Zac Efron Has Got a Whole New Physique for a Wrestling Biopic

While wrestling biopics are still considered unconventional in Hollywood, it looks like that’s about to change. Two upcoming high-profile features confirm the trend. Chris Hemsworth will play in a Hulk Hogan flick, and he put a lot of effort into building muscle for the role. The other one is Zac Efron & Co’s drama. It’s said to focus on the well-known Von Erich family of athletes.

Zac Efron’s Efforts Have Paid Off

Zac Efron

There’s hardly any surprise that the High School Musical star has been quite busy bulking up for the upcoming role. However, his physique has impressed one of the legends of wrestling, namely Kevin Von Erich. The WWE Hall of Fame star, whose life is portrayed in the film, has shared positive opinions about Zac’s efforts. Von Erich thinks that while it’ll take a lot of time and effort, the movie star already looks in great shape. “I don’t think I’ve ever looked so good as he does now,” he says.

Indeed, Von Erich hasn’t been known for being excessively bulky but for his technical wrestling abilities. So, in that respect, Zac Efron definitely does look great as a Hollywood version of the famous wrestler, whose career has spanned over three decades.

Kevin Von Erich’s Opinion on the Upcoming Movie

Chris, Mike, Kevin, Doris and Kerry Von Erich.

The WWE Hall of Fame star has never been a bodybuilder for the sake of it. He says he’s always focused more on staying in shape in order to evade any major injuries, which are known to happen often in his profession. He believes that Zac Efron will be able to spare himself many injuries while filming the movie due to his new buffed-up look.

When he was asked what he thinks about having Efron play him in a Hollywood movie, he mentioned that his daughters are crazy about him, so he should be the right guy for the job.