Marvel Films For Phase 3 and 4

“With quite big plans for the future, Marvel Studios films have released official titles that will feature in phase 3 and 4.

Marvel Films For Phase 3 and 4

Phase 3, 2019
Spider-Man: Far From Home-July 5, 2019

This summer, we are going to find out some of the answers to our questions for instance, how will aunt May and her nephew of whom she clearly knows of his secret identity rebound? The film will see the end of phase 3 as we are set to see the ramifications of Avengers: Endgame through Peter’s eyes according to Marvel President Kevin Feige.

Phase 4, (unknown release dates)
Guardians of The Galaxy vol.3

Following the return of James Gunn, the next sequel under the Guardians franchise will see to it that THIS version of the Guardians team is done away with and probably bring along a new team to carry on. This will, however, happen when Gunn completes his ongoing project on The Suicide Squad.

Black Widow

Good news to the fans who have for long wanted to see a female-led superhero movie. Arguably Scarlett Johansson seems the best fit to star in this upcoming film. The project is becoming a reality shortly after Cate Shorthand signed on to direct the feature. On the other hand, casting has also begun with the movie featuring Florence Pugh’ David Harbour and Rachel Weisz alongside Scarlett Johansson.

The Eternals

There are millions of beings out there in the cosmos who are yet to reveal themselves apart from Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos. The Eternals will be revealing the cosmic side of Marvel Comics. Chloe Zhao who unfortunately failed to secure a place in the Black Widow movie will now be featuring in The Eternals alongside with Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani.

Doctor Strange 2

Scott Derrickson with whom 2016’s Doctor Strange is attributed to will be on this second project though it hasn’t been officially announced who will be directing the movie. Marvel President Kevin Feige confirmed that the film is under development whilst noting that the sequel would be arriving after many years have passed from the first.

Black Panther 2

It is becoming quite interesting that Black Panther is also becoming a sequel. In this case, Black Panther 2 will be showing the potential of a country in relation to the entire planet. “”Wakanda Forever”” is a theme that will forever remind us of Black Panther, a movie which without a doubt did an amazing job and we hope the upcoming sequel will fare even better.


Marvel studios will now be making a kung-fu film especially now that they are developing a solo movie focusing on a master of martial arts-the hero Shang-Chi. The blockbuster is becoming a reality with the hiring of Daniel Cretton to direct the project.

Marvel Films For Phase 3 and 4

Phase 4 Release Dates

May 1, 2020
November 6, 2020
February 12, 2021
May 7, 2021
November 5, 2021
February 18, 2022
May 6, 2022
July 29, 2022″