The Michael Keaton-Starrer “Batgirl” Movie Will Not Be Released

It has been announced that the live-action movie, Batgirl, will not be produced. Leslie Grace, the show’s “very gifted” main performer, was not to blame for the decision, according to the business, which was the outcome of a shift in corporate strategy. Scoob! Holiday Hunt was also discarded by the business. According to a Warner Bros. representative, the leadership’s strategy shift about the DC universe and HBO Max is reflected in the decision to withhold the release of Batgirl.

Batgirl Cancelation Has Nothing to Do With Leslie Grace

They assert that Leslie Grace is a very talented actor and that this choice has nothing to do with how she performed. They want to work with everyone again soon and are very appreciative of the directors of Scoob! Holiday Haunt and Batgirl as well as their casts.

TheWrap and The New York Post report that executives at Discovery, the new corporate owners of Warner Bros. Pictures, have chosen to completely bury the movie rather than releasing it in theaters or on HBO Max as originally intended. Batgirl was intended to be going straight to HBO Max, but since Discovery and WB merged, David Zaslav has changed the company’s plan for DC to focus more on theatrical events.

The Michael Keaton-Starrer "Batgirl" Movie Will Not Be Released

Both media claim that delays and reshoots in the UK caused the budget for the movie, which was originally set at $60 million, to rise to $90 million. It appears Discovery would prefer to take the $90 million loss than make changes to the movie for a theatrical run or stick with the plan for an HBO streaming option.

Still No Comments by the Directors

Recently, the filmmakers indicated that the movie would have been a rather grim genesis narrative for the hero. JK Simmons, who played Jim Gordon, the commissioner of the Gotham police, in the Justice League, was supposed to repeat his role as Batman, while Michael Keaton was supposed to play Barbara’s father.

Adil El Arbi (L) And Bilall Fallah

The movie would have come after The Flash, a Multiverse adventure that reintroduces Keaton’s Batman alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman. Directors El Arbi and Fallah, as well as Grace, have not yet offered any commentary on the recent news.