a reality following the story of Haley Joel Osment’s David. This project was started by Stanley Kubrick with the backup of Spielberg. Surely this is one of the most underrated films of Steven Spielberg despite the fact that he had for so long refused to direct this great film.

10 Awesome Movies Making Their Way To Netflix This 2019


This is one of the films which call the shot years or even a couple of decades before the events they predict come to reality. June would be the perfect time to go back to the world of streaming services with Peter Finch being the modest host.

Good Night, And Good Luck

This is a film based on the true story of Edward R.Murrow, a news anchor who investigates the Mc Carthy hearings of the 1950s. Also on board, we got Clooney and team with David Strathairn starring as Murrow in this exciting subject of journalism.

Small Soldiers

The film directed by Joe Dante is proudly one of the weirdest films. Here we come across two close but warring toys on a mission tearing apart an innocent sleepy suburban town. Interestingly, the film debuted shortly after its launch.

The Dark Knight

In these battle of wits, Batman must find a way to eradicate the one and only brave Joker in their struggle for supremacy at Gotham city which is now at stake. This Christopher Nolan amazing blockbuster is ready to receive you at your personal box office.


Jonathan Levine was quite unique in his way of portraying laughter and emotion all equally in this film which is based on the true story of Will Reiser. The film will send you crying emotionally but at the same time make you drop tears of joy.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

In this Benedict Cumberbatch’s film, we get to know what actually turned the Grinch into its current state with a so much effective transformation that left it to be cute and funny.

10 Awesome Movies Making Their Way To Netflix This 2019


For the horror fans, a shy girl transformed to a psycho would be enough to make you run amok!


This is a film that will carry you to Germany during the rise of Nazism, a film that saw the resurrection of Fosse as a filmmaker. You wouldn’t want to miss a bit of this fantastic movie.