Pedro Jimeno’s Family Might Come to the US After His Divorce

The star from The Family Chantel Pedro Jimeno can bring his family to the US amid his divorce from Chantel Jimeno. This includes his sister and mother; however, he must first naturalize and become a US citizen. This is reported by Emily Davis of the Ross and Pines law firm in Atlanta.

Pedro Jimeno's Family Might Come to the US After His DivorcePetition for a Permanent Resident?

She adds that he cannot petition for them as lawful permanent residents; however, he could naturalize them even if he and Chantel were divorced. His divorce from Chantel would not influence his right to file for his family members, according to Pedro, who would be their petitioner.

Pedro is not at risk of losing his green card as a result of the legal separation process because, as Davis previously stated, he is “a lawful permanent resident with a 10-year green card.” Pedro is also still eligible to become a naturalized US citizen.

Emily Davis also revealed that Pedro Jimeno wouldn’t be deported if he divorced Chantel, a citizen of the US. In reality, Pedro’s immigration status would not be significantly impacted by Chantel and Pedro’s divorce. Since Pedro is a lawful permanent resident, he may apply for citizenship without Chantel’s help.

Davis revealed that a legally enforceable agreement exists between Chantel and the US government as a result of the petition Chantel made for his green card. According to that agreement, the sponsor must provide for the sponsored immigrant at a rate of at least 125 percent of the federal poverty threshold. The contract doesn’t immediately expire with divorce.

Pedro Jimeno’s Wife Took $275K?

Pedro Jimeno filed for divorce on May 27 and stated that their union was “irretrievably destroyed.” He said Chantel took more than $257,000 from their account and moved it to an account in her name and her sister Winter Everett’s name, but Chantel countered with accusations of her own.

In her July 7 application, she said Pedro had engaged in adultery and cruel treatment, and that she had also experienced physical harm, along with emotional agony. After Pedro Jimeno requested a divorce, a mutual restraining order was issued against them both, and it’s still in effect.

The pair, who wed on March 25, 2016, went on to feature in seasons 2, 3, and 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After after making an appearance in season 4 of the reality series.