The Masked Singer Season 8 Is Here, With Some Interesting Costumes

It feels like it was only yesterday that The Masked Singer rocked the television landscape in the United States by storm. Before we know it, we’re already on the eighth season of the show, which sees a brand-new cast of famous people performing behind masks in order to compete for the Golden Mask trophy. Continue reading to learn everything we know about the upcoming eighth season, including when the season premiere will take place, who celebrity contestants will be participating, and much more.

The Masked Singer Season 8 Is Here, With Some Interesting Costumes

The Masked Singer Is Here

Once more, armchair investigators, it’s that time! The Masked Singer’s new season is here, and with it come a ton of brand-new costumes to obsess over, swoon over, and (rarely) run from in dread. There are actually more costumes this season than ever before, with a record 22 distinct clothes hiding the celebrities behind. Here are some of them.


For years, fans have been begging for this outfit to be included in The Masked Singer, and now it’s finally here in all of its brightly colored and scaly magnificence for everyone to see. Mermaid’s face is, it must be said, a little unsettling, but the rest of her appearance is befitting of an aquatic monarch. It will be interesting to watch whether or not this competitor is able to actually stand up and walk around, or whether or if the fins force them to remain seated on the rock.

Robo Girl

We’ve already seen a Robot (Winking at you, Lil Wayne! ), and now we have his female version, complete with a metal skirt and some adorable little red embellishments. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that her performance (or performances) aren’t overly robotic!


It is abundantly evident that this costume is not that of any old beetle; rather, it is that of a ladybug, and thank you very much for noticing that. This entertaining appearance is completed with its bejeweled striped suit, its crooked antenna, and an endearingly odd haircut.

Fortune Teller

This elaborate costume leaves us unsure of whether we should be impressed by its craftsmanship or extremely terrified by it. In either case, the character and the booth that surrounds it have been given a remarkable level of attention to detail, and the illuminating crystal ball within the booth almost certainly conceals a great number of mysteries for spectators to unravel.


This outfit is absolutely out of this world! Maize is channeling her inner Skunk from season six by wearing a sparkling green enormous coat and a jeweled headgear that would be appropriate for a flapper. Is it possible that we are dealing with yet another renowned diva?