All The Essential Horror Movies You Need To See This Summer

The summer movie schedule this year is full of horror movies that you will want to see. There is not enough time to watch all of them so, we have a list that will pick out the ones that have stood out or will stand out so far. That way, you will be able to plan accordingly and see them all.

There will be so much to see including a creepy summer festival, a séance with Joshua Tree, a cabin getaway and several dolls that will scare the crap out of you. There are some sequels coming along, bloodthirsty alligators in Florida and a nasty mom.

After watching all these movies, you might start suspecting your dolls, cancel your cabin getaway and wait for Toy Story 4 to come out and make you feel better about toys again.
If you are not scared, let’s get to it. We will be providing the date of release, the name of the movie and some hint on what to expect.

All The Essential Horror Movies You Need To See This Summer

Ma, Released On May 31

This one is set in Ma’s house (played by Octavia Spencer) and it is always happy hour there. She will serve you beer in her bar where all people can go. However, she is also serving some nightmares.

Hallowed Ground, Released On June 7

A couple goes on a trip to a cabin that is isolated where they meet some Native Americans who own the land that the cabin is built upon. The Natives and their neighbors are determined to keep all the outsiders off their land and they go to great lengths to make sure that their message is clear. Sharon Eakin and Lindsay Williams play the couple.

Head Count, Released on June 14

Elle Callahan’s debut feature is about a group of teens who awaken a demon that can shape-shift because of a viral ghost story that they read. This movie will make you think twice before going out to Joshua Tree.

The Dead Don’t Die, Released on June 14

This is the new zombie comedy from Jim Jarmusch and it is packed to the brim with so much star power. The cast boasts the likes of Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Adam Driver, Steve Buscemi and many more.

Child’s Play, Release Date June 21

Chuckie always comes back and he is ready to play. Karen (Aubrey Plaza) and her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) have to deal with an upgraded version of Chuckie who is more dangerous than ever.

Annabelle Comes Home, Release Date June 26

Ed and Lorrain Warren may have locked up this haunted doll from the Conjuring but when the parents are away, Annabelle is going to play with their daughter and babysitter in a night of terrors.

All The Essential Horror Movies You Need To See This Summer

47 Meters Down: Uncaged, Release Date June 28

This is the sequel for 2017’s ‘47 Meters Down’ and once again, we dive into shark-infested waters with four teenage girls that include Corinne Fox who remind you why you should not go into the water.