Sony Says Venom 2 Paved the Way for Top Gun: Maverick’s Grand Success

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

The much-awaited Top Gun: Maverick is enjoying massive success in theaters, having grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide. Bosses over at Sony believe that it was their successful gamble on Venom 2 and other similar projects that paved the way for this grand box office hit.

Top Gun: Maverick Is a Massive Box Office Success

Released 36 years after the 1986 installment, Top Gun: Maverick was bound to amass a large viewership. Still, no one could predict such huge numbers at the box office. If the $1.2 billion and counting is any indication, however, fans can be certain that theaters are making a strong comeback. The film ranks as the most successful movie in 2022, so far, and Sony credits its coveted Venom 2 with that success.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick
Sony’s Gambles Paid Off

When asked about it, Sony Motion Picture Group presidents Josh Greenstein and Sanford Panitch suggested that part of Top Gun: Maverick’s success is due to the company’s previous gambles at a time when cinemas were either closed, about to be closed, or barely functioning. One of the biggest gambles says the Sony bosses, was Venom 2. Despite not being as successful as the first Venom, the film still managed to gross $506 million worldwide, which made it one of the top seven movies to top the box office in 2021.

Venom 2

“It’s a seeding,” said Panitch. If it weren’t for projects like Venom 2 to start the process of getting the movie business back, it wouldn’t have been possible for Sony’s current projects to be such a grand hit. All the hard work and heavy press about Top Gun that’s happening right now is another great contributor. According to Panitch, it’s a sure indicator that “the movie business is back!”