First Star Wars Movie After Episode 9 Will Be From Weiss & Benioff

Following The Rise of Skywalker, the first Star Wars movie to reach theatres will be from none other than Weiss and Benioff, creators of the Game of Thrones series. So far, with J.J. Abrams’ episode 9, we shall be waving goodbye to the Skywalker saga this December. Lucasfilm, on the other hand, is not coming to a halt, of late, they have been working on the aforementioned Benioff and Weiss project together with another trilogy from Rian Johnson. These are two different series that have currently seen them busy. It was only last week that Disney scheduled three new Star Wars movies for December 2022, 2024 and 2026, a move which saw the future of the galaxy far, far away start to come into focus.

First Star Wars Movie After Episode 9 Will Be From Weiss & Benioff

As expected, questions were raised in regard to which movies would be coming out as there were just three dates announced. Furthermore, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy never said which series would come through first following his report that Johnson was working closely with Benioff &Weiss while planning on the next ten solid years of Star Wars content. At the moment, that less enigmatic mystery has been taken care of.

Disney CEO Bob Iger in a common Twitter Q&A session with Attractions Magazine revealed that the first post-Episode nine Star Wars movie will be a product of Benioff &Weiss.

Concerning the Star Wars movies planned for 2024 and 2026, Iger kept his word by concealing each and every information that he had. Therefore, a chance is here for the best guess as to what they are. From the theoretical point of view, these slots could be saved for two more films in the Benioff &Weiss series. Without this action, Lucasfilm is consequently going to alternate between Benioff &Weiss and Johnson.

More complete details will be availed when the studio is ready, as at now, they are on the basis of working things out. Rumors had it that Benioff &Weiss would be undertaking the Old Republic era with their movies. That was earlier this year but that isn’t official just yet. Anaheim seems like a good place to build hype for the next great era of Star Wars films besides being the venue for Star Wars celebrations come 2020.

Benioff&Weiss yet again, are in hot soup after the Johnson Trilogy became quite a controversial topic raising the Star Wars fans’ eyebrows following The Last Jedi’s hot debates. Heavy criticism for some character decisions as well as arguably rushed storytelling in the eighth and final Game of Thrones season has far much proven to be divisive. In this case, Benioff &Weiss are the right fit for Star Wars, according to some people. With all that praise and honor, it is worth knowing that they will be working hand in hand with other people on these upcoming movies.

First Star Wars Movie After Episode 9 Will Be From Weiss & Benioff

As it stands, the directing has been left in the hands of someone else whilst the two are writing and producing. It will be surely fascinating to follow up all these in the incoming decade.