Will IT Chapter Two Surpass the Original?

‘There it is!’ IT is coming once again this year and we are expecting it to be released early on September. For now, we can enjoy Annabelle Comes Home as we brace ourselves for this scary sequel to drop down.

Will IT Chapter Two Surpass the Original?

We can’t help but remember vividly how the ‘enigmatic dancing clown’ lured George into his mouth and all his brother had to do was to find ‘IT’ and kill it.

IT was certainly great in its own way and it was quickly inducted into the list of the most popular films the genre has ever released. Now that we have the chapter two coming, it is highly predicted that it will do as well as the original and might even outshine it.

The sequel has already been ranged between $110 and $150 million for the domestic opening weekend box office estimations. The first chapter of IT had accrued $123.4 million. This was a record-breaking opening weekend and there was really no one who had expected it to be that successful back in 2017. Here’s why it is still regarded as a great horror film:
• It made the biggest ever September opening.
• The September opening still stands as the biggest ever for close to 2 years now.
• It had the 2nd-highest opening weekend after Deadpool for R-rated movies.
You will just be left in wonder to hear that BoxOfficePro has rested IT Chapter 2 at $136million in its opening weekend. This will rightfully award it the title of the highest-grossing R-rated film in its opening weekend.
This will be possible if IT 2 turns out to beat the number because it would have now defeated the two chapters of Deadpool.

The recent years have been very hospitable for horror movies. 2019 however is taking a different course in that it is becoming a little bit harsh to the genre. Annabelle Comes Home for instance is returning very little to the box office.
The solid reviews it had received from critics don’t seem to help. The film is really struggling to keep up with the others in the

Conjuring franchise implying that the genre should maybe up its game by producing scarier movies.
This year has clearly given the genre a lackluster response rendering fans to hope for the best for this long-awaited sequel. As for me, I am cocksure that IT Chapter 2 won’t suffer the same fate as Annabelle Comes Home.
On the other hand, there is a trend that horror movies usually do better than their reviews. What if the sequel falls into the trend and fails to do well?
The studio will at least expect the movie to be in the list of the highest grossing R-rated horror films if not topping. That would certainly give the box office a sigh of relief. It goes without saying that the movie’s success may depend on the ‘juice’ of the movie.

Will IT Chapter Two Surpass the Original?

In this case, if IT Chapter 2 doesn’t send fans raving in the theatres as Chapter 1 did, then it means we are going to have a different story to tell.