Here Are 4 solid reasons As to Why You Should Be Really excited for 2020’s Disney’s Live Action Mulan

Sit back, relax and enjoy. Mulan is finally here!

It’s Disney’s Epic Big Budget Martial Arts Movie

Here Are 4 solid reasons As to Why You Should Be Really excited for 2020’s Disney’s Live Action Mulan

Disney has undertaken to produce this “”stunning and amazing”” “”Kung Fu”” movie-a genre that has not been allowed to showcase its full potential. The pull of the studio has been given a chance to once again surprise the world with a record-breaking martial arts movie.

The Blockbuster Has Been Directed By a Female

With this ever changing world, females have proven to be worthy directors in directing movies that hold tightly on the box office’s chart. Studios are therefore increasingly allowing more and more female directors into the film industry.
That is why Mulan chose a female director to helm it. Niki Caro therefore took the director’s chair with Disney by her side fully supporting her. Niki Caro is not a stranger to you, I suppose. Whale Rider and North Country are two successful movies that are attributed to her.

Also to add on her famous list is McFarland USA and The Zookeepers Wife. As it stands, Niki is set to go a notch higher by directing the most expensive female-directed movie. Mulan has a staggering $290M budget, quite an extraordinary achievement for not only Niki but also Disney as a whole.

Chinese Actors Will Play as the Main Characters and Jet Li is certainly on Set
It goes without saying that Asian representation have been quite scarce in Hollywood. The case has changed today because Hollywood is now allowing more Chinese representation, thanks to the many Chinese productions and co-productions.

The Crazy Rich Asians hit can certainly attest to that as it has an applauded representation of Asians. There was some restlessness that Mulan would be full of white actors to play Asian roles just like it happened in Ghost in the Shell and Aloha. Luckily when the cast was announced, the Asians were all smiles.
First off, Disney wanted Mulan to be as accurate as possible following the success of Matt Damon’s casting in The Great Wall. Seasoned professionals including Jet Li topped on the cast alongside other splendid newcomers. Prominent roles will now have a cast with people of color in order to make the best out of the remake.

Accuracy to the Original Legend

Footage in the new trailer for Mulan left the viewers surprised because the story was almost exact as the original story, “”The Ballad of Mulan””.The fact that the trailer omitted some songs like Mushu present in the original movie does not deprive the remake its core taste.
In any case, the movie is expected to abide by the mythology and folklore of the character and not what was there in the animated movie. Mulan (2020) has decided to be unique in expanding the original now that remakes look like they have been copy pasted.
I hope Disney’s Mulan (2020) First Trailer will give you a glimpse of the juice in the movie as it did to me.

Here Are 4 solid reasons As to Why You Should Be Really excited for 2020’s Disney’s Live Action Mulan