The Best Indie Films of 2018

So, you’re tired of all those flashy Hollywood films and you’re looking for something a little deeper and soulful? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Indie films focus a lot on story and cinematic presentation while some Hollywood films just seem to be all about flash and bang. When you want to be moved or even have a life changing epiphany, Indie movies are the way to go. If this is your first time watching an Indie film or you’re just looking for a new one to watch, we’ve listed the 5 best Indie films of 2018.

Eighth Grade

You may know Bo Burnham as an eccentric stand-up comedian but did you know he also directed a film called, Eighth Grade? And it’s fantastic. Starring Elsie Fisher as the young Kayla, the story depicts her life and its centering around social media. Honest and heartfelt, this movie will have you looking at the present day in a new light. Burnham really exposes the issues that are underlying in all the technology and social media, especially for younger generations.

The Tale

The Tale is a semi-autobiographical movie about and directed by Jennifer Fox. Deeply personal with inventive and emotional cinematic language, this film is not only beautiful but extremely moving. It focuses on the story of Fox, coming to terms with a past molestation experience. But the film goes deeper than that, as most indie films do. It’s also an exploration into memory and the idea that it’s not always as accurate as we like to think it is. The combination of story and style is truly incredible and what makes it one of the best indie films of the year.


Blaze is a film dedicated to the country musician Blaze Foley and tells the true story of his life with a mythical twist. Directed by Ethan Hawke, and played by Ben Dickey, Blaze tells a soulful sad story, full of music and life. For those who don’t know, Blaze Foley was a country singer/songwriter who loved drinking and met a tragic end at 39 when he was shot in his friend’s living room. The cast includes Alia Shawkat, who plays Foley’s lover Rosen, along with Josh Hamilton and Sam Rockwell. Full of music, soul and story this is a beautiful film that will leave you weeping.


For all you literature lovers out there, this film is a beautiful modern take on The Crucible. Directed by Quinn Shephard, a new up and coming director, who incidentally is only 22, this film is being hailed as the indie film to see and was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is centered around Abigail Grey, a young girl who has just returned to high school a year after some mysterious incident occurred. She begins to form a close bond with her drama teacher. But, a fellow student, Melissa, threatens to expose their relationship and drama ensues. Taboo relationships and secrecy will have you hanging on until the very end.

A Fantastic Woman

With the fight for gay rights and transgendered people still in full swing, A Fantastic Woman is taking great steps to opening new doors for the transgender community. The film centers around a transgender woman named Marina. It exposes the prejudice and hate that many transgender people experience today, as well as showing them in the places they feel safest and where they can be themselves. This film does a fantastic job of depicting the everyday life of a transgender. From love, hate, rage, sadness, comfort, all across the board, the audience can see and even feel the struggles they must go through to find a place for themselves in this world.